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The affection distorts the perception. The Master used to talk about it often. One day his students got an amazing example, proving those words. They heard the Master talking to one mother.
– How is your daughter living?
– My dear daughter! She is so happy. She has a wonderful husband! He gave her a car, bought her jewellery that she dreamed about, hired servants for her. They serve her breakfast in bed, and she stays in bed until noon. He's not a husband, but a prize!
– And how's your son?
– My poor boy! He married a real grouch! He gave her everything that she wanted: a car, jewellery, an army of servants. And she is lying in bed until noon! And doesn't even get up to make breakfast for her husband!

Self Improvement, Wisdom, Professionalism, Inspirational Stories, Positivity, Leadership, Management, Stress, Optimism and Peace, Productivity.

There lived a blind saint in the kingdom of Emperor Akbar.  Once, he had visitors who had come to treat their niece. The child's parents were killed in front of the girl's eyes. Once she saw the saint, she started to scream loudly saying that that saint was the culprit. The couple went to Birbal to seek help. In front of all the ministers, he drew a sword and neared the saint to kill him. The saint in bewilderment immediately drew another sword and began to fight. Thus, everyone found out that he wasn't blind.

Self Improvement, Wisdom, Professionalism, Inspirational Stories, Positivity, Leadership, Management, Stress, Optimism and Peace, Productivity.

Your Ultimate Guide to Starting a Running Routine!

Want to live a long life? According to a new study, runners tend to live about three years longer, even if they smoke, drink and are overweight. The results found that five minutes of running every day could extend their life span. The estimation that running adds more time to people's lives than it takes up was perhaps the most interesting result of the study, which discovered that an hour of running equates to seven hours added on to your life. Nevertheless, these additions "are not infinite", according to the study co-author, Dr Duck-chul Lee. "The added years to longevity are capped at around three extra years," he said.

Other kinds of exercise also help with lengthening life spans, but not to the same degree as running. According to Dr Duck-chul Lee, walking and cycling typically lessen the risk of premature death by 12 percent. According to Dr Lee, 'it's unfounded why running has such a substantial relationship to lifespan." Adding that, one benefit may be the lowering of high blood pressure and its ability to get rid of extra body fat. 

So, if the aforementioned study has convinced you to get a head start on your running routine, here are a couple of tips to bear in mind.
1. Start with a walking/cycling routine first: Even if you may be eager to start running, you'll run longer, feel stronger and stay injury free if your start by adding short bouts of running to your regular walks, increasing the amount of time that you spend running. During your routine, add one minute of running for every four minutes of walking, gradually increasing your running time. Once you've built your stamina, aim to run for twice the amount of time that you spend walking. 
2. Stay injury free: Going too far, too fast, before the body is ready is one of the most common causes of injury - potentially causing shin splints, IT band syndrome and runner's knee which will put your running routine on hold. As mentioned above, gradually build the time your spend walking and running, increasing the time by no more than 10 percent from week to week. 
3. Listen to your body: Muscle aches and soreness, particularly in the quadriceps and calves are to be expected from time to time. But there are some pains that you shouldn't ignore, particularly sharp pains, or pains that persist or worsen as you walk, run or go about your daily activities. These types of injuries signal that you need to rest for at least three days and see a doctor if needed.
4. Get a good pair of shoes: While you don't need any fancy equipment to start running, a new pair of shoes are not negotiable as worn-out shoes can cause injury. Your shoes should be replaced every 300 to 500 miles. You should also opt for clothes made of technical fibers that wick away moisture from the skin. 
5. Choose your route: Be it on the treadmill, the road, in the woods or the trail, the most important thing when you start running is to find a safe route that feels comfortable. Treadmills offer a cushioned alternative to a pavement and will allow you to get your running routine in despite the weather conditions. If you're new to running and treadmills are not an option, opt for a track as they are flat, traffic free . Most tracks are around 400 meters. Four laps are equivalent to one mile.
6. Train your brain: Getting out of the door will be your hardest challenge. More often than not, relying on willpower alone won't work so make a plan. Plan to listen to certain types of music, pick the most convenient time to work out and pick some rewards that will entice you further. Put your workout clothes next to your bed and prepare your workout music the night before. Then be sure to treat yourself to something you'll genuinely enjoy like a hot shower or a smoothie, allowing your brain to associate exercise with an immediate reward. 
7. Be patient: Many positive changes do not happen overnight. The weight loss comes when you are consistent, but it takes time to condition your muscles, ligaments and tendons. The body needs time to adjust. Did you know that with every step you take, it stimulates bone growth, enabling your bones to get stronger and denser? But if you are not patient, you risk doing too much too soon and the chances of injury are higher.
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Learn to Create Better Instagram Video Content 

Instagram marketing can really help your business go places, but it is important to understand what works and what does not. Social media marketing is effective, but the trends are always changing with new tricks and tips being invented constantly. However, certain basics stay the same and using video content for Instagram marketing is something that still deserves your attention.

