Suppose you can see everything—the universe as super positional waves, consciousness changing waves into energies, energies into particles, particles entangling and interacting instantly at a speed several times faster than light,particlers changing into various elements, into isotopes, into molecules, into matter, into stars,planets,galaxies,entrophy which is reverting matter into molecules, into atoms, into particles, into energy fields, into waves in super position, then how are you going to fix mathematics into this real reality?

Is your 3D seeing, which is limited to the 00.0037% of the reality, as a result of which you first give identities to matter and phenomena, and then do mathematics sufficient? Is there anything constant and unchanging fit to be given an unchanging identity with a number? After the numbing of the gigantic met morphosis, where identities vanish continuously, with numbers, you do addition, substraction, multiplication, division etc---swimming in an ocean of unreality. You ignore the fundamental fact that you live in emotions continuously, and that not even one emotion can be quantified.

After all emotions are the manifestations of breathing,smelling,sensing,perceiving, understanding and feeling in symbiosis with air as the foundation. Winds are fields, which fundamentally are the super positional waves of the universe. Your perception, not merely the 3D misleading identifications of the mind, flows as waves. Is mathematics not fettering your spirit? The word for air in Latin is spirit. You need to inhale the spirit to be spirited. Is the 3D mathematics sufficient to keep track of your spirit or the inhalation and exhalation situation that determines your morale or spirit?


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