We are all struck up with the false 3D self identifications and self concepts. But we are part of the ever changing nature, nature automatically subsuming us, while we briefly exist as a ripple. In the name of science, the ripple is trying to erect fetters that separate it from the ocean, with first cutting away the enlightenment, with separated subjects, often drivel and non subjects as subjects, with definitions, scopes, assumptions, limitations and confusions or worse deliberate confusions called obfuscations. All these subjects struggle in the false 3D equations. The urge to be part of nature is called bias and we paralyze real perception, in 3D concepts, by suppressing the basic art urge in us, to participate in the Universe as the Universe.

If you can see everything and if your eyes are not really blind and suffocated in the 00.0037% of the false reality, false because we do not realize that the reality is changing continuously and not the unchanging 3D, and if you change your perception to breathing, smelling, sensing and perceiving, you then experience your reality as the macro body as the Universe.

Now struck up in the false 3D self concept, we have created the I, you, He, She, It, They and in the name of science we remove the emotion or nature content in those identifications. By removing the emotion content as we want to eliminate bias, we ignore the fact that we all breathe and as a result perceive and understand emotionally or with the surrounding air as part of the wind flow, in reality as the ocean of air or ocean of understanding. Our perception is part of the air surrounding us and our understanding is part of the troposphere.

We think that our Brains only do the thinking, that the entire environment does not participate in our perception, and the poor Brain unable to bear the gigantic burden has abandoned the work and surrendered the work to machines.

As machines do not have emotions, and as the mind has divorced the body and nature, now we do economics, that is destroy nature or the Biosphere, by converting nature into a resource.

YM - Markendeya Yeddanapudi

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