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There are a lot of thoughts that come into the mind that should come into practice immediately. These thoughts come according to the demands of time or according to the kind of people that one comes into contact with. But the only way to bring all these thoughts into practice is to use the power of determination. Where there is determination there is the commitment to use all the resources for the realization of that thought.
Self Improvement, Wisdom, Professionalism, Inspirational Stories, Positivity, Leadership, Management, Stress, Optimism and Peace, Productivity.

To be a master is to win in situations.

Thought to Ponder: There is a long time practice of being a victim of situations. As is the situation, so is the reaction. It automatically results in a loss of strength and hope to make the situation better. On the other hand, to be a master is to understand that the situation is temporary and I have the power to change it. This will give me encouragement to make at least a small contribution to change the situation.

Point to Practice: Today I will keep a chart of the extent to which I have been a ruler. I will check how many times during the day I have kept the controls with me in the variety of situations that the day brings to me. This will give me a clue to the extent to which I am able to control situations and direct them to a positive way instead of allowing it to control me.
Self Improvement, Wisdom, Professionalism, Inspirational Stories, Positivity, Leadership, Management, Stress, Optimism and Peace, Productivity.

Psyd is a doctoral degree in psychologyand it is inclined towards clinical practice. If you want to enroll in an online psyd program, it is important for you to first do research on the courses. Just like other programs that are done online, this programs will be in an online format where you will be required to have video conferencing software, microphones and web cameras. These programs will look at concepts like pharmacology, personality theories, and human behavior and specializations may be included.
While most of the things will be done online, there other times that you will have to attend to somethings on campus and also complete an internship before you graduate. Applying for the online psyd programs can be complicated at times, here are tips that you can use: -

Research Programs and Colleges Thoroughly

When you want to determine the school that suits your preference best, there are other important factors that you should consider and they include: -
· The Tuition amount.
· The online programs offered.
· How the programs will be covered online?
· What are the requirements of the online psyd programs?

When you have researched and found a school that has everything that you want, you can go ahead and apply. Apply at least in two schools, so that when you don’t get one, you can be accepted in the other one.

Top Notch Essay
When writing an essay, you have to make sure that it stands out from the rest. When it gets the attention of the people who are looking at the essay, it may mean you are a step away from getting into the school of your choice. Here are some of the things to highlight in your essay to make it unforgettable: -
· You can highlight your illnesses, personal struggles, losses which will show your persistence in life.
· List your personal achievements.
· Refer to a school or program to show a research that you have done.
· Make sure your grammar is impeccable, so it may not turn them off and also choose words very carefully.
Even when you have all these ways of making your essay stand out and you do not write it properly, then it will not impress the admission counselors. Ensure that your precision and grammar is perfect. Before you turn in your essay make sure it is proofread properly.

Choose References Wisely

The references you choose may mean a do or die for you. That is why it is very important for you to choose them wisely. Go for someone that will vouch for you as a hard working person and have great skills. This will go a great way to getting you approved. When choosing references here are some of the things to consider: -

The reference should know you well and have worked with you before.
Give them ample time to write the reference before the due time.

· Let them have samples of your work when writing your reference so that they can have somewhere to refer.
· Because of the importance of the matter, make sure they will write you a positive reference.
· They should Highlight any relevant link to the industry or the school.

Winning the doctoral application will be highly determined by how your reference is written. That is why you should make sure that the person writing the reference is willing to stand up for you.

Accurately Complete All the Required Forms

It may seem to be straightforward, but if you are not careful, you may hand in while some areas are not completed or you may have misunderstood some quotations. To make sure that this does not happen: -

  • Check if you have all the required documentation
  • Check on the grammar and if the punctuations are correct
  • Make sure that you have turned in all the required documentation.
  • Ensure that you have filled in all the pages of the application.
  • Know about the deadlines and timelines of the application process so as to know when to hand it in.
  • Visit the college and talk to the relevant people so that you can know more about the program and what it entails.
  • Get contacts of at least one person from the ones that you have spoken with.
It is important to get contacts of the person who is doing the program that you are applying to and in this case, it is the online psyd program. You will get to know what it entails, what is required and if you have made the right choice to apply for it. The contact person will give you a lot of information that you will not have known if you will not have visited the college. It will be very beneficial for you even before you get you admission.

