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Using Caterpillar to Get Rid of Shopping Bags - Biodegrading

Caterpillar found to eat shopping bags, suggesting biodegradable solution to plastic pollution
Wax worm specimens in a Petri dish. Credit: César Hernández/CSIC
Scientists have found that a caterpillar commercially bred for fishing bait has the ability to biodegrade polyethylene: one of the toughest and most used plastics, frequently found clogging up landfill sites in the form of plastic shopping bags.
The wax worm, the larvae of the common insect Galleria mellonella, or greater wax moth, is a scourge of beehives across Europe. In the wild, the worms live as parasites in bee colonies. Wax moths lay their eggs inside hives where the worms hatch and grow on beeswax - hence the name.

A chance discovery occurred when one of the scientific team, Federica Bertocchini, an amateur beekeeper, was removing the parasitic pests from the honeycombs in her hives. The worms were temporarily kept in a typical plastic shopping bag that became riddled with holes.

Bertocchini, from the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria (CSIC), Spain, collaborated with colleagues Paolo Bombelli and Christopher Howe at the University of Cambridge's Department of Biochemistry to conduct a timed experiment.

Around a hundred wax worms were exposed to a plastic bag from a UK supermarket. Holes started to appear after just 40 minutes, and after 12 hours there was a reduction in plastic mass of 92mg from the bag.
Scientists say that the degradation rate is extremely fast compared to other recent discoveries, such as bacteria reported last year to biodegrade some plastics at a rate of just 0.13mg a day.
Caterpillar found to eat shopping bags, suggesting biodegradable solution to plastic pollution
Plastic biodegraded by 10 worms in 30 minutes. Credit: César Hernández/CSIC
"If a single enzyme is responsible for this chemical process, its reproduction on a large scale using biotechnological methods should be achievable," said Cambridge's Paolo Bombelli, first author of the study published today in the journal Current Biology.
"This discovery could be an important tool for helping to get rid of the plastic waste accumulated in and oceans."
Polyethylene is largely used in packaging, and accounts for 40% of total demand for plastic products across Europe - where up to 38% of plastic is discarded in landfills. People around the world use around a trillion plastic bags every single year.
Generally speaking, plastic is highly resistant to breaking down, and even when it does the smaller pieces choke up ecosystems without degrading. The environmental toll is a heavy one.
Yet nature may provide an answer. The beeswax on which wax worms grow is composed of a highly diverse mixture of lipid compounds: building block molecules of living cells, including fats, oils and some hormones.
While the molecular detail of wax biodegradation requires further investigation, the researchers say it is likely that digesting beeswax and polyethylene involves breaking similar types of chemical bonds.
Caterpillar found to eat shopping bags, suggesting biodegradable solution to plastic pollution
A close-up of wax worm next to biodegraded holes in a polyethylene plastic shopping bag from a UK supermarket as used in the experiment. Credit: Paolo Bombelli
"Wax is a polymer, a sort of 'natural plastic,' and has a chemical structure not dissimilar to polyethylene," said CSIC's Bertocchini, the study's lead author.
The researchers conducted spectroscopic analysis to show the in the plastic were breaking. The analysis showed the worms transformed the polyethylene into ethylene glycol, representing un-bonded 'monomer' molecules.
To confirm it wasn't just the chewing mechanism of the caterpillars degrading the plastic, the team mashed up some of the worms and smeared them on polyethylene bags, with similar results.
"The caterpillars are not just eating the plastic without modifying its chemical make-up. We showed that the polymer chains in polyethylene plastic are actually broken by the wax ," said Bombelli.
"The caterpillar produces something that breaks the chemical bond, perhaps in its salivary glands or a symbiotic bacteria in its gut. The next steps for us will be to try and identify the molecular processes in this reaction and see if we can isolate the enzyme responsible."
As the molecular details of the process become known, the researchers say it could be used to devise a biotechnological solution on an industrial scale for managing polyethylene waste.
Added Bertocchini: "We are planning to implement this finding into a viable way to get rid of plastic waste, working towards a solution to save our oceans, rivers, and all the environment from the unavoidable consequences of accumulation." References:                                                                
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FEAR - The Choice is Yours

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Has two meaning
Forget Everything And Run
Face Everything And Rise
The Choice is Yours…

Story: My driver

Incident narrated by Nathan S V, Human Resources Leader at Deloitte.

