Emotional relationship is breathing based relationship. This basic feature of the Biosphere, as existing on emotional relationship and emotional bonds among the organisms has been ignored because of the economic jaundice. Its very existence is denied and in its place we study the food relationship among the organisms.

The human organism is supposed to be the most superior organism, and everything else is only a resource for use, using up and throw away by this one organism. Converting everything else as the destroyed waste is economics. Now by poisoning and destroying the air itself, the breathe based emotional bond among the organisms is destroyed. 

The monster responsible for this destruction is the human being. We do not teach the students as to how the organisms relate with each other emotionally. We view the organisms as machines; we cut them open to know the engineering arrangement of each organism. And we study their economic use and carry on research about the potential economic uses, inflicting terrible pain and emotional trauma to them.

The collective stupidity imposed on the human beings by the human beings is really astounding.

In reality thoughts happen in the air. Thoughts are emotions. Emotion is air. The organisms breathe emotions. Now we deny the very capacity for thinking among every organism except the human organism, as though the other organisms do not breathe at all! Every organism that breathes is an organism propelled by emotions. Our own understanding basically is emotional understanding and not the mechanical understanding of the mind championed by science. In the Biosphere all organisms have the kinship based on emotionally related understanding.

Yoga and meditation is actually emotionally relating and thinking along with every other organism, realizing that thinking and breathing are one and same and thinking happens in the Biosphere. The isolated separate thinking by each human being is unnatural or anti-natural. Thinking is breathing. All organisms breathe. So, all organisms think. The Thought symbiosis created by nature has been destroyed.


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