Nobody is born a deep thinker, but as life happens, we evolve.. Some of us are not all about thoughts, while others can do little else. However, a deep thinker can be many things other than what they are perceived to be.

Here are some things deep thinkers would want all of you to know.

1. We are not all introverts
Not all of us are introverts. Yes, we do enjoy parties and socializing occasionally. It helps us meet new people and gain extra perspectives.

2. We don’t agree immediately
We are not being rude when we don’t immediately agree with you. We like poring over a topic before coming to a conclusion. We don’t get swayed by popular opinion.

3. We are all about analyzing experiences
When analyzing experiences. Linking past, present and future experiences is what we do and also like to prepare for the future from learning from the past. And that is why we are such great problem solvers.

4. We love asking questions
Don’t be annoyed when we are asking ‘too many’ questions because we like to have multiple perspectives. This makes us observe other people when they speak.

5. We are naturally empathetic
Being naturally empathetic that we are, taking advantage of our extra care is not something we appreciate. We are great listeners but it’ll be nice if you can listen to us once in a while.

6. We have a hidden sense of humor.
No, we are not all about serious stuff. We are ‘witty and humorous’ people. Spending some time with us will make you realize how we can find humor in every situation.

7. We live with curiosity
Sorry if our curiosity and asking questions annoy you but that is it. As receptive as we are of you and your behavior, it’ll be nice if you are too.

8. We are forgetful individuals
We are forgetful people because we have more pressing issues going in our heads day and night. Does that give you the right to hurt us more often? NO!

9. We do get socially awkward at times
Some of us might be a little socially awkward, but will it hurt you to not point that out every time. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, right?

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