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Login in to Your PC Through face Recognition Software




Login in to Your PC Through face Recognition Software

Posted: 26 Apr 2010 02:46 PM PDT

Many of us feels very much irritating to enter the password every time when we login to our PC. So to make our work more easier and convenient a Face recognition software has been made named Luxand Blink, which allows you to login to your windows by just looking at the monitor without any typing. Simply you have to install the app and register your face to login.
To register your face with Blink is very much easy. After registering it will ask your windows password and rest of the process is automated. Now whenever your PC is started, when the login screen is launched so camera will automatically open and matches the face of the person sitting in front of the camera, if the match is correct so  windows will  open without any password, other wise not.
This software is very much interactive and secure that if suppose someone tries to open your PC in your absence so it also save the photo of that person who tried to get into your system without your permission and you can view the photo of that person by checking the History from the system tray of Luxand Blink. This software can even recognize your face if you have changed your hairstyle or something else. So try this software as it is very easy to install and setup and will be a great experience to deal with.
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USB Charger for People in Emergency

Posted: 26 Apr 2010 04:53 AM PDT

It is a cool new USB charger that will help you in all kinds of emergency. It will always keep your devices alive by charging them and making them fit. It should have 2AA batteries to power up so that it can charge your USB devices. AA batteries can work till 4 hours and this charger is for only $8.99. It works with all the latest phones PDA's, and even with Apple devices. It has a slim design with great and large power in it. They come with LED/UV search light, and have 3 volts. It can be used without any cable so that it can be carried around. If you are really tired of charging your devices via your PC or any cable then you should get this as soon as possible.
image thumb48 USB Charger for People in Emergency