Tenacity means continuing an effort for an objective, despite every obstacle, failure after failure, continuously taxing the mind with morale boosts. If the objective is a noble mission, then tenacity becomes hormonal, a habit that enables one not to give up. That enabling habit needs emotional reinforcement, which means, breathing, smelling, sensing, perceiving the positive opportunities, reinforcing the enabling hormones and not allowing the mind to do mischief by negative thoughts, analysis.

The problem with the mind is, it can think and analyze, only by suspending the experience and feeling. One can either think or analyze or one can experience and feel, but, one cannot do both at the same time. Continuous thinking, analyzing, revising..., leads to the continuous suspension of the actual effort. It means that the reinforcement which one gets by breathing, sensing, perceiving the positive opportunities..., encounters stumbling blocks, and the removal of the stumbling blocks diverts one away from the main effort. The mind creates often fatigue, while the Amygdala gives positive reinforcements.

Tenacity flows from breathing and often not by analyzing. There are always positive and negative possibilities. Once a decision is taken, analysis must be stopped. Then the gigantic troposphere reinforces, by providing the morale boosting air to breathe, sense the opportunities and embed them in the hormonal communication, making the Amygdala assert.

Author: Markendeya Yeddanapudi

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