I was a freshly minted graduate of a leading B School and wore its stripes proudly on my shoulders. I was to join a British Multinational in one of their plants in Gomia, Bihar as a Management Trainee. They chose only the best. And I was full of it, all puffed up.

The night train from Calcutta would reach Gomia in the morning. I had a letter that said that there would be a car to pick me up from the station and take me to the guest house.

The coal fired engine creaked up to the station and I alighted with my canvas hold-all, yes we had such things in those days. There was not a soul in sight to receive me. I felt let down. I heaved the luggage on my shoulder and came to the exit.

There I saw a nice car. The driver in a khaki shorts and a white coloured tee shirt was walking towards the car. Aah, my driver, there he was!

I went up to him and brusquely asked him to open the trunk and keep my luggage. He asked me in Hindi, who I was and I introduced myself. All this in a condescending way, and asked him to take me to the Guest House. He said he would be happy to drop me.

The driver heaved the luggage in, opened the rear door and had me seated. He asked me if I was comfortable. This was getting better.

Throughout the ride he asked me questions about my family etc. in a kind sort of way. I responded in monosyllables, irritated with a driver, who spoke too much.

Near the guest house, he alighted and a couple of the staff ran up to the car and saluted me. I thought I saw some exchange with the driver and they respectfully carried my luggage.

I waved out to the driver, who wished me the best in my new job. The next day was a big day. I was to meet the big daddy of the place- the Chief Executive – Dr.S.K.Varma. And I was nervous.

I went in early to the factory. His secretary ushered me into a corridor that led up to the room. I knocked on the door and walked into the large office. The big man in his overalls, had his back to me and as he turned I recognized the man he was the driver in factory clothes.

I burst out – 'Hey what are you doing in this office?'

He gave me a broad smile and in chaste English said he was Shiven Varma, and asked me to take a seat. I choked and could have died in that instant. My feet were all jelly and I apologized profusely for my behaviour and was at a loss for words.

He said that he had come to the station to see off a friend. And he had seen me and wanted to be of assistance. And played along for he knew I had mistaken him to be a driver.

He offered me tea and had a long conversation. Said that outside of work one should not wear their education, only use them. And never referred to the incident. Almost as if it did not happen.

As I walked away, I learnt the greatest lesson in humility. So, the guest house staff were actually saluting him, not me!!. My ego came crashing down. Shoulders hunched, weighing heavily with lessons learnt, I exited his office.

Humility is playing a role, any role, sans ego, whatever the role may be. Even if this were that of a driver. Dr. Varma never referred to this incidence ever, not even in any informal chat. He was unknowingly driving home a lesson in humility...!

Story: Field Marshal, Lieutenant and Rifleman

Inline image

A young officer was on his round when one of the riflemen did not notice him and missed saluting him.

The youngster got cheesed off and summoned the riflemen and asked him the reason for not saluting him. The riflemen innocently gave out the reason that he did not see Lieutenant. The youngster not convinced, punished the riflemen to a *thousand salutes*. The soldier immediately started saluting...

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw who was passing by asked the youngster as to what was happening. The youngster said, *Sir, this soldier had the audacity of not saluting me*. So I have punished him with 1000 salutes."

Sam replied, *Bloody good punishment young man, but ensure that you return each of his salutes*

For the next two hours the unit was treated to a scene of a Gorkha saluting and the young officer returning each of his salutes.


I choose to think positively each day

I choose to think positively each day

I love seeing the positive in people, places, and things around me. Making my life easier is largely dependent upon my attitude.
To live life to the fullest, I strive to focus on all the good aspects of my life. Recognizing I have control over my approach to life makes all the difference for me.

I want to be as positive as possible each day.

