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About DailyTenMinutes:

It is astounding what can happen if you do something for 10 minutes a day, every single day. Something that really matters to you. Something that is going to help you achieve your goals, change your life, and make a difference in the world. Pick a thing. Really, anything at all that you wish you were doing but you’re not. Exercising? Pick that. Writing a weekly blog post? Pick that. Growing your own garden? Pick that.​ Learning new software? Pick that. Once you get started and pretty soon we’ve actually accomplished something noteworthy. A daily practice becomes a habit. Once it’s a habit, you can pick a new “thing” to incorporate into your life.

So go ahead, devote 10 minutes of yourself every day to doing something important and see what happens. What do you have to lose? It’s only 10 minutes!

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About Junaid Tahir

Junaid is a Telecomm Engineer by qualification, Project Manager by Profession and a blogger and an author by hobby. His professional resume is available here

His articles have been published on PositiveArticles, LahoreTimes Newspaper, HubPages, WikiHow, PositiveArticles, Dialogue India, The Killer Punch, Quora, Management Reachout Blog, Paradigm Innovations, Milli Gazette and several print media in different countries.


The website contains articles written by Junaid Tahir and articles carefully chosen from selective online resources under the theme of Self Improvement. While care is taken by mentioning the reference of source websites, please do let us know ( if any copy right violation done by error and the article shall be removed soon. The articles on this blog are posted in the best interest of humanity. DTM Team shall not be responsible for any kind of consequences in what so ever sense


  1. Hello,

    While going through few sites I came across your site and found some of your content really informative. So I was a little curious if I can also contribute something for your site.

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  2. Hello,
    its a nice blog with some good stuff to read.
    reading/writing about real life incidents and learning from them (mistakes) is a good hobby. carry On !

  3. Hi Junaid...
    Really great information... I really like your articles.....Thank u so much..

  4. I read all your articles and copy to my notes. They are good and thought provoking with an intention to do it.
    Keep writing you are changing someone whom you do not know.
    Prayers and wishes of New Year 2013
    Waiting for more blogs.

    Reji George

  5. Thanks for shring your articles.
    I've really learned a lot of management and
    self development.

    You are doing a great service from your part
    to the community

  6. Dear Junaid. At this young age what u write is productive. Please keep it up. May God grace and enlighten your vision. More u go for positive thing u automatically opens the door of happiness to benefit the readers. I am 75 years Old. With best regards and GOOD LUCK and pray for your success in your vision ahead

  7. about your article, what is real wealth:
    I wish all those countries who are living under the shades of war and this article. Because you had mentioned love and peace.....

    If everyone think in the same way like your will be a beautiful place......

    and how many generations do we have to wait see such a beautiful world...?

    I wish one day all the people on this planet will choose this philosophy of ONLY LOVE AND ONLY PEACE AND NO BLOODSHED !

    thank you


  8. I enjoy your post.most of them are simple solution to big problems in life!Thank you.

  9. I am from Bihar and right now I am in Algera. I always read your articles. You are great boss and whatever your article is fantastic. It’s good for life so I am distributing to all my frinds and I can’t stop my self to write the personal mail.

  10. Junaid,

    I enjoy each one of your writings they make so much sense . I specially enjoy repeatedly your article on Parents and how to respect and regard them . I enjoyed your article on conflict resolving and many more. i enjoyed them all and forward it to my friends and family and get lot of regards for that...keep it up the good work..

  11. As salamu alkm wr wb.
    Subhanallah. Pls continue to write. Insha allah gide you always.

  12. Dear Junaid Sahib.

    Today while going through my normal computer browsing, I came across yur blog gone through a few result oriented ,energetic full small stories. these are fantastic
    I am a mechanical engineer (usa) . I thought to write personally to you.
    Go ahead. Almighty give you strength step after step,to encourage others through your pen
    Jazak Allah khair
    Mohammad vali karanch

  13. SHK.YUSUF NURUDDIN JARIWALAMarch 7, 2013 at 8:31 PM

    helllo boss,
    i really enjoy ur emails/articles, thnk u very much for lots of beautiful information,
    im a very silent member of this group but i really appreciate wht u share with us
    thank u boss

  14. hi, hope this reaches you. just read topic on negative thoughts.very good.

