The snipping tool is a useful Windows utility that allows you to 'cut out' a portion of your screen display to be saved as a picture. A 'snip' is similar to a screenshot, but while you can only capture your whole screen when you take a screenshot, the snipping tool allows you to capture part of your screen, no matter how big or small.

How Do I Find It?

• In all Windows versions, the snipping tool is found by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Snipping Tool

What Can I Use It For?

• Crop a photo easily.
• Capture a shot of a conversation on Skype or similar.
• Capture a web page, such as a recipe, so you have a copy offline.

How Do I Use It?

When you open the tool, your screen will fade slightly and a small box appears that looks like this:

You will see that there is a small arrow next to the 'New' button. Click to choose what type of snip you want to perform. Your options are:

• Free Form Snip - Allows you to draw a shape around any part of display you wish to capture.
• Rectangular Snip - The simplest to use, you can capture a rectangular portion of your image.
• Window Snip - Allows you to capture an entire window or dialog box.
• Full-Screen Snip - Exactly the same as a screenshot, this will capture your whole screen.

We will concentrate on the rectangular snip in this guide because it's the most commonly used. If you select this option, you will see a crossbow cursor appear. Hold down the left button of your mouse and drag the cursor around the area you want to snip. You will be left with the portion of your display surrounded by a menu as follows

Either click FILE & SAVE AS to save your image or alternatively you can edit it using the highlighter, pen and eraser features.

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