Only about 36% of jobs require a college degree, but graduate careers on average pay more than double what non-graduate careers pay. They also have a lower unemployment rate. So if you’re looking to maximize your earning power, you’re probably going to want a degree. Before you can write your professional résumé and prepare for your job interviews, or alternatively before you can even start your higher education, you have to decide on your career path. Here are four graduate career fields with substantial salaries.

1. Accounting
If you enjoy working with numbers, consider a career in accounting. Don’t be put off by the image of a tax accountant sitting with shoeboxes full of receipts. There are ample opportunities for more creative accounting specialties. You could focus on forensic accounting, tracing the flow of money to uncover fraud. Or you could focus on entertainment industry accounting, working with studios, entertainers, and production companies.

But the accounting field is so much more than just accounting. It also encompasses auditing, financial planning, and appraisal services. The more specialized your skillset, the more money you stand to make. So don’t be afraid to pick a niche and become the go-to specialist in your area of focus.

2. Legal
In the same way that most people think of the accounting field as being entirely accountants, most people think of the legal field as being entirely attorneys. But, as with accounting, the legal field is another graduate career field with multiple specialties that earn impressive salaries.

Sure, you could be an attorney specializing in any number of areas of interest, like real estate, bankruptcy, criminal, corporate, environmental, or family. But careers in the legal field also include positions like mediators, judges, lobbyists, legal professors, and members of Congress.

3. Medical
Fourteen of Business Insider’s top twenty-five best high-paying jobs for 2018 are in the medical field. Medical professionals are, and always will be, in demand. Because humans will always need assistance maintaining and repairing their health. Even as some diseases are eradicated, other illnesses rise to demand medical attention.

The highest paying medical careers all require medical degrees, so you should expect to invest money and your time in obtaining your medical degree. Med school typically lasts four years. That’s after your four-year undergrad program. But the good pay, high demand, and rewarding work will make your investment well worth it.

4. Consulting
Consulting is a great option for graduates who enjoy working with people. It’s also a great option for anyone with an entrepreneurial streak. You could launch your own consulting business relatively easily, set your own hours, and build your own successful firm.

The field is incredibly diverse with consulting specialties from life coaching to financial risk management consulting. Business consulting to boost efficiency and revenue for companies will always pay exceptionally well. Companies have capital available and are willing to invest in any consulting that will make them more profitable.

These four high-paying graduate career fields include hundreds of different jobs to suit any personality and any interest. So spend some time exploring the opportunities in the accounting, legal, medical, and consulting fields. Your future career will be well worth the educational investment.

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