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Did you know that around 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February? Why? People tend to set unrealistic health and fitness goals during the holiday season. What they should do is make career resolutions.

Here are some of the career resolutions you should be making in 2019. This is the ideal time to make them. You’ve returned to work and are ready to think about what you wish to accomplish this year.

1. Learn to work smart, not hard
Look at which of your habits or actions inhibit productivity. It’s a known fact that people who put in extra hours aren’t necessarily more productive than those who clock out on time.

Possible reasons for a lack of productivity:

  • Conflicting priorities and constant ‘firefighting’ instead of getting down to the business of the day.
  • Habits such as lingering at the water cooler or getting caught up in conversations not related to work.
  • Taking on work that isn’t in your job description due to pressure from your supervisor.
Resolve to make the most effective use of your time to complete the items on your to-do list each day. Remain focused and keep your head down to develop yourself into a better being.

2. Work on your soft skills
While you might have all the academic qualifications to do your job, do you have the necessary soft skills?

Soft skills include:

  • Creative problem-solving
  • Time management
  • Communication
Written communications skills are essential so that might be a good place to start. Once you start working on these skills, you might find that you enjoy writing and editing. This could lead you down a whole new career path.

The online writing world is a growing industry and sites like Brill Assignment and Scholar Advisor are always on the lookout for talented writers.

3. Find a balance between being present in the real world and using social media
We need our smartphones for everyday life, but apps like social media can also take over our lives. Find a healthy balance. Try to minimize the time you spend on your devices. It will improve your productivity at work and interactions with your loved ones at home.

Where to start:

  • Make LinkedIn a priority as it relates to your career. Keep your profile updated as it can lead to new job opportunities. Join groups that are industry-related and keep up to date with new developments.
  • Make a set time for other social media platforms and games each day and stick to it.

4. Learn stress management techniques
One of the leading causes of heart and other health conditions is stress. You cannot eliminate stress from your life, but you can learn to manage it.

Some options:

  • Get a life coach to help you identify stressors and coping techniques
  • Go online and learn simple stress management techniques such as breathing and meditating.
Too much stress reduces productivity, so learning how to manage it will improve your work output.

5. Build your network
You might be okay with where you are in your career, but don’t be blind to the fact that there are other options out there. To build a healthy network, stay in touch with former colleagues and utilize online group forums. Then you can see if there are opportunities out there for you to explore.

Keep your resume up to date in case you are invited to submit it to a new organization. An updated resume shows your preparedness which is a good indication of the type of worker you are.

6. Declutter your workspace
Start the year off by reorganizing your office or desk. Don’t be one of those workers whose desk is so untidy that they can never find anything.

Some tips:

  • Set up filing systems and stick to them.
  • Have an inbox and an outbox so that you can see what needs to be done and what needs to be passed on or filed.
  • Reorganize your drawers so that you can find things easily.
  • Remove unnecessary clutter. Too many photos and ornaments encroach on your workspace.

7. Take strategic risks
Work presents opportunities for you to take on something new that might seem like a bit of a risk. Think about the risk and what it will mean for your overall productivity before you jump in with both feet. Remember to think of the reward as well.

You might be presented with the opportunity to take on a leadership role. The risk is that it could affect your ability to get all your work done each day. However, the potential reward is recognition and promotion. Look at the pros and cons before making a final decision.

How to make New Year’s resolutions for your career:

  • Make a few resolutions related to your career. Too many will overwhelm you, and you’ll soon abandon all of them.
  • Be realistic and have milestones and timelines to achieve what your resolutions

About the author: Scott Matthews is an experienced writer with assignments for Best Dissertation,, and Superior Papers forming part of his resume. He freely shares his writing skills, acting as a writing mentor for language teachers at schools for underprivileged children. Scott enjoys spending his free time with his wife, children, and extended family pursuing one of his favorite hobbies, fishing.
Self Improvement, Wisdom, Professionalism, Inspirational Stories, Positivity, Leadership, Management, Stress, Optimism and Peace, Productivity.

