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Tips to Quit Tobacco Smoking

Tips to Quit Tobacco Smoking Are you a passive smoker? Do you have the habit of smoking for the past several years? Have a mind to change...

Tips to Quit Tobacco Smoking

Are you a passive smoker? Do you have the habit of smoking for the past several years? Have a mind to change or quit your smoking habit? Then this article is for you. This article helps you quit tobacco smoking and provides you with tips to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Invention of E-Cigarettes

The modern-day e-cigarettes where invented by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, who himself was a passive smoker. He wanted to quit smoking as his father, who was again a passive smoker, died due to cancer. The e-cigarettes, commonly known as vaporizers, use herbs or e-liquids that turns into vapor upon heating. The user inhales this aerosol vapor, and this vapor stimulates the same feeling as that of the traditional tobacco smoking. The e-liquid used in vaporizers are referred to as vape juices, and there are several legally authorized
vape juice companies out there in the market. These companies sell vape juices of various flavors and chemical compositions.

How E-Cigarettes Differ from Tobacco Smoking?

When compared to tobacco smoking, modern-day e-cigarettes are said to be less harmful. This is because the long-term health complications of e-cigarettes remain to be unknown. 

The basic difference between the traditional tobacco cigarette and an e-cigarette is that the way they are operated. When burnt, the tobacco cigarette releases a large amount of nicotine and other harmful toxins. But in the case of e-cigarettes, most of the times the amount of nicotine present is lesser or is absent. Also, the when the user uses the e-cigarette, the herbs or the e-liquid present in the cigarette is heated in a low-temperature and is converted into a vapor. The user inhales this vapor.

The aerosol vapor contains a lesser amount of toxic chemicals and nicotine level when compared to the tobacco cigarette. Another key difference that makes e-cigarettes less harmful is that – most of the toxins and chemical substances that are present in the traditional smoking are absent in case of e-cigarettes.

Tips to Quit Smoking

With the invention of e-cigarettes or the vaporizer, a majority of the population in the US and across the world have started using the e-cigarettes. One of the major reasons behind this switchover is people started using e-cigarettes just out of curiosity. Another reason is that people who wanted to quit smoking switched over to use the e-cigarettes.

Advantages of E-Cigarettes are that:

· It reduces nicotine addiction in passive smokers
· It is reusable

Tips to Quit or Reduce the Smoking Habit:

· Passive smokers who are willing to quit tobacco smoking can switch over to e-cigarettes
· E-cigarettes are less harmful when compared to tobacco or weed cigarettes
· Going for counseling would help people to quit smoking in the long run
· People who smoke for recreational purposes can try avoiding the usage of e-cigarettes

Thus, usage of vaporizers helps passive smokers to quit smoking. Also, when used properly, vaporizers are user-friendly and reduces the risk of chronic diseases and cancers.