There are hundreds if not thousands, who are applying to get in various colleges to do online psyd programs. That is why your application has to stand out and you eventually get an admission to get into college to do the doctorate degree. When you are admitted and complete the program, you will be able to work with patients at a clinical level and you will have obtained your license as a clinical psychologist. You will have more added education and will be even higher than that of a person who has done masters in psychology.

Online psyd programs will give you a chance to learn from whichever place you are, even in the comfort of your home. You will not need to be in class every now and then. If you have a question or need clarity from your professor, you can video conference with them. The only time, you will go to college is when you are taking exams or when you have a seminar that you have to attend in school. If you are busy and not able to attend classes, you can now apply using the tips above to join the online psyd programs.
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Property owners often describe the process of submitting a claim to an insurance company as a fulltime job. Just think. The claim process can be gruesome because it can include filling out tons of paperwork, making accurate calculations of damages and hours of negotiation. Many find it a challenge to work with insurance companies because they aren’t knowledgeable in insurance lingo. Typically, property owners have to deal with numerous tasks that pertain to owning property especially in instances where they are responsible for multiple dwellings. Hiring a Korean public adjuster can be especially helpful in these types of instances.

When Does A Property Owner Need to Hire A Korean Public Adjuster?

Public insurance adjusters are experts in insurance policies. Individuals who own homes or commercial buildings can benefit from their services. Property owners will require the services of an adjuster in situations where their property has experienced a form of devastation from a fire, water damage or destruction from a natural disaster.  Experiencing the loss of such devastation can be overwhelming for the property owner.  A public adjuster can handle claims for damage done to a property due to fire, smoke, hurricanes, and wind. In the wake of devastation, property owners may be especially concerned with piecing their lives back together. Property loss can also affect other areas of the owner's life which can be a loss of business income. This aspect is also taken into consideration. Therefore, hiring a public adjuster to care for the insurance legalities related to the loss can be beneficial.

Hiring a professional is necessary if you’re having difficulties dealing with an insurer. Insurance companies process thousands of claims each day. As a result, they don’t always maintain adequate communication with property owners.

Three Benefits of Hiring A Public Adjuster
What exactly can our Korean public adjuster do for a property owner? Check out these top reasons for hiring a skilled adjuster can be beneficial for owners.

1. Maximize Settlement Amount
Studies have shown that insurance adjusters can help their client receive a larger settlement amount then they would have been able to get on they're own. The number one goal of the insurance company is to save as much money as possible which is why they tend to negotiate lower settlement amounts. A study conducted in Florida revealed that public adjusters were able to negotiate more than 700% increase in the settlement amount for commercial and residential property owners. Yes, an adjuster will fight for the pay that you deserve.

2. Decrease denial rate
There are instances in which property owner’s claim can be denied for whatever reason. Often, denial can be contributed to an error made on the part of the property owner or the insurance agency. However, when there is a public adjuster working on the behalf of the claimant, there is a decrease in mistakes because they are well versed in insurance policies and regulations. This will, in turn, reduce the likelihood of getting a claim denied.

3. Reduced Stress
When property owners hire a public adjuster they entrust the adjuster to handle the entire process. Yes, the adjuster will handle all the paperwork, filing, follow up and negotiation. This allows property owners to focus on putting back the pieces of they're life.

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Public Adjuster
A property owner should make sure that they hire the right adjuster for they're the case. Asking a series of questions can help make the right hiring decision. Here are some important questions property owners will want to ask before they hire a specific adjuster:

Are you licensed to practice in my state?
The first question you should ask a public adjuster is if they have the necessary credentials to practice adjusting in your state? Some adjusters work under a firm or another individual. Yet, property owners should ask to see their license or certification. ‘The adjuster should be experienced and part of a reputable firm.

