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10 Phrases You Shouldn't Say to Your Child

Raising a child puts parents in complex situations and presents them with many challenges. Nowadays there is a greater awareness of the importance of interpersonal communication within the family unit. It often feels many of the old barriers between parents and their offspring have been torn down, especially when compared to the previous generation.

The tone parents use with their kids, as well as what they say requires ongoing sensitivity and awareness. There are times when you think that what you tell your child is exactly what they need to hear, but end up causing damage rather than encouraging them. The following are the ten most commonly used sentences parents say to their kids but shouldn’t.

1. “Hurry up!”

Your son finally learned to tie his shoelaces on his own, but it takes a very long time, your daughter is playing with her breakfast instead of eating it, and both of them are going to be late for school. Being a good parent, you want to make sure they’re not late for school, so you blurt out a “hurry up!”. Instead of getting them to speed up, you’re actually causing them stress. Soften your tone and say “let’s hurry” instead. This tells your child that you’re on the same team rather than making them feel you’re blaming them. An even better option would be to turn it into a game (“Let’s see who finishes their breakfast fastest!”).

2. “You’re okay.”

When your child is in distress and crying, your parental instinct will tell you to reassure them by telling them that it’s okay. The only problem is, that when you tell them they’re okay, the message they get is that you are ignoring their distress. The reason your kid is crying is because they are not ok. What you should do instead is give them a hug and acknowledge their situation (“That was a scary moment”), and then ask them if they want a kiss or a Band-Aid to make it better.

3. “Practice makes perfect.”

The core of the saying is true – the more time you devote to learning a skill, the better you will become at it. However, the message your child is hearing is “what you’re doing is not perfect”. It puts pressure on your child to excel out of fear of disappointing you. Children beat themselves up feeling they keep practicing, yet they’re still not good enough. The way to encourage your child to improve is by showing them how great improving feels, giving them a sense of pride in their own advancement.

4. “I’m on a diet.”

It’s great to stay healthy, but your kid doesn’t need to hear about it. Whether you’re checking your weight every day, calling yourself “fat” or repeating the “I’m on a diet” mantra – your child hears it, and it may lead to them developing an unhealthy body image. You can lead by example and say “I’m eating healthy because I how it feels” or “It’s a lovely day, I think I’ll go for a run.” Using this type of phrasing will encourage your child to join you in a positive way.

5. “Great job.”

You may think that using such generic affirmation phrases helps build your child’s confidence, but research has shown that it actually makes them dependent on your affirmation instead of their own motivation. Congratulate your kid when they earned it and be more specific (“You were really good at sharing today” or “Nice pass, I how you looked for your teammates”).

6. “Let me help.”

How many times have you seen your kid struggling with a task or a game and rushed to their aid? Even though the intention is good, doing it too soon can undermine your child’s independence and cause them to always look at others for answers. Your best way to help them is to ask guiding questions such as “Do you think that piece should go there? Why do you think that? Okay, let’s try it.”

7. “We can’t afford that.”

Every parent had to endure their child begging for something at the store, and often the easiest way out is to state money trouble. The only problem is that your child interprets that as you not being responsible, or that the family unit is in financial danger, which leads to stress. It will also cause anger if you then buy something expensive for the house, making them feel their needs are unimportant to you. You can tell them that you won’t buy them the toy or candy that they want because you’re “saving money for more important things”. If your child persists in the matter, it can be a great doorway into a conversation about finance and saving.

8. “No dessert until you finish your meal.”

This phrase teaches the kid the value of the dessert rather than the meal. It makes the child want the dessert more and feel the meal is nothing but an obstruction. The correct phrasing is similar but subtly different: “First we eat our meal, then we eat the dessert”. It may sound the same, but it doesn’t make the meal feel punishment, but rather a natural step.

9. “Don’t talk to strangers.”

While this is sound advice, it’s difficult for a young child to understand. Children associate “stranger” with a scary or unpleasant person, and might be encouraged to talk to someone who is nice to them. You may also drive your kid away from policemen and other civil servants they don’t know who may be able to help them. Add to that the fact that many child abductions occur by someone the child has previously known, and you have a rule of thumb that isn’t effective. The correct way to protect them, is to ask them “What do you do if a person you don’t know offers you candy and a ride home?” and let them explain to you the proper course of action and correct them if needed. It is also recommended to repeat this safety mantra: “If anyone makes you feel scared, confused, or sad, you need to tell me straight away.”

