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Inspirational Stories

These 600~ short stories offer great ways of learning. The knowledge, inspiration, positivity and wisdom discovered through stories is long lasting because of the human nature of remembering the stories for longer duration.

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Story: Express Your Love 

Story: Amithabh Bachan Traveling

Story: Life is a like a Cup of Coffee!

Success Story: Honda Motor Co - Soichiro Honda

Story: Mary Speaks to the Rich Lady

Success Story - Fred Smith | Federal Express

Only the Dead Man

Story: Everyone Is Unfaithful To Me

Story: Three Dolls

Short Story: Why Are You Unlucky

Story: The Newlywed Youg Man Speaks to His Father

Story:​ Charity wrapped in Dignity!

Story: My Husband Does Not Make Me Happy

Story: Arthur Ashe - Someone dying of AIDS

Story: I lost 50 currency notes somewhere on the road!

Story: The Army Guy's Nice Gesture

I did this to My Wife and I Regret It

Story: The Rabit in Swimming School

Story: Technology is NOT Life !

Story: From Candles to Soap

Story: Bryan, Old Lady and Young Lady

Story: Senior Management speaks to Branch Manager

Story: Running Your Own Race

$6 billion Company that Started with a Tweet

Who Will You Chose to be - Drive 1 or Driver 2?

Bad Result - A Small Story

Story: Piece Of Paper

Story: The Twist In Murder Story

Story: The Charming Senior Couple and Their Past Pain

Story of Mother Hen

Story: The Shark and the Glass Wall

Story: Good People Bad People

Story: The Power of Empathy

Story: Jenny's Necklace

Story: The Lady Trying to Find Happiness

Humor: The Economics Professor

Story: Boy, Girl and Doll

Story: The Man on Siachin Glacier

Emotional: ​When the children Left

Story: Serving The People Who Serve Us

Story: The Wise Master

The Maid and Pizza

Story: How Changing Passwords Changed My Life

Story: The 18th Camel

Story: The Empty Boat

Story: The Missing Goat

Story: The Power of Mother's Prayer

Story of Naeem - Positive Thinking

Story: The Dry Cleaner: First Impression On Your New Customers

Story: The Teacher and Her Husband

Story: Two Lines and Vultures

Story: The Judo Kid

Story: The Successful Tennis Player

Story: The Business Tycoon Died

Story: The Painting Collection

Story: The Dear, Lion and Forest Fire

Story: Stop being Judgmental

Story: The Engineers :)

Story: The Thirst

Story: From Stress To Strength

Story: From Stress To Strength

Story: Two Brothers

Story: Your Simple Gesture Could Be Life Saving

Story: The Manager And The Worker

Beggar and Servant Boy - Story For Your Kids

Story: The Mountain Principle

Story - Correct it or Prevent it - The Choice is Yours

Story – the Positive Power

Story – The WOW approach

Story – The Monkey and the Wooden Apple

Story - Knowing where to tap

Story - Glass, Lake and Salt

Story - Socrates - Triple Filter

Story - A story you may like

Story - Ask Yourself "Why"

Story - The Truck Driver and The Tyre

Story - What’s goes around comes around

Story - The Construction worker and the Money

Humour - Reason for Divorce

Story - The Lady and the Cookies

Story - The Eagle and the Chickens

Story - Love of a Brother

Story - The Cute Girl and the Toffee

Story - Correct it or Prevent it - The Choice is Yours

Story - My Wife Doesn't Work

Story - The Rat and the Maze

Story - My Father and the Biscuit

Story - The Woman and the Parrot

Story - The Powerful Relationship

Story - Invention of Microwave Oven

Story - The Two Patients

Story - The Truck Driver and the Tyres

Story - Love and Care of My Brother

Story - Lamborghini and Ferrari

Story - The Dog In The Well

Story - The Manager and The Worker

Story - Competing with Others

Story - Alphabet For Blinds

Story - Do You Treat People Fairly ?

Story - Mr. Educated and Mr. Wisdom

Story - Art of Living without recognition

Story - Which employee type are you ?