Companies get charged enormous amounts of money on their utility bills for maintaining their lighting every month. An excellent long-term solution for bringing down your monthly costs are considering a commercial lighting retrofit for your building. Companies with office buildings or warehouses can significantly benefit from having these structures retrofitted instead of manually maintaining a conventional lighting system.

Benefits Of A Commercial Lighting Retrofit That May Assist You With Making The Change

1. Environmentally Friendly

When it comes to the environment less of everything is always better. By having a LED retrofit installed, you can generate less energy consumption, having less mercury pollution flowing into our precious oceans, rivers and lakes, fewer maintenance requirements and less waste being dumped at landfills.

LED energy-saving lights last a lot longer than conventional light bulbs, and they use 25-80% less energy. This way you can keep your building well-lit without accruing more damage to the environment.

2. Improved Safety

Not only are you harvesting the benefits of less energy usage and lower utility bills every month, but also improving the overall safety around the premises. A well-lit building can prevent accidents or unfavourable incidents due to poor lighting conditions or fall risk with having to change light bulbs.

3. Extended Savings

By contacting an electrician Tampa to assist you with upgrading the facility with a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient lighting solution, the financial advantage of such an investment can reward you with a high return on investment which will continue over the years with the amount of money you’ll save on utility bills.

4. Economic Advantages

To mention a few, tax incentives, federal tax deductions and utility rebates are great economic benefits at the disposal of owners that chose to install sustainable lighting in their newly constructed buildings or otherwise under renovation. Another advantage that business owners can qualify for is bonus depreciation in the event of their lighting assets having a life expectancy of twenty years or less. Also, rebates are granted for businesses that have energy-efficient lighting installed.

When a property undertakes renovation projects such as adding a new HVAC system or new lighting, the old systems are deserted for accounting purposes. This means that your net book value of the asset will be written off as a loss (taken as a tax deduction) and this deduction can allot notable benefit to the property owner.

When you’re considering all the economic benefits of having a commercial lighting retrofit installed, it is certainly an investment worth considering.

5. Increasing your asset value

There is an immense amount of savings to be enjoyed including the potential of increasing your asset value, as structures or properties with eco-friendly or energy-saving fixtures are looked upon more favourably by investors or buyers.

When a property undertakes renovation projects such as adding a new HVAC system or new lighting, the old systems are deserted for accounting purposes. This means that your net book value of the asset will be written off as a loss (taken as a tax deduction) and this deduction can allot notable benefit to the property owner.
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Singapore is ranked as the easiest place in the world to set up a business, and as the best in intellectual property protection legislation. The country is also highly rated for an overall high quality of life, a first-class education system, and a superbly efficient health system, making it among the healthiest nations across the globe. For these and other reasons, the Lion City is an impeccable place to launch your career or establish your business.

The following is some crucial information that may be useful to you when it comes to working or doing business in Singapore:

How do you go about getting a job?

If you joined your spouse in Singapore after they got a job there, you may consider getting a job in the city-state as well. You can attempt to take your career a notch higher or start a new line altogether. For example, you can become an English teacher, as they are usually in high demand. However, due to recent changes in employment laws pushing for the hiring of locals, your skills in other areas may not be as highly sought after as they are in your home country. You will most likely land a job through networking, but there are also recruitment agencies, online sources, classifieds, and expatriate associations that can be of great assistance in connecting you to jobs.

How easy is it to start your business in Singapore?

A good number of expatriates go to Singapore with many business ideas, or they identify possible opportunities while on the island state. Either way, the big question is: How can you transform your ideas into profitable businesses? The first step when starting a business is to work on how to get an entrepreneur visa in Singapore, which you can do through the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). This involves coming up with a detailed business plan and financial projections, and at the same time your business must meet certain basic requirements. If you are successful, you are issued an Approval-in-Principle letter within at least six weeks upon application and payment of the necessary application fees. You must also register your business as a private limited company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Also, you need to have a certain amount of money as minimum paid-up capital. Registration can be conveniently done online using a SingPass (an online account management that enables access to Singapore government e-services). Approval for the online registration is normally completed in 15 minutes at the most.

