By Junaid.Tahir
Someone sent me an 8Mbps Microsoft Excel file asking me to find out why the file size has become so large. Usually the file size gets large due to cell formatting or placing large size picture. This particular excel file had 49 worksheets so checking the formatting of all sheets one by one (to find out largest size worksheet) is not a practical approach. 

Below is how you can find the largest size sheet and fix its formatting so that overall excel file size can be reduced:

1- Save the file in a separate folder and rename it .zip (right click and rename).

(file name was IPC-10.xls, after renaming it as zip file, the file name becomes

2- Open the zip file (double click) and you will see all the sheets and their size as shown in below snapshot. Sort them based on size (highlighted in yellow)

3- You can see that sheet51.xml is the problematic sheet having massive size.(Above picture)

4- Now open your original excel file and click on "Developer" tab, then click on "Visual Basic"

5- A new window will open (below picture). 
Here you will see sheet51 name is (SG Top(W))

​6- In your excel file, delete this sheet and "Save As" the file again. Check the size (it has reduced). Now create your sheet 'SG Top(W)' again, this time, without formatting. 
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