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Boost Your Efficiency: Accelerate Your Work Process With The FI-7900

  Boost Your Efficiency: Accelerate Your Work Process With The FI-7900 No two organizations have the exact same document imaging requireme...


Boost Your Efficiency: Accelerate Your Work Process With The FI-7900

No two organizations have the exact same document imaging requirements. Whether your office is already mostly paperless or you have large amounts of data to convert, a powerful high-volume scanner is an indispensable asset. The Ricoh fi-7900 offers the features and versatility to meet your needs. With fast scanning, a large automatic document feeder, and other core functions, the fi-7900 is more than capable of handling an extensive range of scanning tasks.

140 Pages Per Minute

The fi-7900 is a fast and efficient scanner that makes quick work out of everyday document imaging. It offers both single-sided and duplex scanning with speeds of up to 140 pages per minute. It also boasts a maximum duty cycle of 120,00 sheets per day, handling large-volume scanning with ease.

Besides effortlessly handling fast scanning and high-volume document imaging, the fi-7900 also supports an extensive range of paper sizes. With both manual and automatic feed modes, it scans items as small as 2.0 x 3.0 inches and as large as 12 x 17 inches. Supporting long page scans of up to 220 inches, the fi-7900 can image these documents without the need to break them up into smaller segments.

Automatic Document Feeder

Besides its impressive speed and range of document sizes, the fi-7900 also boasts a large-capacity automatic document feeder — 500 sheets, to be exact. This impressive capability allows you to load several documents at once. There's no need to babysit the scanner: Simply load, select your settings, start the scan, and you're done.

Of course, a huge ADF isn't the only time-saving feature that this large document scanner offers. Paper-handling functions streamline scanning. Automatic deskewing and blank page detection ensure that it accurately and efficiently captures text and images on every page. With overlap and length detection, it also prevents jams and misfeeds. Should it sense a potential misfeed, the scanner stops the job in progress so the user can fix the problem. The fi-7900's mixed-document scanning feature is also a time-saver. It scans multiple page sizes within the same document without the need to break up it into smaller jobs.

More Document Imaging Options

The fi-7900 is an excellent multitasker, effortlessly scanning everything from business cards to large-size drawings. However, you may need a second scanner to handle extremely large items, fragile documents, and bound printed materials. Enter the Ricoh fi-7700, a high-speed flatbed scanner with similar capabilities as the fi-7900. It boasts scanning speeds of up to 100 pages per minute plus a large and roomy 300-page ADF. It also supports the exact same paper sizes as the 7900

The fi-7700's flatbed scanner expands your document imaging functionality. It captures images as efficiently as the machine's internal imaging feature, letting you accurately and efficiently digitize important information while faithfully preserving your originals.

Choosing Your Scanning Solutions

With so many document imaging options available, Ricoh can support all of your scanning needs. From production scanners like the fi-7900 to smaller machines like the ScanSnap iX1600, you can choose models that are the best fit for your business environment.