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Wisdom: Why Emotions are Important - Blocked Communication

The Blocked Communication Animals depend on feeling by different breathings and the different smells to convey their messages. On the...

The Blocked Communication
Animals depend on feeling by different breathings and the different smells to convey their messages. On the other hand we depend on the language of words, whose meanings vary and are restricted to what our eyes can see. Because all the words are based mainly on what we can see with our eyes and not on the breathing translated into feelings and emotions.

The very vocal expressions of animals are full of feelings. But we have been trying for mathematical precision and mechanization of expressions. As a result we have created a separate math’s based mechanized world. We strive for mechanical precision. We avoid the feeling content as we do not want bias.
The troposphere consists of breathable air. The air creates smells which ultimately translate into emotions. The troposphere is in fact the sphere of emotions. But we want to breathe but want to avoid emotions. We call the effort education.. No other living organism joins this effort and all of them are exempt from this education. We want to imprison ourselves into the restricted mathematical equations. And all the words are actually division of the troposphere, into small cells in which there are restricted meanings.
Not a single emotion can be quantified. Try writing ‘I am happy’, using only numerals. We are trying to cover ourselves completely in this math’s world of mechanized atmosphere, troposphere removed of emotion or smell flow. And now we do not even need emotionally nature itself!
Our economic activity itself is destruction of nature which creates the economic goods—the conversion of forests into furniture. Economics starts with divorce to Ecology. But the Biosphere consists of organisms which are ecological. We are the freaks who are trying to become the creatures of economics.
Today we converse with computers, the creature substitutes of the Biosphere. Our children no longer play, fun and frolic in nature. They hug to computers, talk only into the cell phones. May be they may be governed by the new field-the Biomedical Engineering.
Every breathe gets translated into emotions, which bind us emotionally to mother earth. The air vapor is emotions filled vapor. The language of feelings is based on breathing. But in the anxiety and the rat’s race for marks and grades, the very faculty of breathing and feeling is stunted, among our kids. Courage is based on breathing freely. But anxiety hinders the breathing, making them basically cowardly. They are trained to bypass their Amygdalas.
Ultimately we are not able to know our own feelings. We suffer from the lack of self confidence. We badly nature to breathe courageously. But by destroying nature we are filling the air itself with cowardice. And Shannons and Weavers explain communication as mechanical signaling!!!!

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