What are some key tips for landing a job in Singapore?

The following are some important tips that can help you get a job in Singapore:

  • Update your resume and ensure your references are relevant for the job to which you are applying. This will convince the hiring managers that you have the needed skills.
  • Ensure you have all your documents ready, including your birth certificate, university transcripts, and personal identification documents. Singapore-based employers will often require you to avail the documents, and they may need to see the original copies.
  • Prepare a portfolio—hard copy, digital, or on a website—showcasing your skills and experience that are relevant to the position.
  • Search for recruiters that specialize in your area of interest and reach out to them directly to maximize your chances of getting a job, since they will identify you as a suitable applicant.
  • Make a point of networking, as most expats land jobs through networking, rather than looking blindly for jobs.
  • When you bargain for a salary, be realistic and remember that Singapore’s low tax rate is often balanced with a lower base pay.
  • Be determined while searching for a job, and do it on a full-time basis until you secure one.
  • You may be asked personal questions at the interview—about your religion, if you have children, etc.—so do not be surprised.
  • Go through the interview process, even when you are not absolutely certain that you want the position; most companies can create positions for suitable employees, but they have to meet them first.
  • Being asked to submit your photograph with your resume is common.
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Digital signage is a crucial tool for businesses looking to expand their reach and interact with customers in a new way in keeping with modern technology. 

What Is Digital Signage?

In its broadest sense, digital signage refers to any screen, of any size, displaying any content for any reason. It is all around us. You will see it in train stations, beside bus-stops, in restaurants, and even hanging out in an airport. Everywhere you look, there are examples of digital signage. With the trend only increasing in popularity, now is the time to get your business involved.

Technologies such as Projection, LED and LCD are used to display information—for example, in a train station, store, or hotel. They may also show digital images— may be of the stock or product the business is offering— as well as streaming media and video. This is often seen in hotel lobbies which broadcast news, the stock market, and other vital information.

Digital signage provides an excellent form of advertising and is versatile in its application. As we have seen from the examples above, it is not restricted to indoor use and can be displayed anywhere, anytime. 

The Benefits of Digital Signage
Digital signage is like having your personal television channel, broadcasting only the content which suits your customers. You can use it to increase brand awareness and promote products, with the advantage of being able to change this information whenever you need –for example seasonally, or as trends change.

It also helps you to create a more personal experience with your customers and can be an essential part of your overall advertising campaign. Digital signage is often integrated with social media platforms, smartphone apps, and interactive, ongoing campaigns to help customers to connect more personally with your brand— a technique which has been proven to boost sales.

It is possible to create targeted messages to sell a particular style or product, and interactive features such as touch screens allow customers to take control. As an example, clothing retail stores may use this feature to enable customers to create different outfit combinations and looks right there in the store, without having to try on hundreds of outfits.

Which Software Is Best?
As with any product, brands claiming to have the best digital signage software saturate the market. Only a select few can put their money where their mouth is, though, and offer a top-quality service which is easy to use. Benefits include:

No upfront investment: There is an option to purchase most cloud services on a monthly or annual basis with volume discounts available as you hit targets.

No maintenance or installation: You can get on with focusing on your business, with nothing to monitor, update, install or maintain.

Great for small businesses: The hard work is taken care of. You don't need a dedicated web or technical team to install and maintain an onsite CMS server.

Take your advertising to the next level by investing in digital signage. You have nothing to lose.
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Most pet owners want to involve their pet in everyday their lives—and most dogs want to be involved too. It prevents boredom and keeps them happy. The higher the intelligence of the pet, and the younger the age, the more they will want to be with you. Certain breeds also require more attention than others.

A dog’s mission in life is to shower their masters with adoration and attention. This is one of the reasons why the human-dog bond has existed for millennia – well, that and the fact that they are so darn cute. Not everyone is a dog lover though. This may be because a childhood trauma was experienced, or that they just grew up in a household in the city where dog ownership was an unattainable dream.