Story - The Family Picnic and The Traffic Signal

Story - The Wow Apporach

Story - Don’t Feed A Man A Fish; Teach How to Catch It

Story - The cockroach theory for self development

Story - Giving Comments About Others

Story - Self Confidence

Story - How Bar Code System Evolved

Story - The Woman and the Bread

Story - The Turtles Picnic

Story - Controlling negative thoughts

Story - The unhappy young lady

Story: The Rat and the Maze

Story: The Two Patients

Story - Doctor Spencer's invention of Microwave Oven

Story: My Daughter Reminds Me a Great Lesson

Story: The Gossip Girl

Story: The Two Falcons

Story: Presence of mind

Story - Stress Management

Story - The Cute Student Counts the Apples

Story - Everyone is unique

Story - The Perspective Understanding

Story - The Millionaire and the 3 Person

Story - The Lawyer and the Farmer :)

Story – The Monkey business :)

Story - The Balloon seller and the Kid

Story - Mistake of Senior Executive

Story - Giving your 100 %

Story - The Officer's inspection :)

Story - Dad & Me

Story - Better to Give

Story - A World of Smile

Story - Unconditional Love

Story - The Man At The Mexican Beach

Story - The Carpenter

Story - The Fisherman

Story - Train Situation - What Would You Do?

Story - The Young Couple

Story - The Stone on the Road

Story - The Lady and The Sales Man

Story - The Stock Exchange :)