  15. Junaid i always appreciate your work in helping make us good leaders, managers and above all good human beings
    stay blessed

  16. Dr A Karim BooniwalaMarch 16, 2013 at 7:49 PM

    Dear Junaid
    Thank you very much for all the nice stuff online.really helping alot in building my ethical and professionalism.
    Many Barakats and returns

    Dr A Karim Booniwala
    General Surgeon and specialist in diagnostic

  17. hi, thanks for sharing wonderful stuff.

  18. Dear Junaid,

    Your mails are of Good +ve contents.. It may have helped so many to find a straight line when they are on bend...
    I appreciate your initiative to start a website.. Wish you all the best my dear friend.

  19. Dear Mr. Junaid,
    The decision of launching a web site exclusively for the all management techniques/character improvement /general wisdom is on the dot .
    For quite some times I was thinking to write you, just to let you know that your efforts are most valued to improve the precious resources of the universe .
    Your articles are definitely a motivational and inspiring . It helps me a lot in my professional career as well in my personal life. Honestly yesterday I was just thinking why not print out all your articles and keep like a book ?

    Takemehigher . com will be ideal in my view .

    Good effort Junaid ,
    When going get tough, Tough gets going ......keep going .

  20. Dear Tahir,
    Again thanks for very useful article about Simplicity for happy life that I shared with most of my friends

  21. Hi Junaid

    I just happened to come across your blogging site DailyTenMinutes and have gone through few of your blogs. That's a real great work out there. Reading your blog was one of the good things that happened today. Really appreciate it

  22. Superb one.

    Really liked it

    Thanks for sharing your article about Simplicity

  23. Dear Mr Junaid Tahir

    Your postings have been wonderful inspiration I have started storing them I get your mails, What do you do you said you have attended recently Managers meeting !
    As you can see I am free lance trainer in Hyderabd AP India

  24. Anil Kumar KhanapurApril 26, 2013 at 3:32 PM

    Hi Junaid,

    This is Anil here.
    I've seen and been reading your mails. These are really good.
    I always forward your mails to my colleagues where I receive really warm response which makes me happy.

    Well I think its not only me but even others do the same, "I think" :) and they get the same kind of response I beleive.
    But for causing this happiness in directly you are more responsible than me and most of the credit goes to you. Cheers.

    Keep Sharing such nice articles.

    Anil Khanapur

  25. Dear Junaid

    Thanks a lot for sending such nice and informative mails.

    Jazakallah khaira

    Dr. Amanullah

  26. ​Thanks a lot from my core of heart and on behalf of those who fail to say you thanks for the thoughts you sharing in the world


  27. Dear Son,
    Of late, I'm enjoying the articles written by you, alhamdoolillah. I've been following stories, guidance and tips that you contributed; which is greatly appreciated by a woman of my age!!!! It helps me to understand as well as learning things that I didn't have a chance to know at my past-sell by date, BarakaAllah.

    MashaAllah, you are a good boy with a warm heart. You share your knowledge with everyone, ALHAMDOOLILLAH.

    I just want to say a big JazakaAllah hu khair for being such a kind person.

    May Allah Azza Wa Jaal grant you hasannaa and sawaab and give you Jannah in hereafter ......ameen.

    Keep up with the good work and continue your good deed till end of your life. My du'as for you to be able to gain all goodness in duniya as well as in hereafter.

    BarakaAllah hu feek.

    Aunty Nor

    *** Sent from N's Samsung Galaxy Note II ..... Mobile on O2 ***

  28. Dear sir Your articles are extremely relevant and impressive. Thx for such eye-opening articles which are practical too. A reader..

  29. I received a phone call this morning from a business acquaintance in a terrible state.
    I sent him a copy of this article (The Power of Not Looking Back) and told him to read it. In the meanwhile I drove to his place of business.

    We listed all his problems then sorted them into two groups as the article said.
    Turns out he only had two problems which needed urgent attention.
    We did that and I left him de-stressed.

  30. Really nice to go through your article, really became fan of this site.



  31. Junaid

    i am reading almost all of you emails..great are a big inspiration for me..


  32. I love to read your articles. in fact I am quite impressed. I am replying you just to appreciate your efforts. I do read your articles and also improve my own personality, this is what you intend to do with mankind.