Then there is the problem of city ordinances on hygiene and safety. Many a reluctant store manager has had to shoo away a customer who hasn’t yet gotten around to obtaining a Comfort Dog license and has a beloved dog in their arms.

This may leave you asking yourself, “how do I get a dog stroller for my large dog?” After all, large breeds are the most likely to have dog-phobic people running for cover in public places, and the most likely to knock things over in a store.
Dog Strollers for Large Dog Breeds

There are many reasons why pet lovers are drawn to large dog ownership. They are the last word in home or business security, and they are loyal and affectionate companions. This is why they also love to be involved in their owner’s daily business. It keeps them active and mentally stimulated, plus, it also fulfills that need in them to protect you at all times.

This is why a brilliant dog lover invented a type of dog stroller for large dogs. It is now possible to take your big doggy everywhere with you without breaking city ordinances or scaring anyone—even those with dog phobias. They are available in many different models. It is up to you to choose which one is best suited to your needs.

Some of the features that you might like when looking for the best dog stroller for your dog include durability, wash-ability, and easy assembly. There is a dog stroller model out there for you and your large dog that will completely suit your needs.

If you have ever looked at a baby stroller and thought that it would be an ideal way to carry your large dog into a store, then you were right. They look like specially developed and adapted baby strollers—and you can buy one today for your dog so that you never need to leave them alone at home again. Anyone who has ever felt the pang of their heartstrings when their large dog has stared longingly at them as they drive away will adore owning a dog stroller.
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Met Yousif at Lahore Railway Station last night.
we hardly talked for 10 minutes and these 10 minutes were enough to get motivation of Life time.

Yousif worked at Railway station for 20 years and left the job as he successfully raised his children. He had a son who completed his Engineering Degree from NUST. His son was also selected as lecturer at NUST at the same department. and in 2008 his son died in a car accident in Lahore. His world was vanished in the matter of few moments. His long awaiting good life ended and he came to Railway station and started same job again.. This time he is investing his hard work in his 2 daughters and both of them are getting educated.

Yousif with shivering hands and right shoulder paralyzed, work day and night to make it possible for her daughters.

The magnificent human potential is beyond the comprehension of human himself.

Respect for this Gem. #humanstories
Source: Facebook
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Wife: Don’t put so many clothes for wash today
Husband: Why ?
She said: Maid has said she won’t come
for two days
Husband: Why ?
Wife: She said she is going to meet her
granddaughter during festival
Husband: OK, Will not put too many clothes
Wife: And , Shall I give her Rs. 500 for Festival ? Festival bonus ?
Husband: Why ? another festival is approaching , we
will give her at that time..
Wife: Oh no dear . She is poor. Going to
meet her daughter and granddaughter , so
she will also feel nice. Moreover, everything
has become so expensive these days. How
will she able to celebrate festival ?
Husband: You ! I don’t know why you
become emotional so easily
Wife: Oh dear, don’t worry .I am going to
cancel today’s program of ordering Pizza.
Why unnecessarily blow away Rs. 500 on
eight pieces of stale bread.
Wow. Great .Snatching Pizza
from us and giving to the maid !

Maid returned after three days and got busy
in mopping and dusting. Husband asked her
Husband: So, how was the vacation ?
Maid: very nice sahib.. Didi had given Rs
500 .. festival bonus.
Husband: So you went and met your
daughter ? and also met your
granddaughter ?
Maid: yes sahib. Enjoyed a lot and spent Rs
500 in two days time.
Husband: Really ? Ok so what did you do
with Rs. 500?
Maid: Rs. 150 for dress for granddaughter,
Rs 40 for a doll, bought sweets worth Rs 50
for daughter, Rs 50 as charity, Rs 60 

towards bus fare…. Rs 25 for
bangles for daughter, bought a nice belt
worth Rs 50 for son-in-law, balance Rs 75
gave to daughter to buy copy and pencil for
granddaughter. Maid gave a full account of
the expenses incurred
Husband: so much in Rs 500?