Sometimes, people at work do things I find confusing or difficult to explain. Yet, I recognize they might know facts that I have yet to learn about. Because they are coming from their own perspective and have a right to do so, I accept the choices they make. My positive nature pays off at the office.
I see my home as a humble abode. It might lack some of the possessions I covet, yet it provides me with all the comfort and peace I need to live a good life. My home environment feeds my positive spirit and prepares me for my day ahead.
Though I realize that worldly possessions are not the only things in life, I also recognize that having a few of the things that bring me joy and happiness makes me feel more positive about my life in general.
Today, I reflect on my overall attitude about life. I realize that to reap the most benefits in my life, I should focus on positivity each day. Regardless of what I confront in an average day, I know I can do it with positivity and acceptance. I visit websites like to read something new about success, positivity and spiritualism.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. What is my prominent attitude toward life?
  2. How do I choose to approach each day?
  3. How can I begin each day with a positive spirit?
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10 Signs You have Allergy

If You Have These Symptoms, You Might Have An Alllergy!

Although some of these symptoms are more prominent in certain locations than others, it's good to know what to look out for, so, in case you think you might have one, you can receive the proper treatment as swiftly as possible.

Rest Easy


Rest does not come with sleeping, it comes with waking. This is both an insight and an action of enlightenment. When we are enlightened we realise that real rest is possible only when we become free of illusion and we no longer struggle against life.
Illusion is the idea that people should be, and do, what we want them to. The truth is, all is as it should be, despite appearances, or our perceptions of others to the contrary. This means you can be easy on yourself, easy with others and easy with the world around you.
Easiness is a virtue, an attractive one at that. It is much more influential than force. So quit forcing, end the struggling and...relax!


Effective Documentation Management System

By Junaid Tahir

I have observed in several organizations I interact with that respective management overlook one of the critical aspects of management that how their employees are managing data and how employees are performing day to day activities logging. I have observed that instead of centralized data management, each individual updates his/her own self-created excel file with poor formatting which prevents him for any kind of collaboration, version control, or advanced report generation. The issue becomes more prominent when the data becomes bigger and bigger over the course of time. Due to disorganized data management approach, the managers of these companies are under consistent crisis. This is where Documentation Management System plays vital role.  So let's understand this in more detail:

document management system (DMS) is a controlled system used to track and store electronic documents, records and other activities of the organization. It is usually also capable of keeping track of the different versions modified by different users (history tracking).

Why Documentation Quality is important:

o             Correct, Complete, Current and Consistent Information is critical to business success.
o             Team Collaboration so that all teams can work in sync with each other.
o             Reference for Management: Sr Managers can see high level reports at any point.
o             Error Reduction: Multiple people can identify possible typo mistakes.
o             Risk Identification. High End Analysis with support of Micro Level Records.
o             Seamless handover to new team or when any employee goes on vacation.

Key Features of DMS:

o             Always up-to-date: All team members to keep it up-to-date to ensure fresh data.
o             Transparent & Clear.
o             Professional Naming Convention to identify the purpose of the database/document.
o             Version Control (Approve, Review and Update Control
o             Dynamic Summary Generation (General & Specific Reporting)
o             Symmetric & Uniform (All teams should follow same pattern/format) for off-line
o             Automatic Work Flow.
o             Control on Multiple Record.
o             Control on Missing Record (Base Line Reference)
o             Change Control (What was changed, when, why, how and by whom?)
o             Risk Management Report Automation (Risk Assessment and Risk Control) – Automatic Pivots and graphs to highlight critical risks, delayed milestones etc.

With these points I believe you can develop a concrete database management system for your organization. If you would like to seek advice, feel free to drop me a line and I shall be glad to help you with J

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About Author: Junaid Tahir is a passionate blogger. He writes articles on Leadership, Stress Management and Life Enhancement subjects at his personal blog DailyTenMinutes


Competition and Contribution

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When you move your focus
from competition  to contribution,
Life becomes a Celebration.
Never try to defeat people ,
just win their hearts.