10. “Be careful.”

Using this phrase when you see your child doing something potentially dangerous can distract them and actively cause an accident. The correct course of action is to move quietly and calmly closer to them while keeping an eye on what they’re doing.
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The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. Everything that we eat must be processed by the liver before its nutrients can be distributed throughout the body. The liver has a wide range of functions and it plays a vital role in a number of physiological processes, including blood detoxification and metabolic function. As a result, our body’s health is directly related to the health of our liver.

Although the liver is capable of replacing damaged cells, if too many cells are lost, the liver may not be able to function correctly. There are several bad habits that are part of our everyday life which may increase the risk of liver damage and pain. We may not even realize it, as the damage can be gradual with no obvious symptoms. However, over a period of time, these habits can cause severe damage to your liver, putting your life in jeopardy.

So, let us take a look at some of the common bad habits that can damage your liver.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is the most common cause of liver damage. Alcohol decreases the liver’s ability to remove toxins from the body. This is because the liver gets distracted from its other functions, and focuses mainly on converting the alcohol into a less toxic form, and this causes fatty liver disease and inflammation.

When the liver tries to break down alcohol, the resulting chemical reaction damages the liver cells, and after a long period of consuming alcohol, the damage will become permanent, causing cirrhosis (which leads to loss of liver function). Furthermore, the liver’s attempts to repair the damaged caused can lead to DNA mutations that initiate cancerous growths.

2. Overuse of Medications
As one of the liver’s roles is to break down substances that we consume, including medications, supplements, and herbs, consuming too much of a certain medication can gradually harm our liver. This damage can range from mild to complete liver failure.

One of the most well-known medications that can cause liver damage is acetaminophen, which is commonly available without prescription and can be found in many cold and flu remedies as well as prescription pain medications. This substance is safe in small doses, but you can damage your liver if you take too much of it over the course of several days.

Certain herbal remedies and natural supplements can also be harmful to the liver in excess amounts. For example, a well-known cause of liver toxicity is too much vitamin A. This is why it is vitally important to check the label of any medicine or supplement to see if there are any warnings about potential liver damage.

3. Smoking

Smoking is one habit you must give up if you ever want to be healthy. Cigarette smoke affects the liver indirectly. The toxic chemicals that are found in the smoke eventually reach the liver and cause oxidative stress that produces free radicals that damage the cells.

This oxidative stress can also cause fibrosis, a process in which the liver develops excess tissue, similar to that of scar tissue, during its attempt to repair itself, and, over time, this can greatly affect the liver’s ability to work properly.

4. Sleep Deprivation

A study that was published in the Journal of anatomy found that sleep deprivation can cause oxidative stress to the liver. Another study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine reveals why shift work and people who suffer from sleep deprivation suffer from a range of health problems. Including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

This study found that the livers of the subjects weren’t processing fat efficiently, allowing fat to accumulate. Furthermore, when we sleep, our body goes into a repair process. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get a good 8 hours of sleep per night, as a lack of sleep will ruin your elimination process and damage your liver.

5. Obesity and Poor Nutrition

Obesity has been linked to poor eating habits and this can harm your liver over a period of time. The reason for this is because too much of the wrong food causes excess fat to build-up in the liver, known as NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease).

The liver normally helps to process and regulate the amount of sugar and fat in our blood, but in obese people, the liver becomes overwhelmed and starts storing excess fats in its own liver cells, either because there is no other place to put them, or the liver has failed to break them down. Over time, if too much fat accumulates in the liver, the liver can become inflamed and the liver cells can be damaged.Food to Eat or Avoid

• Consuming a large amount of processed foods, which are often full of preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners, and flavorings exposes the liver to damage because they are hard to break down and are full of chemicals.
• Processed foods are also full of salt, which not only increases blood pressure, but can also cause fatty liver disease by building up fluid in the liver and causing swelling.
• Not eating enough leafy greens, fruits, and other vegetables (which are a great source of antioxidants), will not give the body enough vitamin C and E, zinc, beta-carotene, and selenium, all of which help to keep the liver healthy.
• Vitamin B12, mainly found in meat, is used by the liver to help with the flow of bile, so it’s important not to have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Other B vitamins also help in the liver’s detoxification process, and they can be found in dried fruits, nuts, egg yolks, fish, brown rice, and legumes.

