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Junaid Tahir is a passionate blogger. His project is inline with his vision to enhance the life of a common man through Stress Management, Professional Development, Economical Empowerment, Financial Independence, Life Enhancement, Relationship Enrichment and general wisdom. If you care about these causes, please help Junaid by sharing on your social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc) to let your family, friends, colleagues visit this platform.

Below are some of the articles written by Junaid. Happy Reading!!!

- Gold Is Refined In The Furnace Of Fire

- 8 Tips for Choosing a Powerful Domain Name
- 14 Tips to Choose Your Doctor
- What Is ​​Management Consultancy

- Rules and Manners for Professional Drivers

- 20 Important Tips to Know Before You Buy a Used Car

- 11 Spiritual Principles for Becoming Rich

- Developing Analytical Skills

- How To Handle Frauds

- 9 Tips for Good Decision Making

- Pause, Ponder and Then Proceed

- 17 Recommendations to Finalize A School For Your Kids

- 7 Tips For Resolving Conflicts
- 5 Recommendations to All Airlines
- Quranic Park Dubai - Location, Ticket, Images, Review and General Information

- 4 Tips to Improve Your Thinking Patterns

- 50 Things You Can Do For Pakistan

- How To Start Solar Panel Business - Learn in 10 Minutes

- What You Need To Know As A New Manager

- How To Earn Money By Becoming A Task Rabbit

- Business Ideas Series - Introduction

- Earn Money by Designing Graphics - Complete Guide to Start

- Andrew, Peter, Emily and Lara

- 19 Recommendations for Property Investment

- Story: Learning Success from a Toy Car

- Wifi In the Sky - Thank You Emirates Airline
- Meeting Rita at Dubai Airport - 8 Levels of Personalities - Which One Are You?

- This Toy Factory Employee Story Will Make You Reevaluate Your Success And Redefine Your Purpose of Life

- Stop Complaining Start Achieving

- Story-of-two-wolves.html

- Story - My Limited Thoughts

- Establish Effective Documentation Management System

- 6 Cs to Avoid in Life

- Muslims' Prayers Tracker in Microsoft Excel

- Heart Body Mind and Soul

- 10 Analogies for a Great Leader

- Story: The Dog In the Well- Analytical Thinking for your thoughts

- Are You an Analytical Person

- The Excellent Employee

- Story: Small Deeds Huge Impact

- Feel Good Factors

- Who Are Consultants - What Qualities Do They Possess?

- 9 Rules for Staying Positive

- Key Terms to Understand for Total Quality Management

- Process Excellence and Process Governance

- Effective Delegation Process in Management

- 10 Steps to Ensure Continuous Improvement

- The Role of Management Consultants

- Story: Correct it or Prevent it - The Choice is Yours

- 7 Qualities of Great Spirits

- How to Reduce Business Costs

- Ensuring Kids Safety at Home

- No Tobacco Day

- Dialogue with David - The Person in Stress

- Employee Feedback System

- Quality of Work and the Quality of Workers

- An Approach to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

- Story: The Cute Girl and the Toffee

- What Is Real Wealth – How To Achieve

- Need Success? Work On Your Thoughts

- The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Muslims

- How To Develop Analytical Skills

- Understanding Ripple Effect In Multiple Dimensions

- Compromising Ethical Values - What To Do when Trapped

- How To Be Strong in Hard Moments?

- Use Proactive Approach to Uplift your future

- How To Build Trust To Empower Relationship

- Criticism – The Creativity Killer?

- Hard work Will Guarantee My Professional Growth

- Effective Communication for Strong Influence and Healthy Relationship

- The Cricket Experience and The Touting Culture

- Do You Judge People Fairly?

- Ask yourself - "WHY"

- Junaid met with an Accident but still mentally strong

- Benefits Of Being Organized And How To Be Organized?

- Work-Life Balance Of A Newly Married Friend

- How To Respond In Tragic Moments?

- The Concept of Virtual Diaper – Treatment of Ethical Diseases

- 15 Ways To Find New Job

- 10 Tips To Fight Depression

- Employees Are Like Batteries – 5 Techniques To Recharge Them

- Sugar Coated Person Or A Genuine Human Being?

- Story – Carelessness in Medicines Usage

- Three Options To Fight Stress

- Reducing The Gap Between Potential and Performance

- Islamic: Do I Really Know what is Halal and What is Haram?

- 10 Tips On How To Manage Emails Effectively

- Are You A Responsible Citizen?

- 9 Tips To Make Effective Decisions

- The Power Of Not Looking Back

- Sweeping Statements - Annoying, Irritating and Insulting

- 8 Ps of Vision and Strategy

- Do You Keep People Happy

- Garden Grass and Garbage

- How Happy Is Your Organization

- Are you as ambitious as Steve Jobs, Picasso and Maradona?

