When a zygote sprouts in a mother, as a result of her ultimate rapture as orgasm with her husband, she starts gathering every emotional contour via breathing. Her breathing or living continuously flows into the growing baby in her, as the language of emotions. Every micro second in the mother’s womb, is the experience of the air as emotion from the mother. The Baby’s breathing and emotional growths are one. Through the mother the baby feels and enjoys and conceptualizes, by being helped by the mighty troposphere. The ocean of emotions—the troposphere, sends waves after waves of concepts as emotions through the mother. The Baby does not suffer from the 3D blunderous view. It grows holistically and the Cartesian curse does not affect it. It grows as the macro body.

Your macro body is your extension into the troposphere as emotions via breathing. In fact if you just think about your experiences, you notice the clear and naked fact that you live as a non 3D consciousness and that not a single thought can be changed into a 3D piece. After its birth the Baby experiences the non 3D love of all and it shines in smiling.

When that wonderful tiny tot is surrendered to the Idiot, who wants to start the 3D training for the IIT JEE, in the Techno School, imagine the damage wrecked on the bundle of love. Wrenching the child away from the symbiotic living with nature, the Baby gets imprisoned in the school to be bludgeoned by the 3D lunacy. And if it is an AC classroom, then the very source of emotions, the air itself gets poisoned. The air conditioning disables the child from living in the open air or from living in the emotion flow of the air. In the AC room the heat is sent out of the room, creating more heat in the troposphere while the Baby gets the disability conditioning.

We talk about the depletion of the ozone layer. But we do not talk about the depletion of air that generates healthy concepts emotionally. Breathing is growing emotionally.


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