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Learn 3 simple and natural ways to STOP negative thoughts and reduce stress, worry, tension and stomach acid buildup. You'll stop the negative thought AND step into a more powerful and pleasant place as a result.

1. Listen to all of your thoughts for a day. Don't try to change anything, just observe when a negative thought comes into your mind.

2. Select one really persistent thought to work on, eg. worry about paying bills. Ignore the other thoughts for awhile.

3. Each time that thought comes into your mind, say to yourself, "STOP!" You may have to do this 5, 10 or 20 times before the thought goes away.

4. Notice what's happening when you 'push your STOP button.' Does the thought stop or persist? Does it diminish or seem smaller?

5. If thinking STOP doesn't work at first, try saying STOP out loud. That's right, shout it out. Notice what's happening when you
say STOP out loud.

6. If saying STOP out loud doesn't work at first, use hand signals for STOP. You know what that looks like. You command it to STOP like a traffic cop does, as if to say: "I said STOP, you numbskull!!!" And mean it just like a stern cop.

7. Notice what you are thinking now, too. Are you laughing? Are you embarrassed at talking to yourself out loud and playing traffic cop? Yes? No? Whatever your reaction, try to concentrate on what you're thinking as you do these exercises.

8. While you are doing these exercises, notice which one works best. Does one method work better for different types of thoughts? Does the traffic cop work best for worrisome thoughts? Does thinking STOP, work best for what you call petty thoughts?

9. Now, use all three methods and find the one that works best for you in any and all situations.
Use these methods for 5 thought-interruptions and you will own a new skill.

10. Your mind can pay attention to one thing at a time only. If you want to stop any disturbing thought, especially one where you feel helpless, switch to another thought, sing a song aloud or make up anything to otherwise occupy your mind. Laugh at the negative thought and enjoy your win
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I want to tell you a story. How I got to my first job in Australia. 

My Boss interviewed me in Malaysia. He was super happy with my communication skills, handling customers, My coding skills and training skills. He said I want to hire you. How much do you want? 

I told him. "You give me $2 salary, I am happy as long as you agree to move me to Sydney office. He said. Done. You are hired. Your salary will be $25k annual. I said, Done. I am your employee now. I don't care what you pay me. 

He said, done. In 2 weeks, book your flight and come to Australia. I said done. In 2 weeks, I'll fly to Sydney and start my job. It was not a big multinational, they had no experience hiring foreign employees before. They all had Singaporean/Malaysian passports so for them going to Australia was just taking a ticket only. They had no clue what they were dealing with that time. (A Pakistani National) 

I wish you could understand what my brain was going through with the masterminding and planning what am I going to do. How am I going to fly to Australia. How can I even explain to him the valuation of Pakistani passport and getting an Australian visa is mission impossible either it is visit or work visa. How do I explain to him I just came sleeping a night in a mosque and eating white rice in water with barely RM20 in my pocket. I can't dare to tell him that I am going to be a very big elephant for you to carry. I must be Singaporean resident to be just able to apply for a visit visa. 

Every wire of my brain was like a super mesh calculating every move, ever word coming out of my mouth was carefully planned within micro seconds and every word coming out of his mouth would trigger me to find keys in his statement. And I painted a picture of my future and I told him politely and humbly if you could give me few weeks so I see my parents in Pakistan I fly direct to Australia from there which he granted. Another request due to Pakistan/Australia bad relationships if you don't mind letting me come to Singapore first and then I can fly to Australia in 2 months time. He granted. I did all Singapore work permit paperwork myself without even burdening him, without demanding anything, without showing any attitude to him. Finally I applied for Australian visa being a Singaporean resident with work permit. He kept granting all my requests while I worked 18 hours a day accumulating awards over awards from my company. 