To be a successful Instagram marketer, you need to learn to make the right use of video content. However, it is natural to feel confused when you have to post a variety of content across different social media channels and have to determine what will suit your Instagram channel. But, you have to do the hard work and focus on creating killer video content because not only will help increase your following and likes, it will also help direct traffic to your product page. A possible solution to gaining a better following is to work with a company like
VVS Likes and buy followers and likes in an authentic way. They know how to keep things look genuine and that is why buying likes from them is only going to work in the favor of your business. 

However, if your goal is to maintain your position for long term, you will have to return to the drawing board and decide what to do to claim your place. Using video content is important, and you can always turn to Instagram Stories here to make your Instagram work.

A large majority of brands is now turning to Instagram stories and making it an important part of their marketing strategy. Millions of users check Instagram stories on a daily basis and it wouldn't be a good idea to miss the opportunity to make most off it. The truth is that when used correctly, stories can help engage your audience in a fun way. It all comes down to the type of content you select and the way you make it engaging and attractive for your audience. And video content can certainly provide you with an opportunity to make it big.

It is true that photos are usually the primary choice of brands to connect with their audience through Instagram Stories. For a positive change, you can throw in some video content as well. Keep in mind that you will have to be very careful and creative when using video content because you just have 15 seconds with you to create an impact on your audience with your video. It may feel that the video length is quite short, but you can certain use it in more ways than you might imagine. For instance, you can use the time to take your audience behind the scenes and show a bit about the way you work. Similarly, you can share a tip or introduce a new product in an interesting way. 

When using video content, be sure to know how to make it work properly. For instance, you should not worry too much about making it perfect. Just focus more on making it spontaneous, fun, and ephemeral. If your audience can connect with it, that's all you need. You need to bear in mind that when you use some video content in your stories, you do not have to be too concerned about the quality because it is not going to stay there forever. But, if you think you have created something interesting and worth sharing with all your visitors in weeks to come, simply consider adding the video in your profile as highlights. This way, the video will stay up for long and you can use its power to drive more traffic and follower.

The crux of the matter is that finding a way to increase your following is essential, and buying links and followers will certainly play a role. But, you can reach the top only when you focus on your content, and in modern world, you need to learn to make the right use of your videos. Even though the videos can be short, they can be extremely powerful when used and promoted correctly. Take your time to decide what you should cover in your video and how your audience would interact with it.

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Two things to remember in life..
Take care of your thoughts
When you are alone ,
Take care of your Words
When you are with people.
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I once had a friend who grew to be very close to me.

Once when we were sitting at the edge of a swimming pool, she filled the palm of her hand with some water and held it before me, and said this:

"You see this water carefully contained on my hand? It symbolizes Love."

This was how I saw it:
As long as you keep your hand caringly open and allow it to remain there,it will always be there.

However, if you attempt to close your fingers round it and try to posses it, it will spill through the first cracks it find.

This is the greatest mistake that people do when they meet love... they try to posses it, they demand, they expect... and just like the water spilling out of your hand, love will retrieve from you. For love is meant to be free, you cannot change its nature.

If there are people you love, allow them to be free beings.

Give and don't expect.

Suggest, but don't order.

Ask, but never demand.

It might sound simple, but it is a lesson that may take a lifetime to truly practice.

It is the secret to true love.

To truly practice it, you must sincerely feel no expectations from those who you love, and yet an unconditional Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take; but by the moments that take our breath away.
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One who lives in a palace of silence and peace has the power to send positive vibrations outside, yet prevent the negative vibrations from outside from reaching inside. If you move yourself into your personal 'Palace of Silence' and create beautiful feelings in your palace, these will become lovely vibrations which spread outwards.
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Vicky set off the next day morning…

First, he visited all the fitness blogs and signed up for their newsletters.

He then bookmarked all the weight loss videos he could find on YouTube, Vimeo and God knows where else.

A week later, he gloated - "God! I am making some serious progress here. It's just a matter of time before I look as thin as a weed" 

After that, I couldn't get to see him much. Months rolled by.