With surprise, he started thinking the eight
pieces of Pizza appeared in front of his
eyes and each one of them acted as a
hammer started pricking his consciousness.
For the price of one Pizza , he started
comparing the expenses his maid had
incurred during her visit to her daughter.
The eight pieces of Pizza floated in front of
his eyes. Each one of them started hitting
his conscience.

He started comparing the expense incurred
in buying one pizza for himself with the
expenses incurred by his maid in the festival
she celebrated. 

First piece .. dress for the
child, second piece… towards sweets..
Third piece… towards offering to charity. Fourth piece….towards bus fare.
Fifth piece.. towards doll. Sixth piece
towards bangles, seventh piece ,, towards
belt for the son-in-law. Eight piece towards
copy and pencil.

So far he had observed pizza only from one
angle. He turned it upside down and
observe how it looks like from the other
side. .. but today his maid showed him the
other side of the pizza….

The eight pieces of pizza showed him the
real meaning of an instant the
meaning of “Spending for life” or “ Life for
Self Improvement, Wisdom, Professionalism, Inspirational Stories, Positivity, Leadership, Management, Stress, Optimism and Peace, Productivity.
Image posted with permission
Self Improvement, Wisdom, Professionalism, Inspirational Stories, Positivity, Leadership, Management, Stress, Optimism and Peace, Productivity.
If you are the proud owner of a Terrier then there are reasons to believe that you are having a dog that is charismatic, feisty, and energy that is mischievous and naughty. They are also considered to be extremely playful pets and one of the most enthusiastic companions. The word Terrier in Latin language means earth. These dogs were originally kept as pets to hunt down vermin and also were used in blood sports (which has become outlawed now). Today’s terriers have evolved though even now they continue with their habit of digging and also for their persistence and courage and tenacity. There are many different types of Terriers. In this article we will try and have a look at some popular terrier breeds. It will not be possible to talk about each and every breed and hence we will restrict to a few popular breeds. We sincerely believe that the information provided will be useful in more ways than one and help readers to make the right choice whenever there is a need to rear these lovely dogs as pets.

Airedale Terrier
This is often referred to as a very friendly, smart and confident dog. They are also known for their gentle manners and demeanors. They are very good pets in homes and though it may take some for them to adjust to kids and other pets, once they are able to do it, they will be great companions for them. However, if they are threatened or bullied they know well to protect them and the mischief mongers will not certainly try it a second time around.

Australian Terrier
These dogs are smaller in size when compared to many other terrier breeds. However, it would be wrong to assume that they are small in their guts and aggression. They are extremely strong as far their spirits are concerned. They are considered to be one of the most energetic breeds of dogs and are famous for their courage and affection.

Bedlington Terrier
If you want a terrier dog that is strong and can run long distances then you have reasons to keep Belington Terrier. It is a lithe and extremely fit dog and is also very soft and dignified in its behavior. It has one of the most beautiful coats and in manners too it is often considered one of the best dogs to have across all breeds and types. Hence it is a good candidate for one of the
most popular terrier breeds.

Border Terrier
This is not like many other terrier breeds. When we talk about this breed of dog, we are referring to a dog that has been trained to run in a pack. Hence it naturally becomes a friendly dog with other packs of dogs too. However, the border terrier has a hatred for rodents and therefore it should be kept away from it as much as possible.

Irish Terrier
This is often referred to a daredevil terrier dog. It is extremely curious, adventurous and bold and is always ready to play, chase and be on the move and explore as much as possible. Hence you should also be active, healthy and ready to move around with you without which it can become sick mentally and physically.

Rat Terriers
This dog got its name as Rat Terriers from President Roosevelt because this breed was seemingly to solve the rodent problem in White House. These breed are known as escape artists and they are known for their mischievous tricks and therefore you should always keep them active with play and exercising.

Hence these are the above few examples of a few breeds of terrier dogs and there are quite a few of them which are equally popular.