- Great Use of 200 rupees

- Islamic Article: Cleaning the Inner You

- Don’t Feed a Man a Fish; Teach How to Catch It

- The New Manager's Fundamentals

- Conscience - Your Great Companion

- Experiencing Others' Pain

- Story of Mr Ferrari and Mr Lamborghini

- Reasons for Negative Thoughts And Stress – How to Avoid Them

- Learn To Differentiate Between Urgent and Important

- Islamic Article: Count Them One By One

- Ethical Issues in Organizations – How to Handle When Trapped

- Am I Corrupt? A Self Audit Article

- 6 Tips For Resolving Conflicts

- Frequent Mood Swings Indicate Your Unstable Personality

- Story: Mr Educated and Mr Wisdom

- Top Ten New Year Resolutions

- Do You Treat People Fairly?

- The Seven Super Powers You Must Posses

- Most Popular Interview Questions for Managers

- The Seven Qualities of Highly Ethical People

- Islamic: Tracking your daily prayers with this simple Excel File

- 8 Points to Remember for Buying a Sofa Set

- Islamic: 9 Lessons Refreshed from Umra

- The Lady and the Salesman

- Eighteen Ways to Make Your Parents Feel Great

- Rumours - The Spices you enjoy may harm you too

- Story - Manage Your Appearance

- The Guide to Stress Management

- The Dubai Beach and the Car Battery Issue

- Zoom In and Zoom Out

- Begin Your Leadership Journey

- The Family Picnic and the Traffic Violation

- Shielding Yourself From Negativity

- How to Evaluate Managers

- Story: From Stress to Strength

- How to Overcome Fear

- Ten Tips To Simplify Your Life and Improve Your Happiness Index

- Are You An Explosive Personality or the Implosive One?

- How To Develop Good Habits and Get Rid of Bad Ones?

- What Happens When Luxuries Become Routines?

- Time-does-not-stop-and-so-is-life.html

- My Role To Resolve Energy Crisis

- Enhancing Self Confidence in Children

- Giving The Right Advice

- Story - Borrowing the Pen

- Everyone is unique - The Real Life Analogy

- Spreading False Information

- Arguing with Emotionally Hyper Minds and Idiots

- Six Tips for Anger Management

- Story: My Daughter Reminds Me a Great Lesson

- 7 Tips to Attain Peace of Mind

- Which Smart Phone is the Best

- Improve Your Excel Database Management Skills

- Story: Chicken, Chicken, Chicken

- Vision - A Critical personality Trait of Leaders

- Six Techniquest to develop Empathic Skills

- Keep the Engine Running

- I am an Ideal Person

- The Philosophy of Happy Life

- Prayers Tracker for Muslims


  1. my name is also junaid tahir ..i read your blogs frequently...i like these too much..sir i am doing chartered accountancy and in it bcbs is a subject which i've chosen.itis basically behavior study and communications...but i've no friends that's why i faces some problems in it ,how to communicate..what to communicate are just things which i learn but not paracticing...would you tell me solution of it and please don't suggest me for making friends.....

    1. Dear Junaid,
      Basically you are endeavoring to achieve inner freedom which can boost your confidence to communicate well with others. Well, there are several things which you can try:
      1- Read, read, read. More reading gives you more exposure and improves your vision on how to handle different kind of situation where you have to communicate. As a starting step you can explore this website and visit multiple sections such as (Self Improvement or Junaid's Work)
      2- Observe: Keep noticing people on how they communicate in different situations. Then compare with yourself and wherever applicable, improve yourself by adapting that particular approach)
      3- Listen: Good communication starts with good listening skills. People who are good listener are good communicators. This requires Empathic Skills and Emotional Intelligence Skills. You may want to read my articles on Effective Communication, Empathic Skills, Judging People Fairly, Treating People Fairly under the same page (Junaid's Work)
      Hope these tips will help. In case you would like more counselling, please drop me a line and I shall be glad to help assist you with.

  2. Uma Maheswar NakkaOctober 28, 2013 at 7:43 PM



  3. Dear Sir,
    My name is Sameer ,By profession I am IT expert, I am 34 year old ,I am facing problem in English language ,I read so many grammar books but sill not confident specifically in written ,even for writing few lines are big change for me.some one gave me advice that reading is good thing for writing enhancement ,i bought my note book for this purpose but failed to consecrate ,Number of times I faced embarrassment due to this weakens.Please please guide me

  4. Dear Sri.Junai Tahir,

    A friend of mine had sent your website link to read your articles;I should say I am blessed to get that link and an excellent ,knowledgeable writer like you !
    Well I am a retired Executive of a National Pharmaceuticals ,now based at Kochi, involved in Corporate Training & Management Consultancy work.
    I would be thankful to get your Microsoft version of the ,preferably Power Point
    Presentations of the subject "How to Evaluate Managers'? and any other articles.