2. How many claims do you work on in this area?
Of course, property owners will want to make sure that an adjuster is able to dedicate time to fighting for them. This is a very important question if the area has recently experienced a natural disaster.

3. How much experience does the adjuster have?
The amount of experience a public adjuster has can make a world of difference in the decision-making process. This is especially so if the property owner is dealing with substantial loss and have several thousands of dollars on the line. It’s imperative to have a public adjuster working on the case who has the necessary experience to handle the case. Ask for references if necessary to further determine whether a specific adjuster is qualified to help out with the insurance claim.

4.  Talk about fees
Fees should immediately be addressed. Most public adjusters work based on a contingency fee that can range from 5% to 15%. Sometimes the contingency fee can be based on the state the property lives in. The client and adjuster should agree to upfront whether they will receive a percentage of the settlement amount or a set fee. The fee can also be based upon portions of the claim.

5. How does the process work?
If the property owner has never had to file an insurance claim it may be difficult to understand how the claim process works. Therefore, understanding how the process works can help them make the best decision. Questions like:

Will I be able to still communicate with the insurance company?
Can I terminate the contract before the settlement has been finalized?
How long does it take to negotiate a fair settlement amount?
Since the property owner will be working closely with the adjuster for some time it’s imperative to determine whether the adjuster is a good fit for the case. Communication and work style are good indicators of whether a working relationship would be beneficial for both parties. Hiring a reputable public adjuster can make a huge difference. Get the compensation you deserve today.

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Recent college graduates and aspiring entrepreneurs stand to gain the most from effective leadership. As small business are on the rise across the US, this presents a prime opportunity for emerging leaders in business and finance. In fact, 62% of millennials have considered starting their own business, with many citing leadership potential as a key factor in success of young startups. By maximizing on leadership and communication skills, young entrepreneurs can reap the rewards of a promising economy while fulfilling their professional vision.

Bulk Your Online Presence

In this respect, the research is clear: consumers look to websites and social media accounts for updates on sales, product information, and new developments. To strengthen your reputation, Conklin Media recommends developing a stylish, professional website that offers a consistent message to prospective clientele. As an entrepreneur, web presence is also important for your personal (but not private) accounts, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms designed to help you network with key members of your field. The personal is professional: over time, people will associate your name with your company, which means that you are accountable for strong communication practices on the web.

Research Your Market

For entrepreneurs just starting out, it’s absolutely essential to research the market you want to situate your company in. This will help you on two fronts: you need to create an image that’s targeted towards your prospective consumer base, but you also need to be able to persuade investors that there’s a real demand for your service or product. When obtaining funding to launch your idea, it’s generally necessary to backup your claims with non biased research and studies supporting your vision. Another aspect to persuading both potential consumers and investors is keeping a consistent brand for your company. As an emerging leader, it’s vital that you give off the impression of consistency and strength to the general public. Ultimately, you want to prove that your company is not part of fad, but rather will make a permanent mark on the industry.

Customize Your Approach

Entrepreneurs should be aware that methods for business communication vary from field to field. When launching your brand’s image, read up on companies you admire to get a sense of how people talk about their industry. You can also do this by attending conferences and events in your field, which should give you a prime networking opportunity. In the US, new entrepreneurs of different categories are eligible for a range of tax benefits and help from the federal and state government, especially if the business is owned by a minority or US veteran. You can further customize your approach through project collaboration with other companies, a strategy designed to boost your reputation in the field.

Becoming an entrepreneur is gradual process, but one that mainly depends on your ability to network and showcase yourself as an effective leader. Strong leadership will position your growing company as a model, while attracting both consumers and investors alike. The end result is, of course, an influential role within a promising market for young entrepreneurial energy. 

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Like the ocean that merges all that flows into it, I merge all that happens; so past is past, and the future seems clear and bright.

There are two dimensions of being a detached observer - the inner dimension and the outer one.