Occasionally, I'd hear him lament on phone –

"Those guys must be all juiced up. There's no way you can be that fit just by working at the gym."

Or… "That's all Photoshop. No one looks that chiseled in real life"

And by chance last week, I bumped into him.

He's put on a few extra inches around his waist.

He still reads fitness blogs and watches weight loss videos…

…while munching a bag of potato chips - of course.

John on the other hand was different.

He did two things as soon as he decided to slim down.

He started his daily morning walks. He joined a Yoga class in the evenings.

Rain or shine – he kept his routine.

Unlike Vicky he wasn't just 'looking to' lose weight. He committed to losing weight.

I meet him regularly.

He definitely looks slimmer now than a year ago. He may not be 'chiseled'. But, he is healthy and active.

You know what…

I see 'Vicky's and 'John's among my subscribers all the time.

'Vicky's read my blog posts. Watch my YouTube tutorials. Buy my products.

But, their presentations haven't changed one bit.

I don't know why…

…they just hoard my templates to use 'someday'. And the day never comes.

At the same time, there are 'John's that have truly transformed their presentations ever since they signed up with us.

They go through the same blog posts and watch the same videos that 'Vicky's do. But the results are starkly different.

Here's what I've observed…

When 'John's read a creative idea – they apply it in their next presentation.

When they buy our templates, they use them in their presentations with creativity and zest.
I routinely receive presentation slides created by 'John's - using our templates.

I feel so pumped up on seeing those slides.

I feel grateful and blessed for getting a chance to make a difference in their lives.

You see…

I can't really choose who joins my list.

But, I can definitely choose to get this message across to you…

Don't just 'look to' improve your presentations. Commit to improving them.

Don't just bookmark my blog posts and YouTube videos to watch some day. Don't just archive my emails to read some day.

Take action !!!

You need to take action.
As they say, "The road to hell is paved with 'good intentions'".

Help me help you.
Can I have your word on that?
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An investment counselor decided to go out on her own.

She was shrewd and diligent, so business kept coming in, and pretty soon she realized that she needed an in-house counsel.

She began to interview young lawyers.

"As I'm sure you can understand," she started off with one of the first applicants, "in a business like this, our personal integrity must be beyond question."

She inquired,

"Mr. Peterson, are you an honest lawyer?"

"Honest?" replied the job prospect.

"Let me tell you something about honest. Why, I'm so honest that my father lent me $15,000 for my education, and I paid back every penny the minute I tried my very first case."

"Impressive. And what sort of case was that?"

The lawyer squirmed in his seat and admitted, "He sued me for the money."
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There are few things more painful than losing one's childhood printed photos but Google has come up with just the right solution using its AI technology.

Its latest creation is called PhotoScan, and uses your phone's camera to scan old photos and save them on your phone or cloud forever.

Once you've opened the app and hovered the phone over the photo, four dots appear on the photo moving the phone over which allows you to scan them and apply autocorrect. Focus on the word "auto correct" as there are plenty of scanning apps out there but none specifically meant to liven and digitize your old photos.

The app works differently than just regular photos in that it removes glare by taking several photos and merging them into one. The app also revels in its simplicity. Not even requiring a login to begin, the app automatically applies filters, and crops and rotates the photos.
If you don't like autocorrect, you can edit the photo yourself and adjust the brightness, warmth or saturation level. Using 12 new looks (a not-so-fancy name for filters) give it a vintage look.
Saved photos can then be categorized according to the faces and places included. You can search under "scans" in Google Photos and you'll see them.
Of course, the result won't yield as high a quality as a traditional scanner but for its ease of use and colour correction, the app is unmatched. Take a look at the video below to get an idea of what the app has to offer:

Google PhotoScan is available for iOS, Android and the web starting today, just in time for the holiday season. Download on Google Play Store here or Apple App Store here.

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You can easily visualize your project schedule using a Gantt Style Chart which can be a great project management tool to help you keep your projects on track. Excel doesn’t come with an option for a Gantt style chart but you can construct one using a stacked bar chart.

Add a stacked bar chart.
  1. Select your data. The data will need to be in a particular format.
    • The list of your Project Tasks should be the left most column and not have a column heading.
    • The Start Date of the task should be the next column to the right of its task. This need to be in an Excel date format. This field should have a column heading.
    • The Duration in days should be the next column to the right of the start date. This need to be in an Excel date format. This field should have a column heading.
  2. Go to the Insert tab in the ribbon.
  3. Select the Bar Chart icon from the Charts section.
  4. Select the Stacked 2-D Bar Chart.
This will insert a basic stacked bar chart into the sheet. We will need to format this chart to get it looking like a proper Gantt chart.