Story - The Teacher and the Tomatoes

Story - Old German Dog

Story – The Two Wolves

Story - Respect follows service

Story - Alexender - The Three Wishes

Story - Salty coffee

Story - Secret of success

Story – the Mind Set

Story - The Two brothers

Story - Presence of mind

Story - The missing watch

Story - Cockroach theory for self development

Story – The wife and the window

Story - Change yourself rather than trying to change the world

Story - The Ant & the Contact Lens

Story - Easy to criticize, difficult to improve

Story – The Boy and the Girl

Story – The Law of Garbage Truck

Story - How I Became Honest

Story - The Father And His Son

Story - Cold Weather

Story - The Best Payback

Story - No One Can Hurt You Without Your Consent

Story - The Butterfly Cocoon

Story - Mechanic and Doctor - Version 2

Story - Attended interesing Events for Blinds

Story- The Tube Lights

Humor - The Killer Jigsaw Puzzle

Story - The Sinking Ship and the Couple

Story - The necklace of Jenny

Story - Scholar and Ferryman

Story - Miracle - Sister and Brother

Story - The Whisper

Story - My neighbour is a Thief

Story - Sharing Your Happiness

Story - The Professor Explains

Story - The President's Father

Story - Hardworking Father

Story - The Rain School

Story - Race in Africa

Story - My son came to me in kitchen

Story - The cab ride

Story - The Bunnies and Their Mother

Story for Parents - Zebra

Story - Do it now

Story - Thnking of a Man and His Wife

Story - The Mountain Principle

Story - Bride, Groom and Love

Story - The doctor's arrogance

Story - Tortoise, elephant and hippopotamus

Story - Small Acts Payoff

Story - Thurst and Rusty Well

Story - True Meanings

Story - The bouquet for the mother

Story - Chosing The New CEO

Story - Kindness of Poor Farmer

Story - The Two Seeds

Story - Ahmed and Aisha

Story - Signing off

Story - Being Honest

Story - Different thinking of husband and wife

Story - Woman and Parrot

Story - Going to the Limit

Story: The Professor explains

Story - The Talking Bird

Story - The Rat Statue

Story - Cry For Help

Story - The Golden Gift

Story - The cracked Pots

Story - The Pearls

Story - Read This If Your Kids Chat Online

Story - Chuan and Jing

Story - Power of Positive Talk & Encouragement

Story - my son and ice cream

Story - The Farmer's daughter

Story - Sharpen your skills

Story - Keeping Others Happy

Story - The Pond of Milk

Story - Self appraisal

Story - The Power of Positive Talk

Story - From Stress to Strength

Story - A Good Lesson

Story - The Wise Farmer of China

Story - Stay focused

Story – The Two brothers - Concluding Good and Bad

Story - The Green Concept

Story - Pick Up in the rain

Story – The Gold Coins - The 99 Club

Story – The Soap Box

Story - The Touching Farewell

Story - Borrowing the Pen

Story - The Golden Gift

Story - 500 Baloons

Story - Good People Bad People

Story - Kindness of Poor Farmer

Story - The Doctor

Story - Do It Now

Story - Two Seeds

Story - The Crow, The Parrot and The Peacock

Story - German Food

Story - Costly Mobile

Story - Always Ask, Never Assume

Story - Man Locked In Cold Room

Story - Five Small Stories with Lessons

Story - The Miracle - The Brother and Sister

Story - The Whisper

Story - 12 Small Stories Worth Reading

Story - Monkey and the Wooden Apes

Story - Powerful Relationship

Story - The Costly Mobile

Story - Love and Affection

Story - The Splended Love Story

Story - The Corn Field

Story - Perfection is a Habit

Story - Parrot and Peacock

Story - The Golden Gift

Story: The Woman and the Bread

Aliza Explains Love

Story: The 10 Wild Dogs

Story: The Park Bench

One Bedroom Flat - A Touching Story for Expats

Story: Father and Son Flying Kite

Story: The Costly Jaguar

Story: The President's Father

Story - The Monkey And The Apples

Story - The Carpenters - Bridging the gap

Story - Man and The Hotel Owner

Story – The bus driver - A Management Lesson

Story - The Teacher, The Students and The Potatoes

Story - Counting the countless

Story - The loving couple

Story - The appreciation

Story - A small Encouragement Tale

Story - Need of a shark

Story - Dad and Son: Love People Use Things

Story - Tears of Happiness

Story - Carelessness in medicines usage

Story - The Gardener and the garden

Story - This is our every day life

Humor - Why is it so?

Story - Millions of Frogs

Story- The Cycle Man

Story - Three Workers

Story: The Hotel Consultant from Japan

Story: The Lovely Girl with Two Apples

Story: The Lady and the 4 Turtles

Story: The Shark and the Glass Wall

Story: The Wooden Bowl

Story: Old Parents

Story: The Farmer and Onions

Story: The Ant In The Balcony

Mr. Nazir Lost His Wife

Story: Ajay and Anita

Story: Singapore Taxi

Story: The Two Falcons

Story: ​ How God Answers our Prayers

Story - Ant In the Balcony

Story - Ajay and Anita

Story - The Singapore Taxi

Story - The Lady and 4 Turtles

Story - Shark and Glass Wall

Story - Love and Marriage

Story - The Wooden Bowl

Story - The Two Falcons

Story - How God Answers Your Prayers

Story: The Farmer and Onions

Mr. Nazir Lost His Wife

Story: The Lovely Girl with Two Apples

Story: The Farmer Selling Butter to Baker

Story: The New Emperor

Story: The Happy Bird

Story: Over Confident? Think Twice

Story: Over confidence of Lady after Shopping

Story: The Mosquito and the Elephant

Story: The Mother, The Son and Shop Keeper

Safiya and Meraj story

Story of a Business Man Who Worked As a Cleaner

Story: Ahmed and Aisha - The Couple

Story: The Genius

Humor: Woman in the Court

Story: Lights of Times Square

Story: The Farmer Selling Butter to Baker

Story: Love and Marriage

Story - The Doctor and the Father

Story - The Old Man, His Wife and the Doctor

Story - A Touching Farewell

Story - Unique Human Flaws

Story - Feast for Clothes

Story - Duck Quacks Eagle Soars

Story - Its Never Too Late

Story - The Secret to Peaceful Marriage

Story - The Secret of Managing Stress

Story - The Corn Field

Story - The Purpose of Our Lives

Story - Born to Win

Story - Remembering and Forgetting

Story - The Excellent Employee

Story - The Man in Trouble

Story - The Tube Lights

Story - The Costly Mobile

Story - The Family Goes to Village

Story - The Cow and the Owner

Story - The Unhappy Young Lady

Story - The Successful Tennis Player

Story - Take Care of Your Rocks

Story - The Girl and the Necklace

Story - Pencil and Eraser

Story - The Scholar and the Ferryman

Story - The Kings Teeth

Story - The Worms

Story - Stay Sharp

Story - Bad Temper

Story - Donkey in the Well

Story - The Black Telephone

Story - Judging Others Based On Their Looks

Story - The Red Light Signal

Story - The Dubai Beach and the Car Battery Issue

Story - The Mother, the daughter and the map

Story - The Stone Soup

Story - Honest Abe

Story - Coffee and Cups

Story: Ahmed and Aisha - The Couple

Story: Complaining without any intention of Solution

Story: Chicken, Chicken, Chicken

Story: The Woman and the Parrot

Story: My Father and the Burnt Biscuit

Story - Secret of success

Story: Young Mom with Kids on the Beach

Story: Unconditional Love

Story: I was So Angry that I Left Home

A Rickshaw Driver's Life

The Stupid Letter

Story: The 10th apple effect!!

Story: Two Truck Drivers

Story: The Tortoise, The Elephant and The Hippopotamus

Story: My driver

Story: Field Marshal, Lieutenant and Rifleman

Story: The Bride, The Groom, The Love