Of course my Australian visa was rejected immediately due to my young age, they couldn't believe why a kid of 22 year old would come to Australia to do training for Microsoft employees on Network security and Exchange systems. Now only my boss realized, "Pakistani passport does matter while doing hiring decisions". However he told me You are my wonderful asset and one of the best ever commando in my team. I will do anything in this world for you. Don't worry. That was the grand moment of my life. Things happened exactly how I painted. We appealed and proved the Australian Government that this is not an ordinary Microsoft consultant but Trainer of the Trainers and will train Microsoft employees how to hack networks and how to secure them and he hold 27 top certifications. Australian Immigration had no choice but to grant me my first visit visa and I landed Australia in year 2001 training batch of 70 white Australians at the age of 22-23 before returning back and later obtaining my Australian Work permit. Australia is the country for which I was refused student visa among so many others I applied due to no financials of course. And I landed on work permit to train there in year 2001. 

Why do I have to tell this story today? Because I feel sad with responses and attitude of some members when I hear about them from EC Admin team. I wish you could understand the value of being humble, Politeness and yet ability to jump in regardless if you make money or not make money. You need to be in the ring to win. Ability to do anything to get a chance to participate in an opportunity. No matter how big or small you are, one must remain humble and away from egoism. When my EC team tell me people calling them and telling them their terms. They show ego. They show attitude. They want things their way. I wish they could learn what they will loose with this attitude and what they could gain by being humble. I wish you not only learn Amazon or about selling online but about life, about ethics, about principles, about being humble, building an ability to paint the future, ability to plan the future. I wish you could learn something from my story. Story of an unprivileged Pakistani who was raised in slums below the line of poverty and took out not only myself but my family, my clan and my friends out of poverty. I wish you could learn something from me. It’s not about Amazon but the ability to say "Yes". Ability to say "Yes". Ability to say "Yes". There is no word called NO in your life. 

All I wish if you could learn this basic thing from me. Learn to become humble. No one is number 1. It's only the blessing of Allah if you gain respect otherwise no one is number 1. There is always someone better than you. 

Thanks ​​

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Engagement rings are something that we always retain with us. It is a memory from time when a person gets engaged. Each and every one of us wears them regularly as it is a symbol of eternal love, and also that the person is committed to someone with their heart. Hence, engagement rings should be the one that looks good and a person loves to wear it every day. In order to buy something like that you should opt for chocolate diamond engagement ring. They are very alluring and people tend to notice them more, because they are not the one that is sold in every shop. Most of the people don’t know about chocolate diamonds so they haven’t seen them or bought them.

Memories are made

Memory is something that one make and in order to make it special and memorable we do a lot of things. Same as if you want to make your engagement memorable and most loving then you must surprise your partner with chocolate diamond wedding couple rings. It would be really great if Bride and Groom wear same engagement rings. They will always remember each other whenever they will see their rings. Even if they are miles away from one other they will always find themselves closes. All of their memories will be with them as long as they have their rings. Love will be remembered and great memories will be made. In order to have good memories a good start will be a great option for couples. So make sure they you present you bride with beautiful set of chocolate diamond weeding ring.

Why chocolate diamond engagement rings are popular?

Chocolate diamonds are basically found in mines of America and its colour makes it popular. It was earlier used for industrial purposes only, but once they have been launched into the markets they received so much love by people and became popular. They look very special, and catch lots of eyes. You will see many people wearing different coloured of diamonds such as red, blue, green, yellow etc because you are aware of these colours diamond. But when you see someone is wearing Brown Diamond, there will be lots of question in your mind. That arises because you haven’t seen them. They look absolutely alluring and attractive; either pared with yellow golds, white golds or rose golds. They fit with any kinds of metal and shine bright, and look good with any outfit too.

How virtuous they glimpse on you?

When it comes on deciding about chocolate diamond engagement rings, that whether they will look good on you or not then you should be worriless as this diamond is made for all. Yes, either you are warmundertone, cool undertone or neutral undertone, brown diamond will look absolutely stunning on you as they can be paired with any kind of metal. So, if you are warm tone then yellow gold, rose gold will look good on you. If you are cool undertone than white gold, platinum and silver will look good on you. As for neutral undertones they all will look good on you. You can find you’re under tone by looking at your nerves on wrist if its blue then you are cool under tone if its green then you are warm undertone and if you can’t see them properly and they shows both the colours then you are neutral undertone. Best thing is that chocolate brown diamonds look good with every metals so you don’t have to worry that it will suit you or not.