    May Allah bless you and you keep changing lives of people in a positive way.

  33. For ur every article , thank u , makes my ten mins worth reading.

  34. Dear Junaid

    I have visited your website and amazed to see the content. I really appreciate your talent and your work. Everytime I feel depressed or demotivated I go through your inspiring emails that recharge me. Please keep on your mission.

    I am a diabetologist and working for the prevention of this menace which requires three times of country, s present health budget just to meet present needs of diabetics. in next 15 years it will double with doubling even tripling the load of Hypertension, heart attacks, kidney failure, eye problems leading to blindness, lower limb amputations ..... etc.
    I would appreciate if you help me to spread awareness how to prevent Diabetes.



  35. Good morning. I have not had time to thank you for your beautiful writings and incites to life's issues in this forum. I forward some of your writings to others for they are well written and makes sense, compared to most people that fight over nothing. Keep up the good work. I am also a social commentator.

    Chris Emedom (NwaLoroUwa)

  36. Dear Junaid,

    Thanks so much for sharing very important and updated material consistently.

    God bless you and succeed you in your future


    Sarfraz Masih

  37. Dear Junaid
    Let me introduce myself.
    I am Colonel M P Singh (Retd),now leading a retired life.
    I had been reading your mails with interest and I found them very interesting and thought provoking.I am surprised at the horizon of your knowledge and your zeal to spread it via this group.

    Please accept my good wishes to you and your family.May GOD give you courage and strength to continue your good work.

  38. Askm,
    I read you mails very keenly .i think u r a psychology student. very nice articles.

  39. Dear Junaid bhai, As-salaamualikum,

    U r doing a wonderful job. Thank you.

    Iqbal - Kolkata

  40. Hello Tahir,

    I read from your blogs regularly. A good work you are doing.

    Best regards,
    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  41. Thanks for sharing very nice articles. I enjoy and save these on files. Thanks.


  42. Compliments:

    Dear Junaid, i read your posts everyday and get motivated with the quotes, short stories posted and just feel like someone somewhere is doing something good..
    keep it up my friend !!

  43. Dear Mr Junaid Tahir sab,
    Your articles are highly motivating & educative.
    I thank you for such brilliant lessons for ones life.

    Thanks & regards.

  44. Love your emails dude.

    Really does help me and uplift me in my work and my progress too.

    Thank you

    God Bless

    Amit in London

  45. I really so much impressed by your article “ Corruption – What is my role to stop it”.

    Very thanks to spread it to all.

    I shall be thankful if you remember me in your sharing topics. I will wait for your next topic.

  46. Hei,

    I don't know who you are, but i must confess your write ups have lessons to teach.



  47. I am a regular reader. I have suggested to daughter who is doing B Tech in B'lore as she is finding difficult situations to deal with stress and inter personal relationship with class mates etc. It is a stress reliver.

  48. I have been reading your mails since long , whenever I get time n I intend to read something informative interesting and motivational I always prefer to pick ur mails…
    And today in office I hv enuf time to read ur mails and after reading I cud nt stop my self to gv u word of praise…

  49. I am a reggular reader of all your articles. I am really moved with your abilities in presenting on a variety of topics. May Almighty bless you more and more talents. Allah hafiz.

    Jubail, KSA

  50. Dear Junaid Tahir
    About the article, "Need Succsss, Work on your thoughts" , There is nothing right or wrong; it is the thoughts- the way we perceive the same.
    Well balanced narration in your article:keep it up
    Our life is what our thoughts make it.

    Stay tune

    Sound & blessed day!

  51. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your useful and informative messages. I am interested to read your various articles referred.
    With best regards

  52. Dear Junaid,

    Thank you for all the materials you posted on your website. I find them very inspiring and insightful.

    I do believe that millions of people in my country, Indonesia, will benefit from your writing. However, most of them do not speak/read/write English well.

    I am writing to inform you that I intend to translate your writing as much as possible to my language (Bahasa Indonesia) and post them on a new blog/website that I will create.

    You should know that I have been working on my skill and habit of following through on my words. As of now, I do not have a blog or a website of my own. It may take a while to make this blog/website happen, but with God's blessing, it will happen.


