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*Stop calling workers by their "old titles /designation " =>
here comes the new  nomenclature*

OLD: *Garden Boy*
NEW: *Landscape Executive*

OLD: *Gardner*
NEW: *Plant nutritionist*

OLD: *Petrol attendant*
NEW: *Fuel transmission technician*

OLD: *Car Cleaner*
NEW: *Vehicle Image Developer*

OLD: *Water Pump Operator*
NEW: *Aqua line Executive*

OLD: *Lift Operator*
NEW: *Vertical Movement Specialist*

OLD: *Receptionist*
NEW: *Front Desk Executive*

OLD: *Typist*
NEW: *Printed Document Handler*

OLD: *Messenger*
NEW: *Business Communication Conveyer*

OLD: *Telephone Operator*
NEW: *Communications Executive*

OLD: *Window Cleaner*
NEW: *Transparent Wall Technician*

OLD: *Temporary Teacher*
NEW: *Associate Teacher*

OLD: *Tea Boy* 
NEW: *Refreshment Technician*

OLD: *Garbage Collector* 
NEW: *Environmental Sanitation Technician*

OLD: *Guard* 
NEW: *Security Enforcement Executive*

OLD: *Thief* 
NEW: *Wealth Relocation Specialist*

OLD: *Driver* 
NEW: *Automobile Propulsion Specialist*

OLD: *Maid* 
NEW: *Domestic Management Executive*

OLD: *Cook* 
NEW: *Food Technician*

OLD: *Gossiper*
NEW: *Oral Research and Evaluation Executive*

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