Are chocolate diamond rings prevalent?

Are chocolate diamond rings prevalent you ask? Answer will be yes! They are very popular not only as couple engagement rings but also for general use. People love this diamond because of its neutral chocolate colour. It is such a prodigious colour that looks good on everyone and with every outfit. So, it there is such kind of diamond why people will buy other colours. You always want something for you that look good in any situations and occasions or dresses. Chocolate diamonds are the one which blends with everything and look absolutely stunning and alluring. Compliments are definite if you are wearing chocolate diamonds rings, necklace, earring or bracelets, they are the best choice.
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Hands up, drop that cola can right there! Trust us, you'll be doing yourself a huge favour. Your favourite cola drinks may taste delicious as ever and seem like a match made in heaven during the hot summer months, but it's a far cry from that. While most of you may be aware of the extra calories that cola drinks make you pile on, they are also known to create a havoc in your bodily functions. Still confused? Don't be, because our 7 point list will give you all the clarity you need to dump that soft drink right away.

1. They increase the risk of diabetes
All the escalated levels of sugar in your cola drink make your insulin levels shoot up creating havoc in your body. According to a study conducted in the early millennium, the consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks leads up to 130,000 new cases of diabetes every year.

2. They can increase the risk of developing cancer
Drinking just two soft drinks a week can increase the amount of insulin produced in your body and double the risk of pancreatic cancer. Women with high consumption of soft drinks are at the risk of developing breast cancer as the colouring agents used in colas are carcinogenic.

3. They make you more aggressive
According to a study conducted by the University of Vermont, increased consumption of fizzy or aerated drinks in teenagers can make them aggressive and violent.

4. They decay our teeth and gums
A regular can of cola contains at least 8 teaspoons of sugar increasing the chances of teeth and gum diseases. That's not all, excess consumption of soft drinks can also lead to discolouration of your teeth.

5. They cause obesity
An obvious one, the biggest threat that soft drinks pose is increasing obesity among teenagers. The excess sugar in the drink dramatically alters your waistline and adds extra kilos thanks to the empty calories.

6. They increase the risk of heart diseases
All the sugar present in soft drinks cause fat formation in your body. Excess of sugar can build up bad fats around your heart putting your cardiovascular health at risk.

7. They make you age faster
It's not us, but the researchers in U.S who claim so! Apparently drinking an excess of aerated drinks with high levels of sugar cause certain DNA changes in your body that make you age faster.
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By Tag and Catherine Goulet,

The last time you applied for a job and didn't get an interview, was your résumé tossed on the "no" pile after someone skimmed it for only a few seconds, or did the employer read it carefully and you just missed making the cut?

Seventy recruiters met recently at the University of Calgary's Haskayne School of Business to discuss what can make or break a résumé. The recruiters represented a variety of industries including oil and gas, tourism, technology and financial services, and some of what they revealed may surprise you.

An employer may review 100 or more resumes in an hour, spending only 20-30 seconds on each one. "Recognize that most employers are using the résumé to screen you out rather than to select you in," says Derek Chapman, Ph.D., professor of industrial organization and psychology at the Haskayne School of Business.

Getting Attention
"If you don't catch my eye, you're out," one recruiter said. That doesn't mean you should use bright pink paper or multi-colored lettering, but several recruiters said they don't mind applicants including a photo. Creative photos (such as the shot an applicant included of herself in a snow suit with snowmen on either side and a caption saying "I'm the one in the middle") might help land the interview.

However, Chapman cautions against including a photo. "A photo can be used to screen you out on the basis of your sex, age, national or ethnic origin, etc. If someone hires you for your good looks, are you sure you want to work for that supervisor?"

Name Dropping
A better way to catch an employer's eye is to include names of well-known companies you have worked for. As one recruiter explained, if you previously worked for a reputable company, it enhances your application "because they have some standards." Employers are likely to assume you will be a good employee because you successfully passed that company's hiring process and were well-trained. If you haven't been employed by any large companies, consider doing an internship or volunteer work for a well-known organization.