  53. Dear Junaid,
    I have had a cursory look into the contents of your blog ' Daily 10 minutes' for the first time. It is indeed very wonderful. Many, like me, who go through yours definitely get equipped with positive attitude to one's life and to the society around. God Bless You for doing your bit of this service.
    with best wishes,
    NS Ravi

  54. Your posts are very nice and meaningful. GOD BLESS YOU

  55. AOA sir,

    i hope you will be good and enjoying every single moment of life as its reflected from what you try to teach us through your work.

    Being a student of HR i try not to miss your posts which give me a new hope and a new idea.

    sir i don't know your profession but there are a lots of a things which i want to share with you and want a solution for that .

    i am very much hopeful to get a positive response on my email which I have sent you.
    waiting for your cooperation.

    Best regards,

  56. I am so impressed on the simplicity of explaining things of life. i always look forward to reading from you.

  57. About your article "Üse Proactive Approach" Category 1 is where I belong. Thanks for all these in depth articles,I appreciate them a lot, not forgetting the frog seller.
    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  58. With reference to your article "being proactive", to be more organized we will worry for future and organize. While key to happiness is not to worried about future.

  59. Sir, you are doing a great job, like Ahmed Faraz said,
    شکوۂ ظلمت شب سے تو کہیں بہتر تھا
    اپنے حصے کی کوئ شمع جلاتے جاتے

    Your inspirer
    Khalid A Kazi

  60. Hi Junaid,
    Good day to you, Excellent site, keep up the good work

  61. Dear Junaid,

    I have read your article regarding ‘7 Tips to attain Peace of Mind’ which is actually fantastic and which has forced me to write a appreciation mail to you.

    I found your article having very practical approach in today’s phase of life .

    If I talk about myself, I found myself doing exactly the opposite what you have asked not to do.

    I was surrounded by a person who himself was in many depression problem from last 2 years, I used to hear his problems and stories which he has going through.

    Being meeting daily and discussing the same thing again and again, he was out of depression and as a result I went into depression.

    I don’t find myself the same person as I was before. I have lost all my friends and family issues has also arisen.

    Slowly and gradually it is affecting not only my personal as well as my career & profession.

    Reading your blog, I found something that can bring some positive impact in me.

    Hope I can get mental peace by implementing your suggestive points.

    Thanks a lot for this.


  62. Hi Junaid

    Excellent work including your Disclosure.

    Whether it's mixture or re-mixture, doesn't matter. Awesome work for the society.

    Keep it up. May God bless you and my regards to your parents.

    Wishing you for your bright future.


  63. Dear Mr Junaid Tahir,
    I thank you very much for the nice messages of yours I follow on net.They are very educative and thought provoking.I am sure many followers of your messages are very much benefited.

    Best regards,

  64. Dear Junaid

    I enjoy all your mails which are educative and thought provoking. I share the learnings with my colleagues too.
    Thanks a lot. Almighty bless you.

  65. Boss,

    I must say you have done a great job with this website of yours.

    Truly amazing - excellent job :-)

    Bhupinder Singh

  66. Junaid u r great.

    I'm keen to be friend with people with some mindset as I also work in the cause of serving humanity. I feel gifted when I serve to less lucky people.
    Inam Khan

  67. Hi, I read your article and i liked a lot.I am staying with my friends .One of my room mate is completely negative thinker. so am also effected. Please tell me how can i get mental peace?in your article you said - "Surround yourself in positive people. Ignore negative comments and stay away from negative souls. When someone is negative, he spreads negativity and you get affected. Permanently staying with such people will have long term impact on your character so think about your company." but he is my room mate.How can i resolve it? please help me.Thanking you so much.

  68. Hi , I read your post. It is very helpful. I am also suffering from any mental disturbance.As you said - "Surround yourself in positive people. Ignore negative comments and stay away from negative souls. When someone is negative, he spreads negativity and you get affected. Permanently staying with such people will have long term impact on your character so think about your company." Now I am living with my friends. One of my room mate is completely negative thinker. And it is affected me.How can i resolve it?Please help me.Thanking you so much.


  69. Dear Junaid,

    Your emails are always informative like the latest one on Secrets of Happiness.Many thanks.

