10 Steps To Finding Your Passion
Understanding Your Path

1. Before passion can be revealed, perspective must be sought. In order to listen to your heart, day-to-day stresses, fears and confusions must be put aside because that which is safe is not always satisfying to the spirit.

2. Search for clues in your past. It is easy to forget the paths you dreamt of trekking as a child, an adolescent or a young adult, and the activities that truly intrigued and excited you. Ask yourself: What did I dream of becoming? What gave me the most joy?

3. Understand your uniqueness and know yourself well, but never stop questioning.
Your passion lives in the activities you love as well as your greatest talents. As you grow, these can change.

4. Fostering your self-confidence will provide you with the courage to seek out fresh experiences and to take risks. Your own fears, criticisms, and self-imposed limitations are often the most difficult obstacles to overcome.

5. Acknowledge epiphanies. Often, life-changing experiences come suddenly, and your passion may be revealed through momentous events or moments of quiet awareness as you contemplate changes that never seemed possible.

6. Be patient but when you find your imagination captured, act.
Open your mind to new ideas. Finding your passion can begin by taking up a hobby or attending a lecture series.

7. Charles Dickens wrote, "All of us have wonders hidden in our chests, only needing circumstances to evoke them." By delving deeper into what you enjoy, you create circumstances that will lead you to your true passion.

8. Recognize that positive change can be stressful and even frightening.
Learn to thrive on new experiences and your passion will soon reveal itself.

9. In the search for passion, failure is always a risk. Don't let it stop you. If you possess the ability to rebound from disappointments, to try again and again, you will never truly fail.

10. Finding and believing in your passion is only the first step. When you have found the path that will bring you joy, remember that you will have to work toward it. Never lose site of your goals.

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