Surprisingly, "name dropping" only works when mentioning companies.
The recruiters said they are turned off when an applicant writes in a cover letter that they were referred by someone such as a company executive. The employers said if someone really thinks you are a good applicant that person should deliver the résumé to the recruiter or phone on your behalf.

Résumé Mistakes
While employers want résumés that are error-free, making a mistake such as addressing your cover letter to the wrong company won't necessarily disqualify you from the job. Of course, it depends on the employer. For some recruiters, that kind of mistake is inexcusable.

However, many others will allow one or two mistakes -- even stapling the second page upside down -- as long as you have the right qualifications.

To minimize mistakes, proofread your résumé.
Your spell-checker doesn't know you meant to say "manager" instead of "manger".

Another surprise is that about one-third of the recruiters at the session said they do not read cover letters. To make sure your important information doesn't get overlooked, it should be in your résumé.

Making the "Yes" Pile
Here are some additional tips to help you make the "yes" pile:

·Have a conventional e-mail address. Your name is fine; or are not.

·Tailor your résumé to each job you apply for. Make sure it shows you have the skills the employer is seeking for that particular position.

·Use lots of white space and bullet points to help information stand out.

·Include interests that are relevant to the job. If you are applying for a job in agriculture, for example, show that you have rural roots.

·If you are submitting an electronic résumé use a standard format such as Word to ensure it can be opened.

·Don't disclose irrelevant personal information. ("I don't want to know you are 5'6," and weigh 195 pounds" one employer said.)

·State your accomplishments rather than just your responsibilities. "For example, simply stating: 'Managed a budget of $200,000 annually for training and development' is not nearly as powerful as 'Reduced training and development costs by 20 percent while maintaining the quality and quantity of training provided to employees'," Chapman says.

"Placing positive information at the very beginning and again at the very end of the résumé helps keep the employer's attention and capitalizes on the psychological principles of memory to work in your favor," Chapman says. "Remember, most employers are only skimming your résumé at first to make a preliminary decision. Make sure they can find your information easily."

Tag and Catherine Goulet, "The Breaking In Experts," are co-CEOs of, a leading publisher of career guides offering step-by-step advice for breaking into a variety of dream careers. Visit
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We have always believed that colorless and white diamonds are the best when compared to all others. These are considered to be more expensive when compared to other types of diamond. There could be many diamonds which could look colorless, but when you have a closer look at it, you will find that they have tones of brown and yellow. You should try and understand more about the gradation being followed by GIA or Gemological Institute of America. This grading institute starts from D (which is total colorless) to Z (heavily tinted). The grading difference is very subtle and it would not be possible for us to identify the same without using these grading systems with the above of materials and other such helps. If you look around the grades you will find that only those diamonds which are N and above would have colors which would be visible to the naked eye. Even those with K as the grading might look quite colorless and therefore you must do your research and then buy the right one.

They Come In All Shades

When we talk about naturally colored chocolate diamonds, you have to be aware that they come in all shades which we see in the rainbow. If you do your research and look at some of the colors you will come across many choices. It could range from blue, pink, yellow, brown, blue, green, orange and red. However, you must bear in mind that yellow is the most common and naturally occurring in the diamond market. The rarer ones are blue, red and green and pink. There are some reports that suggest that pink diamonds are almost extinct and from 2020 the only pink diamonds you may see with some big names or in museums. 

The Importance Of Cut

When we talk about cut, we are referring to the four important Cs as far as diamond buying is concerned. The four are cut, clarity, carat and color. When we talk about cut we are referring to finish, symmetry and polishing of the diamonds. The cuts determine the brilliance and intensity of a diamond. A diamond that is well cut should have the right proportion, polish and symmetry. Hence, these types of diamonds are quite expensive. Well cut diamonds are always sold at a premium when compared to uncut diamonds which are sold at big discounts. The depth and width of the cut could also impact the way in which light travels in the diamond and how it looks in terms of brilliance.

The Importance Of Color

CLARITY Diamond Clarity : The clarity of a diamond is gauged using the differentiators below. With clarity, the types of diamond are gauged depending on the quantity and visibility of flaws.

IF (Internally Flawless) - The external flaws can be removed by further polishing.