The Rich Mindset

Change your previous beliefs about money and install these new RICH MINDSET

1. Money is not a material. Money is an Energy.

2. Money is the root of all Evil - THIS IS WRONG. Money s the root of all solutions - So, I want more of it -THIS IS RIGHT MINDSET
3. Money DOES NOT MAKE you Happy. THIS IS WRONG. Nothing can make you happy. Only you are responsible for your happiness. If you want to be happy then you can be happy right now. It is like a Switch. You can turn it ON anytime.

So If you have money, you can solve problems for others and that can further add value and happiness to your life. So of course money can BUY HAPPINESS

4. I HAVE SEEN RICH PEOPLE NOT HAVE LOVE in their life. That’s wrong again. You have witnessed people with lots of money.

You have not seen RICH PEOPLE. There is a difference between RICH PEOPLE AND PEOPLE with lots of money.

RICH PEOPLE ARE abundant in love, money, time, care, service, fun, meaning, spirituality and even Health.

PEOPLE WITH LOTS OF MONEY believe they need to sacrifice Health, Relationships or Family in order to become RICH. Because MIND manifests what we believe they manifest money but, at the cost of losing health, family or morality - sometimes all. This is not being RICH. This is limited Mindset.

So you must clearly demarcate the difference. Because such beliefs work contrary to your own MONEY MINDSET.

So how do you THINK can these limiting beliefs be corrected?


1. I never was rich - Could be. You were not tall either. Yet you grow from being a BABY to an ADULT. Today you could be broke or middle-class. It does not matter. If you choose to become RICH, you will become RICH.

2. I am already ENOUGH - I am already learning enough to support myself and my family. True. But that is really not enough. Because Enough is really never Enough. You should have the habit of making more money than you need.

That is not being greedy. It is being abundant. When you have more money, you can take profound care of not just your loved ones. But also other who are deprived of money can be helped by you. Think about it. You will understand the responsibility of becoming RICH

3. Love is Everything. - Yes, Love is Everything. But Love does not feed stomach or Build houses. Money can. And that is a good thing. Few people assume MONEY and LOVE are opposites. That's wrong. Money and Love are complimentary. If you have MONEY, you can take better care of your loved ones.

4. Money brings troubles - Money Never brings troubles. Mindset brings troubles. Mismanagement f money brings troubles. If you manage money well, Money manages your life well . Simple. Period.

5. I will loose friends if I am richer than them Then you have wrong friends. Friends should be happy for your success. Not insecure or jealous. Second threatening o ditch you or if you feel they might leave you upon your success, is a Stupid Belief. So either change your beliefs or change your friendship.

So get RID of LIMITING beliefs and Begin a NEW rich mindset

Stand Right where you are. Place your Hand on your HEART. And Say - I AM THE ONLY PROBLEM in my LIFE.

Most often, people assume-by-default that there are certain UNKOWN PROBLEMS that they have to face if they would want to become RICH. They do not know what these problems are. Yet, what they do is called Situation- Amplification.

What it means is 'I have to work so hard to earn what I am doing now. Imagine becoming RICH would be even so much harder'. Now that's a belief that runs in mind BUT People are not aware of it.

So Here are my two powerful points for you.

1. Situations Amplifications is wrong of THINKING to become RICH. Instead, f you want to from where you are to becoming RICH, you need to LEARN the ways of RICH. You do not have to work hard more, sacrifice more or kill yourself to work. Instead you Just learn how you do it. That's it.

2. If you understand that for the rest of your life there will be only one problem and that is YOU. Then, your life becomes pretty easy thereafter. Because every time you face a problem, the only problem you have is YOU. Only YOU are stopping yourself from becoming RICH. There are no other PROBLEMS that you will face.

So are you willing to become RICH by solving YOU as the PROBLEM. Are you willing to become rich by adopting RICH HABITS. Are you willing to become what you want to become.

Then SAY - I am the only problem for the rest of my Life - while your hand is on the heart and you are still standing. Once you commit to this declaration, you are FREE OF FINANCIAL BLOCKS.