    Consultant Surgeon Nanavati Hospital and former Prof of Surgery Grant Medical College,Mumbai

  70. Thank you for the nice, meaningful articles!

  71. Excellent page !! I appreciate the presentation of articles. Many of them are thought provoking. Many of them might have come across in their life. Regarding the Management Studies, articles are helpful to our present generation .Keep it up! Sir. God Bless You.

  72. AoA - I recently failed my specialist exam but your post made me to stay strong.

  73. Dear Tahir bhai,


    Thanks for the efforts taken and may ultimate bless you with all the positive requirement of life and beyond life for the care and happiness of the world you are taking with in the available source for which we have taken birth.

    Best regards,

  74. جناب جنید طاہر صاحب اللہ پاک آپکے علم میں مزید اضافہ فرمے

    رزق کی فراوانی عطا فرماے، اپنی اطاعت سے بھر پور صحت وسلامتی والی عمر طویل عطا فرمے۔

    اللہ پاک سے جناب کی خیریت نیک مطلوب ہے،

  75. Chandra Segaran Nair Krishnan NairJune 11, 2014 at 8:43 AM

    Dear Junaid Tahir

    Your mails are always a gem

    Thank You

  76. Hi Junaid ji,
    I read your articles often and feel you are doing a great job. Keep going. You must be helping a huge number of people.

    Vimla Patil

  77. Hello Mr. Junaid Tahir,

    How are you??

    I keep reading your emails about medical information and other useful stuff. I'm actually one of a member of your group. Your efforts are very appreciative actually.

  78. Thanks a lot.

    By the way, I read many of the stories, and they are beautiful.
    And saw ur pic as well, u r quite young.......and I was guessing ur age around 50....!!!! Sorry for that.
    Nice work. Keep it up.

  79. Syed Jawwad HussainJuly 4, 2014 at 6:14 PM

    Dear Mr. Tahir,

    I really enjoy your daily emails on the Pakistan Writers Club Forum as it really helps me to reflect on myself. It is all about adopting to the advises you send every day. I forwarded one of your emails to a friend of mine in the US and he is really trying to follow the advises.

    Nevertheless, please keep on sending the emails as you never know what might click for someone and how someone can benefit through these.

  80. Excellent articles.
    I read each and every mail sent by you.

  81. Your are a greater thinker. Keep on keeping on.

  82. Muhammad Ibrahim SiddiqAugust 5, 2014 at 11:44 AM

    I have been visiting your site many times and I like it really your work is great. I suggest you why ur not upload your videos on youtube.

    Further, I want your advise what is your email?


    Muhammad Ibrahim

  83. JT, Your posts are very informative and interesting. I really appreciate your efforts of sacrificing your precious time and spreading knowledge to the people.
    Great Job !

    Mohammed Haque

  84. Dear Junaid,
    Thanks for your kind lessons / motivated emails. I do read and like all such stuff.

    Please send me few articles related to,
    - Active Listening Skills
    - Apprehension Skills (to make me able to pick the relevant and good point out of the discussion and then understand the whole situation).

    I shall be extremely thankful for your kind contribution towards our grooming.

    Haris Azam

  85. Dear Haris
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Actually both of your points are interlinked as effective listening constitutes towards better comprehension.
    You may want to read this article on this subject:


  86. Hello Junaid,

    Read your articles,super inspiring and awesome stuff. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

    Would appreciate if you could share the six sigma material with me.

    Thanks in advance...

    Be blessed...


  87. Always like and eager to read your mails.
    You are really great.

  88. Dear Mr. Junaid Tahir ,

    Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts thru' emails.

    I really appreciate your efforts.

    May God give you long life , good health and cheerful living!

    Thanks & Best Regards

    V Sridhar,

    Port Gentil, Republic of Gabon

  89. Sir, you know, your articles, I have made copies for me and I share by email with so many people. They are very happy to learn new things.

    May Allah bless you and keep you safe.

    M A Khan

  90. Dr A Karim BooniwalaOctober 17, 2014 at 1:55 PM

    what a fantastic energy conserving article "9 ways I Can Help Resolve Electricity Crisis" by honorable Junaid ..

    Thanks Junaid for planet level guidelines all the time for all the disciplines of life

    Dr A Karim Booniwala
    General Surgeon and specialist

  91. It's very pleasing to be associated with persons of your caliber.
    Thanks a lot sir, learning are till end of life. Pl keep up your good work of sharing great things.



