One of the fundamental dictums of Quantum Physics is, that the Universe in super positional waves, changes into particles because of notice by consciousness. Your life is not based on any determinism of nature but completely dependent on your own thoughts and actions. You are not a 3D body at all. You are just a flow of consciousness, with the ability to change the super positional waves of the universe into particles that create the event configurations you desire. What you need is the power of your own will and clarity. If you can see everything, change your 3D seeing into holistic feeling, then you get the power to change your future. What counts is your power to feel. When you can see everything, you cannot see yourself as you see yourself now as a 3D body. You are not a body at all. You are a wave in nature, rippling in changes along with changes and influencing the changes with your conscious notice.

Nature has created you as an entity of feelings and emotions. They are based on nature’s basic operation of your breathing, smelling, sensing, perceiving, understanding, influencing, changing the nature in super positional waves into particles because of your feelings and emotions, which translate into matter at the particle level, because of your un-noticed conscious notice. The disease economics has made your own participation in the Universe by your conscious notice into an inert greed filled lunatic notice. Spiritualism is not Economics or Commerce. Economics and commerce are just the stampedes of greed. The stampede is creating the destruction of nature—land,water,air, life forms,geography,the nuclear balance at the atomic level…,destroying the basic feature of the Universe, conscious notice changing the super positional waves into particles.

If you want to control and direct your future, then you first improve the quality of nature near you, plant trees, allow water to be pure, fight the poisoning of the air, so that you can breathe, smell and sense healthily. There is also the phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement, which means that if anything happens to a particle, it automatically affects its twin which may be billions of light years away at a speed faster than light. Your thoughts and the resulting notice by your conscious notice, have such gigantic cascading effect. Start planting trees, help living forms, improve the quality of conscious notices and build your own future in the configuration you desire.


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