Let us look at the inner dimension of detached observation. It is the ability or the technique to stand back from or observe in a detached way our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and behavior. We are creators and our thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes are our creation. In fact, this is the first step to becoming a ruler of the self and making the self powerful. If we fail to detach from our thoughts and emotions then they will be our masters, they will go out of control and will, as a result, leak away or waste our energy. Practice simply being the witness of whatever you are thinking and feeling. This is an important aspect of any good spiritual practice and after a while you will find it an experience that both, frees you and empowers you.

The external dimension of detached observation is the technique of being a witness to or an observer of the scenes, of the world around us. As we stand back and watch the scenes of life being played, on the world stage around us, without being actively involved, we can see the big picture more clearly. This makes it easier to judge clearly what is the most suitable contribution that we can make and the most suitable role we can play - through our thoughts, words and actions.

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Why Live Chat Is The Best Customer Service Right Now [Infographic]

E-commerce website owners have reported that one of the main issues online is maintaining customer engagement and preventing shopping cart abandonment. A key tool that has been proven in preventing these issues is Live Chat customer service. It can be frustrating for customers when they have to read large amounts of text on a website just to find the answer to a simple question. Live Chat on the other hand, allows customers to get direct responses to all their queries with virtually no effort on their part. Live Chat can be a key tool to turn casual website visitors into regular customers which can maximise sale opportunities and build up an e-commerce’s reputation and brand.

How Important is Live Chat?

The importance of having a customer support chat for e-commerce businesses cannot be reiterated enough. A key way Live Chat can increase sales rate is though implementing customers testimonies about their experience with Live Chat services into business plans. The majority of customers who reviewed Live Chat while shopping online reported being satisfied with the service and 63% reported that they were more likely to return to the site. That is not all, 40% of online buyers who had previously used live chat services were more likely to make online purchases at least once a week than buyers who had never chatted live.

How Does Live Chat Work?

The reason why live chat appeals to many online store visitors lies in the simplicity and effectiveness of the service. The average company takes only 48 seconds to answer a query with Live Chat. The majority of companies answer 1,143 chats each month on average. This means that a single operator handles approximately 274 chats per month. The data collected reported that customers are most likely to ask questions via live chat between 10am and 3pm local time. The research indicated that over half of live chats occur during this time period.

The number one live chat country in the world is Mexico, followed by Australia and Canada. The highest number of live chat conversations take place on Mexican e-commerce websites. This has made Mexico the recipient of the highest customer satisfaction rate with a rating of 94.11%. Customer satisfaction rate in Australia is 93.59% and Canadian customer satisfaction rate is at 88.36%.

The fastest Live Chat replies are received by customers in Denmark. Danish operators provide a swift and straightforward service which is characteristic of the well-known Scandinavian simplicity.When it comes to the demographics of live chat users, the older generation of Baby Boomers are particularly fond of this service. The research indicated that more than one third of people aged 57 to 67 are already using customer support chat.

Chat Duration vs. Customer Satisfaction

Naturally, the customer service chat that results in the highest customer satisfaction rate is the one which provides customers with clear and straightforward answers to their questions. This means that the operator needs to take his or her time to review each question and then provide an in-depth answer. The operator also needs to find the right balance between being concise and informative. For example, chats that last 5 minutes correspond to a customer satisfaction rate of 78.20%, chats that last 15 minutes result in 88.23% satisfaction rate and chats that last 20 minutes and more receive a significantly lower customer satisfaction rate.

Chats per Month vs. Customer Satisfaction

To highlight the effectiveness of Live Chats for customer service, consider this: The customer satisfaction rate of the e-commerce industry has reached 87.5% in 2015. Live Chats usage rates have been steadily increasing in the past five years. In 2009 Live Chat was used by 38% of online shoppers, in 2012 that percentage grew to 43% and in 2014 more than half of customers were using Live Chat. The online stores that have approximately 1,000 chats per month have the highest customer satisfaction rate of 87.29%.

Which Channel Works Best?

Online communication channels has made communicating for online customers easier than ever. The number one communication channel for e-commerce websites is live chat with a 92% customer satisfaction rate. Other channels that have high ratings among customers are voice services with 88% customer satisfaction rate, web form and email with 85% each and social media networks Facebook and Twitter. Customer satisfaction rate for websites using Facebook to answer customer questions is 84% while websites with Twitter-based communication have a customer satisfaction rate of 77%.