Visualize your project schedule using a GANTT STYLE CHART

Format the default stacked bar chart to look like a Gantt chart.
  1. Delete the legend by right clicking it and selecting delete from the menu.
  2. Right click the axis showing the task list and select Format Axis from the menu then check Categories in reverse order.
  3. Right click the Start Date series bar and select Format Data Series from the menu then select No fill and No line.
  4. Right click the axis showing the dates and select Format Axis from the menu then adjust the minimum and maximum bounds as needed.


Now you have an easy to see project schedule!

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Put your kids in schools you can afford (expensive schools doesn’t guarantee good results) Just ensure they attend a good affordable school. Most importantly have time and give them good training at home.

Rent apartments you can pay for conveniently, don’t live in a house you struggle to pay yearly. That's a source of ​​stress. If it doesn't break you down it will break your marriage.

A man whose wife is pregnant has good 9 months to prepare, so also is the pregnant woman in question. They should even plan for the worse and only seek help when they can’t meet up.

Some problems in our lives don’t just pop up, 12 months ago, we knew we would pay rents... So its not an emergency...

Let’s plan our lives and live within our means. Some women buy food for their children every morning before going to school, do you know it’s cheaper to cook at home? Some buy every dress that is nice to them and also buy shoe and bag to match.

Eat healthy meals and protect your family from mosquitoes to avoid going to the hospital always. Take advantage of food and fruits in season, its cheaper and you can be creative to create amazing meals.

Don’t copy Aunty Ama's style of cooking soup, she earns well and her husband is a ‘big man’.

We stress ourselves trying to achieve and accomplish so many things at ago especially if its above our means. For instance going to school, keeping a home and family, building and renting, personal business, church activities etc all at the same time. Life is step after the other. Death will eventually be our end.

When buying a car buy one that is fuel efficient and corresponds with your salary. Don't follow the trend. All you need is a means of convenient and reliable transportation not a source of additional stress.

Don’t follow trends, wear clean well ironed clothes and keep your hair neat. You would still slay.

*Keep your circle small, keep only friends that have sense!*

Planning is key, if we plan properly we might not need to ask anyone for anything.

Above all things, have the fear of God, have integrity, don’t be lazy and be prayerful. Finally be empathetic to the suffering of others.

Prioritize and not live above your means, the Jones live next door and not a part of your budget! Be wise not daft!
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 At 65 years of age, Colonel Sanders received his first social security cheque of $99. He was broke, owned a small house and a beat up car. He made a decision that things had to change. Read 300+ stories on His friends used to like his chicken recipe very much. The fact that this was the only novel idea he had, he decided to act upon it.

He left Kentucky and started his travels to different US states to sell his idea. He would tell restaurant owners that he had a chicken recipe which people liked and he was ready to give it to them for free, in return for a small percentage on the items sold. Read 300+ stories on He got rejections after rejections, but did not give up. In fact, he got over 1000 rejections.

He got 1009 NO's before he got his first Yes. With that one success Colonel Hartland Sanders changed the eating habits of the whole world with Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as KFC.

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Chen Si - Saving People from Suicide 

A man named Chen Si dedicates every weekend of his life at China's Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge (the World's #1 suicide site) and saves people from jumping. He has saved 321 people in 13 years. Chen Si rents a two-bedroom flat so that those in need could have a place to stay after being saved from the bridge. The flat costs 1,000 yuan ($145) a month. Two-thirds of the cost is covered by donations and Chen pays the rest. With a monthly salary of 4,000 yuan ($578), he spends half of the money on his volunteer work and hands the rest to his wife.

​Source: LinkedIn 
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There were once two rabbits Frederick and Wanda who enjoyed their strolls together. On this walk, they came upon two carrots. One of the carrots had large leaves sprouting out of the top and the other looked much smaller from the surface...

Frederick was excited and ran up to the carrot with the larger leaves.

“I’ll have this one,” he proudly exclaimed and proceeded to extract it from the ground.

Wanda shrugged her shoulders and pulled out the other carrot, which turned out to be much bigger.

Frederick was surprised and asked how this could possibly be.

Wanda looked at her friend and replied, “You can’t always judge a carrot by its leaves.”

They kept on walking and came across another pair of carrots, again with differing sized leaves. This time Frederick allowed his friend the first pick.