VVS1 - VVS2 (Very Very Slightly Included) - Only an expert can detect flaws with a 10X microscope. By definition, if an expert can see a flaw from the top of the diamond, it is a VVS2. If the expert can only detect flaws while viewing the bottom of the stone, then it is a VVS1.

VVS1 clarity diamonds do not have any internal black marks. Then they also fall in the "No Dosham" or "No Black" category.

VS1 - VS2 (Very Slightly Included) - Flaws are visible with a 10X microscope, but it is not obvious (takes more than 10 seconds to identify the flaws).

SI1 - SI2 (Slightly Included) - Flaws are readily visible with a 10X microscope.

I1 - I3 (Included) - Flaws are eminently visible and can be found with the naked eye.
Size is the most visible factor that determines the value of all diamond types. The price of the diamond rises exponentially depending on its size.

By definition, 1 carat is 200 milligram. Since most diamonds sold in the market weigh less than 1 carat, the carat is usually subdivided into "points". There are 100 points in a single carat. So, a diamond weighing 3/4 carat would be a "75 point diamond".

1 carat = 200 milligrams = 100 points.

Carat weight is not a factor that denotes diamond quality. While some of the other quality metrics have more bearing in the quality of specific types of diamonds, carat merely denotes the size of a diamond, by its weight. Diamonds of 0.50 - 0.75 carat are very popular for their size and value. Large diamonds are rarer to find in mines than small ones and thus large diamond types are much more valuable.

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There is no denying the fact that colorless, white or cream colored diamonds are the most preferred even today. They stand for purity, quality and durability. However, over the past many decades there has been a steady growth of colored diamonds and they are often referred to as fancies. They come in different saturations and hues. You can find them in almost all major colors including black, brown (chocolate diamonds), red, pink, purple, green, red, yellow and even other mixed colors and hues. They are highly prized and are now being used in weddings as wedding rings. This may not have been the case a few decades ago. However, as fashion moves forward and as people are willing to try out new things, there is no doubt that there is a growing demand for colored diamonds. There is also another diamond by the name chameleon. As the name itself suggests, this diamond changes colors and it therefore is very rare and very much in demand amongst those sections of society who are ready to pay for it.

Things To Bear In Mind

However, we need to understand that since colorless or white diamonds are the most popular in the world the colored variants are often passed off as quality diamonds at lower prices. You must be careful about it because in most cases they are dyed artificially through a process called irradiation. Though such diamonds might look attractive the first time around, in most cases they are cheap imitations of the colored original variants. Buying them would certainly be a mistake and very soon you will realize that you have ended up buying the wrong chocolate diamonds if that is the favorite color you are looking for. You have to understand that original colored diamonds are quite rare and for every 10000 carats of diamond mined in the world today only 1 carat belong to the original colored variants.

How Do They Get Their Colors

Before buying these colored diamonds, you also must know as to how these original colored diamonds get their hues and shades from. The hues and shades which they come with are determined by the atoms which are built inside them over thousands of years. Further the rate at which the light is able to penetrate through and the angle at which it gets reflected would also determine the color of these diamonds. Further, the way in which these diamonds are cut, polished and evened out also have a bearing in the depth or lightness of the shade. Last but not the least you also must be aware of the institution Gemological Institute of America. It is considered to be the most reliable and trustworthy place for gradation of diamonds. They have a system of grading their diamonds from D to Z. D is considered to be the purest form of diamonds and only very rare white colored or colorless diamonds are put under this category. As far as colored diamonds are concerned, the grading starts from Z and goes up to Z+ and more. The higher the category in Z the lower is the quality of the hue and color of these colored diamonds.

Follow The Basics

When it comes to choosing colored diamonds, it would be better to stick to the basics. When we talk about basic, we are referring to the Four C’s and they are color, clarity, cut and carat. Hence, you must ensure that you are paying attention to this when you are buying diamonds either from online stores or brick and mortar stores. As a beginner without much of an experience it would always be better to look for colored diamonds from brick and mortar stores. This is of course because of the look and feel advantage which you will not get from online stores.

The Final Word

In fine you have to bear in mind that colors in diamonds can be induced through a number of processes. You would do better to be aware of irradiation and other artificial processes of coloring diamonds. These are often referred to as enhancing processes and you would be better advised to stay away from such artificially colored diamonds if you are looking for purity.