Learn from Examples

There are many famous online stores which highlight the positive effect of implementing live chat service. Travel website Orbitz reported a 40% increase in American consumer brands chat traffic during the period between 2013 and 2014,  while continuing to maintain an enviable customer satisfaction rate. Similarly, tech giant Dell reported a 30% increase in chat usage over the past several years. A third of Dell’s sales in the US are currently being finalized through live chat. Dell reports that 30% of its online customers engage through proactive chat which amounts to 40% of revenue.

The American department store chain Sears, is another big company that has benefited from live chat services. Sears has recently reported a 20% increase in sales revenue which was a direct result of using a predictive chat service. Sears also has an impressive customer satisfaction rate of 90%.

Another good example of how live chat can boost sales comes from the exercise equipment brand Total Gym. During the fourth quarter of 2014, nearly 40% of the Total Gym’s online orders came from customers who had chatted live with an operator.

For more information on how introducing a live chat customer service to your website can help increase sales rates and improve rapport with customers, take a look at the adjoining infographic.

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Become More Optimistic in Just Two Weeks
Do you spend a lot of time contemplating how badly situations can turn out? If so, it sounds like you're a bit of a pessimist. In your mind's eye, you picture the world crashing down around you. You always expect things to go in favor of another person instead of you.
It's easy to fall under the spell of negative thinking. This is especially true when you've had some negative experiences. Now is the time to get out of that negative mindset.
With the pointers you're about to read, you'll successfully be able to turn from a pessimistic person into an optimistic one. The best part is that you can actually become more positive and less negative in two weeks or less!

Implement these strategies to become a more optimistic individual:

1. Count your blessings. Take a moment and write down all the blessings you've received in your lifetime. Write the small ones as well as the mammoth ones. Have you run out of paper or gotten blistered fingers? Both are signs of a multitude of blessings!
  • A pessimist has no place counting blessings! Therefore, put aside your negative thinking and celebrate the positives that have happened in your lifetime.
  • How many times have you confidently achieved success? It's probably because you believed in yourself. If you did it then, you can do it now.
  • Use your past positive experiences to fuel your drive to become a more positive person.
2. Recite your strengths in the mirror. Self-doubt brings about feelings of inadequacy. Then, you end up believing that you may not be good at anything. But is that really the case? When was the last time you took a moment to consider your strengths?
  • Stand in front of your mirror today and recite your strengths. And yes, you have them! Your positive attributes are what got you all those blessings in the first place!
  • Think about ways in which others have counted on you in the past. Why do you think they chose to rely on you? Because they know you have a great skill set.
  • If you used a particular strength in the past, you can use it again for another mission.
3. Search for the good in situations. Even when things seem to be at their worst, there's always a bright spot or a lesson to be learned. If you take the time, you'll find that there's something good in each of life's situations.
  • Even though something may cause you to feel sad, consider the possible joy of having a weight lifted off your shoulders.
  • It may seem to you that you've failed at something. But truth be told, you may have succeeded at finally finding the right path for yourself.
4. Accept life's journeys. Remember that you may not have everything going your way. That's just the way life is. Accept the journey you're on, knowing that you're meant for that path.
  • The sooner you accept a particular outcome, the easier it may be to move on and start fresh.
  • Rejoice in the positive outcomes of others. You're meant to live in harmony with the rest of the world. Use their joy as an opportunity for your own happiness.
5. Remember the sun rises. Bear in mind that the world doesn't end with your negative experiences! After the disappointment, you go to bed and awaken to a new morning. Each sunrise provides another opportunity to succeed!
As you can see, it's all about adjusting your thoughts. Changing how you process experiences can make it easier to become optimistic. Avoid allowing the outcome of one experience to determine how you'll handle the next. Take each situation at face value with a bright smile and positive outlook!
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Trees and Plants do not seem to be worried about
the flowers that fall,
They are always busy
making new flowers.
LIFE is not about
What we Lost,
It’s about
What we can still grow….