Wanda hopped to each carrot, inspected and sniffed them carefully and, to Frederick’s surprise, chose the carrot with the larger leaves. As they each extracted their carrots from the ground, Frederick was bemused to see that his carrot was smaller than Wanda’s.

“I thought that you said that small leaves meant it would be a larger carrot.” He said.

“No,” replied Wanda, “I said don’t judge a carrot by its leaves. It’s also important to remember to think before you choose.”

Frederick nodded and they ate their carrots before continuing their stroll.

For a third time, they found two carrots, again with different sized leaves. Frederick looked confused and didn’t know what to do. Wanda indicated that he could choose which carrot to eat.

The poor foolish rabbit, pretended to inspect each carrot, but he didn’t really know what to do. He knew that he wasn’t as smart as his friend and he looked to Wanda with a confused expression on his face.

Wanda smiled warmly and hopped over to the carrots. She inspected them and pulled out one of the carrots.

Frederick shrugged his shoulders and went to the other one before he was interrupted by his wise friend.

“No Frederick, this one’s your carrot,” she said.

“But you made the choice and I’m sure it’s the bigger one of the two. I don’t know how you do it, but I guess you’re just smarter than me.”

“Frederick, there’s no point in having wisdom if you’re not willing to share the benefits of it with others. You’re my friend and I want you to have this carrot. A smart rabbit with a full stomach but no friends isn’t really wise is she?”

“I guess you’re right,” said Frederick with a full mouth, “As usual.”

This story act as a reminder that in our search for wisdom, we must also search for a way to assist those around us with what we’ve learned.

Be wise, share what you’ve learned with others and help make the world a better place for those around you.
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While most stress triggers money or work are easily identifiable, many minor daily activities are unknowingly contributing to more stress in your life. Alas the daily grind of annoyances and mild anxieties will have a long term effect. The key to combating these sorts of stressors is recognizing them and not letting them bother you. Here are 10 things you can try to avoid.

1. Other stressed people
While you might actively be avoiding your own stress triggers, other people around you might unknowingly be increasing your stress levels. A 2014 German study found that participants observing others being stressed by tasks had rising levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Stress can also be triggered by traumas of those around us, such as people experiencing illness. You’re reminded that these things can happen close to home and you fall into a thinking pattern filled with anxiety and negativity, which stresses you out unnecessarily.

2. Multitasking
It may seem you’re being efficient but this buzz word actually decreases productivity and increases stress. In 2012 a study at the University of Irvine looked at people who dealt with emails while working, as well as people who dealt with emails at a separate time. The former were less productive in their other daily skills. Physically their heart rate also showed more variability, which indicates mental stress. Doing one thing at a time is more fruitful, and better for your health. You can do a good job, and you might be surprised to find you’ll have more time.

3. Your significant other
Even if you’re happy and are in a healthy relationship, living with someone inevitably leads to annoyances. Stress can be caused by simple things, leaving the toilet seat up, or heavier issues money or co-parenting. So how do you avoid this kind of stress? The answer is striving for balance, in spending the right amount of time together, open and honest communication, compromise, and remembering why you love your partner and then acknowledging this daily. Let your partner be a stress-release factor in your life, and not the cause of it.

4. Taking a break
While taking a break from a stressful situation to watch a movie, or meet a friend can be helpful, sometimes you’re so anxious that you’re unable to truly let go and enjoy the present. It creeps back into your mind, making you bad company, and applying further stress to your mind and body. During such moments, it is important to work on being mindful and focusing on the present. Stress and anxiety do, temporarily, go away when you’re truly absorbed in your surroundings.

5. Everyday annoyances
Small daily encounters, rude customer service or waiting in long lines, have bigger affects on your mood than you realize. You want to present yourself as composed and on top of things. Your reaction, whether you adapt and conjure a new plan, or throw a pity party and get upset, makes the difference. If you are more the latter, this can contribute to a mindset steeped in pessimism and victimization, which will eventually eat you away. You have to be realistic, acknowledging that some things are beyond your control and remind yourself that you’re doing your best.

6. Easy fixes
A lot of our coping methods to combat stress are counterproductive. You work longer hours, stop exercising, or eat more junk food. These seem easy fixes, but the truth is foregoing healthy eating and physical activity actually stresses your body out, because these actions strengthen our bodies’ ability to fight stress effectively.

7. Tea and chocolate
There are many reports mentioning how bad coffee is, but equally guilt culprits are chocolate and tea. This two treats are often relied on for relieving stress. However, what’s not often discussed is that they have as much caffeine as our friend coffee. Caffeine is known to make stress worse by irritating digestion, causing irritability and disturbing sleep patterns.