  92. Dear Mr.Junaid Tahir,

    Your articles are very good.
    If anyone understand and practice, he/she will be successful.

    I am blessed with all your messages.

    I would like to say thanks for the same and request you continue writing like this in future also.

    Good Luck.


  93. Sir,
    Your articles are very inspirational, motivational & informative.

    Thank you for sharing as its really worth to read and forward to others.. and best for implementation...
    Thank you once again...!

  94. Dear brother Junaid Tahir, AA.

    I feel really delighted to see your kind email.

    I often read your nice educative messages and your positive continuous contribution, which is surely admirable.

    Such a contribution always bear fruitful and positive results. We should share our good and authentic knowledge with others, instead of indulging into useless political discussions and praising or opposing the selfish politician, who are continuously damaging our country and people.

    A.S. Shaikh
    Pakistan Writers Club Riyadh

  95. Sudhaker Velchala ·December 31, 2014 at 9:10 AM

    JT, You have been a great contributor and I read your posts often. Wish you and pray God give you strength to share more and more.

    Sudhaker Velchala ·
    DGM at ECIL, Hyderabad

  96. Assalam o alaikum
    Really amazing work !

    A friend introduced me to your website and I found ur blogs simply great. If u please translate all these in urdu, it ll b very effective then.

    Jazak Allah khair

    Sent from my iPad

  97. Dear Mr. Junaid Tahir,

    Thank you very much for sharing valuable articles.

    I have become a big fan of you because I have learnt a lot by reading your articles.

  98. hi Junaid ji,
    Your posts are very interesting and impressive. I would like to thank you from bottom of my heart and on behalf of my friends who are getting motivated from your posts.

    Once again Kudos to your work. Thank u, thank u, thank u very much for the great job.


  99. I am grateful to be in your mailing list. Many times I thought of expressing my gratitude to you earlier also. Continue sharing and may God bless you always with peace of mind, wisdom, health and prosperity.

    Rina Chand

  100. Ever since I joined your mailing group, I have avidly gone through your posts and many of your posts on Management I have forwarded to my son , who is an upcoming Engineer in Muscat, doing his MBA Program .

    I have also send many of your stories to my grand children.

    I personally find your posts very interesting and useful.

    with warm regards

    Sqn Ldr P P Cherian ( Retd)

  101. Hi,
    So nice of you!
    I receive your articles which are very informative and very knowledgeable.
    I am glad to have connected with such a nice personality.

    Dr S Kanwal

  102. Thanks Tahir Sahib for the wonderful job you are doing. You are a Crystal clear lake.
    Harbant Singh

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  103. Dear Mr. Junaid,

    Thank you for sharing such nice articles. I, indeed, read each and every article sent by you and learn and improve my self.

    Please keep this noble work carry on.
    God Bless You.

    With profound regards,

  104. Dear Junaid,
    I happened to be following most of your posts, especially the inspirational stories, reflecting moral lessons of great minds and personalities.

    I therefore, want to commend you for the good thing you have been doing on this cyber space in addition to what many others have done.

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  107. Dear Junaid,
    I am a Regular reader of Your articles and I thank you very much From My Heart.
    My opinion, when some one Born In any Part of the World , only A Hard Ware Piece, Then So many Soft wares are loaded like, Language, Tastes,Cast,Religion and Top most is The Attitudes. Your Articles are the Out Standing Attitude Soft ware Seeds, Implanted, in The Human Hard Ware.If Every Human Had a Good attitude, Then Whole World, Will be a Heaven, to Enjoy the , Latest Technologies, Developed by many Sacrificing, Their, Life s.Your Sacrifice , For the Benefit Of Human Generations,By your , Sincere, Honest , Dedicated, Hard work Put in For Publishing, Outstanding Articles ,Is a Noble Thing. I once again, Thank you From My Heart and Soul, For your Contributions and Time Sparing. With Best Wishes, Your Follower,Satyanarayana

  108. Thanks a lot Junaid. These articles are really helpful. You are an awesome person.

  109. Thumbs Up for your Junaid.
    You are sharing very good articles. Keep it up
    I'm a regular reader of your blog.

  110. Hello Junaid
    Wanted to pass on my thanks for sharing quite good, positive information, always!!
    Thank you

  111. Dear Junaid,
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