    If you are planning any visit to Kochi ,any time ,please intimate ,so that ,the KMA {Kerala management Association} can arrange your Speaker Evening.

    Regards & All Best Wishes for a Happy ,Healthy & Prosperous New Year -2014 !
    (email sent separately)

  5. Dear Mr.Junaid Tahir,

    I am impressed about the mails i keep receiving from you. Spirituality is reflected in each and every mails of yours.

    May God bless you for all the good job your are doing.

  6. Dear Mr. Junaid
    Thanks a lot for sending so nice articles.
    These are really very inspiring.
    I am writing a book and wish to like include 1-2 articles.
    Can i get permission to publish with your name.

    Seraj Akram


  7. Mr. Junid.
    No dobt, your messages are really good information for us and many times it keeps reminding us,conduct and code of life.If some one think of himself , how much we gave comfort or hurt others unwillingly.
    Thank you and keep it up.
    Dr. G M Joyo

  8. Good blog, I like your way of writing style, it's really gives an encouragement, and take a challenge in the job sector.Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Abu Dhabi

  9. Hey Junaid

    U absolutely don't know me...... But u regularly teach me to keep best attitude towards professional & personal life.
    Thanks may God bless

  10. Mr. Junaid ji,

    thanks a lot for all your mails. loving it. learning a lot.



  11. Hi Junaid,

    Happy to see mails/articles like this after long time which are different from regular stuff.

    Hat's off to you .

    Kind Regards,

  12. Hi Junaid,
    You mails have been very interesting…..please keep sending. Lot of wisdom moments in every mail that you send…..thanks so much for sharing.
    Please do not forget I am one of the people who just wait for your mails :)
    Bohat shukheriya….



  13. Dear Junaid Bhai
    Your writings are inspiring & meaningful in fact I have become a fan of your writings. I always look forward to your articles. As I have been volunteering in various social organisations in teaching life skills with your permission can I use your articles to train young underprivileged.
    Wishing you all success in your good work.

  14. Your good thoughts have indeed generated the much required positive energy around us .
    Praise and thank heavens for your efforts.

    Mrs.Shashi Minz

  15. Eid Mubarak Junaid!!
    Your articles are really really good, informative and inspirational. I am reading your articles religiously.

    Please do keep writing & sharing.


  16. Hi Junaid Tahir

    You are an Excellent writer & Trainer - Hats-off to you.

    Best regards
    Sumathi P

  17. Wonderful article of Ripple effects.... it s really thrilling.

    Your way of writing in a convincing manner is unimaginable.
    This quality is not found on all but rarely. May God bless u to continue your mission in a positive way.

    With regards,

    SRK Nair Delhi
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  18. Dear Mr.Junaid Tahir,

    Your articles are very good.
    If anyone understand and practice, he/she will be successful.

    I am blessed with all your messages.

    I would like to say thanks for the same and request you continue writing like this in future also.

    Good Luck.



  20. Hi,

    This is Aditi.
    I have been reading your blogs at

    I loved it.

    Was best I ever read. Because That's exactly what I also think.

    I am amateur blog writer . Your blog inspires me to write .
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful writing.

    Regards and Best Wishes ,

    Aditi Kulkarni

  21. Dear Junid Tahir,
    Asalam o alaikum

    Masha Allah your quotes, ,references and articles are very interesting and valuable.


    Thanks & Best Regards
    Dr.Ghulam Mohammad Joyo
    Laboratory Director
    Al Adwani General Hospital
    Taif, Ksa

  22. Great articles! Thanks!

    Enviado desde mi iPhone

  23. Hi Junaid... I dont know how i started getting your mails,,But they are full of wisdom. Hats off to you.. and best of luck.

  24. Thank you so much for your effort Mr Junaid Tahir.

    I have no words to express my gratitude.

    God bless you.

    A reader

  25. Excellent sharing .. I have adapted most of it since years and experienced positive change in myself !

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  26. I have put star on your emails. Hence
    whenever I feel like something is a mess whether in professional or personal life..I go through your emails. Its such a learning experience to follow your emails. They are of great value.

    Thanks & keep sharing


    Rohit Goyal

  27. AoA brother ...
    Hope things are fine. Your articles are worth reading, motivational and inject positivity in one's soul. Keep sharing please.

  28. feedback about the article: "Hardware will guarantee my professional growth?"

    sir,your article on how to improve corporate image was great and your
    article really helping me to improve myself.Sir keep on writing such
    article as it really providing motivation.

  29. great article ,Your writings are inspiring,thanks a lot

  30. I want to post articles on your sites please contact me