8. Digital devices
Whether for business or pleasure, technology can wreck your sleep patterns if you use your smartphone, tablet or computer too close to bedtime. Similarly, smartphones and laptops mean we are always in touch, contributing to the work creep phenomenon. By checking email outside office hours, your work stress enters your leisure time. Emails remind you of your responsibilities and it’s really hard to put those ideas to rest, especially if they are bombarding you at all hours of the day.

9. Too much good health and exercise
While not as severe as ill health, too much focus on maintaining your health through diet and exercise can have an adverse affect on your stress levels. Diets with carb restrictions have been shown to increase sadness and stress, while other restrictive meal plans lead to tiredness. This focus on perfectionism can have dangerous side effects, such as orthorexia and gymorexia, modern conditions where extreme obsession for health food and working out respectively, affect your ability to function adequately.

10. Watching your favorite sport

All sports fans know watching your favorite team play is not a passive activity. There’s a mix of tension, excitement, frustration and elation, whether your team wins or loses. The trouble is your body can’t distinguish between good or bad stress, and watching sports can set off your sympathetic nervous system. This means adrenaline is released, and the blood flow to your heart can be reduced. In the short term this has few consequences, but repeated exposure can lead to high blood pressure and increase heart disease risk.
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 5 Ways to Increase Productivity Without Stressing Your Employees

You have already done the hardest part of staffing. You surveyed the vast landscape of humanity and found the perfect candidates for moving your business forward. Congratulations.
However, you still have a lot more to do. People are not machines. No one always performs at their peak capacity. If we did, we would quickly burn out. Employee productivity is a self-regulating affair.
The employee always thinks they are being pushed too hard. And the employer never thinks the worker is being pushed hard enough.
Trying to squeeze more productivity from employees who are working as hard as they can is a negative process that never ends well for either party. Maximizing productivity is a challenge for all managers. Doing so without the negativity is an art form. Here are a few suggestions for getting it done:

1. Use Tangible Awards

Sometimes, all it takes to reinforce good performance is a firm handshake, a pat on the back, and a bit of verbal recognition. But a congratulatory handshake will only get you so far. Intangible awards are quickly lost to memory. And the dopamine boost does not last.
A trophy, on the other hand, remains on the desk or in the case long after the handshake has worn off. Trophies, plaques, and certificates are tangible reminders of a proud moment. They are reminders of what you did to get the award, and what it takes to get more. 

2. Emphasize Smart Work over Hard Work

Unless all you care about is getting the most sweat out of your employees, emphasize working smart over working hard. Sweat doesn’t pay the bills, productivity does. So give them the tools of smart productivity such as automation for repetitive tasks.
There is also the matter of giving employees permission to go home on time and make the most of downtime with family and friends. When people are reminded of why it is they work in the first place, they are more likely to be energized when it is time for getting the job done. 

3. Lead by Example

Sales people do not respect sales managers who do not have a proven track record of top sales in that industry. Sales is a meritocracy. And salespeople respect those who lead by example. 
In many cultures, hypocrisy is the worst social crime. Telling employees to stay at their desk while you are always hanging around the water cooler sets a bad example. You will never get the best work from your employees.
Your workers will be motivated when they see you practicing the principles you lay out to them. They will be inspired by your success and trust that your instructions come from a good place. 

4. Don’t Overreact to Negatives

Humans are going to human. That means that even your best workers will have bad days, make silly mistakes, develop bad attitudes, get tired, inattentive, get the munchies, take too long of a break, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. 
What you can’t do is overreact every time a human does a human thing that does not result in maximum productivity. The moment you turn your back, they are going to check their Facebook and Twitter on company time. Make sure your rules, expectations, and reactions are in line with the realities of typical humans.
Your workers know when they have made a mistake. You will get a far better reaction from them when you don’t overreact.


If you want to cut the productivity of a Mac user, force them to use a cheap Windows box. This is not about which platform or device is better. It is about what is better for the employee. 
There are plenty of MDMs that are compatible with all popular devices. So if you are not able to provide the device or platform of choice, make it possible for them to bring their own. They are more proficient with their own system. There is no training necessary. And tech support is all but eliminated. 
You will find that negative reinforcement for productivity is unnecessary when you use tangible awards, emphasize working smart over working hard, lead by example, don’t overreact, and allow workers to use the tech that they know and love whenever possible.