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Different Types of Bar Chart

  Are There Different Types of Bar Chart? With the advent of data-focused decision-making in businesses and organizations, effective method...

Palace of Silence - Power Of Silence

One who lives in a palace of silence and peace has the power to send positive vibrations outside, yet prevent the negative vibrations from...

8 Points for Buying a Sofa

Routine shopping for groceries and home basic utensils does not require a lot of care since most of the products you purchase get consumed ...

Moving as a Single Parent

  Moving as a Single Parent: Strategies for Success Moving as a single parent presents unique challenges that demand careful planning and st...

4 Catering Tricks

  The demand for catering has grown exponentially. It has grown by 20% over the past decade. The demand netted $22 billion in 2019, thus ind...

Story: When the Boss Is Wrong

It was peak winters and the ponds were frozen when Akbar asked Birbal if a man would be inside the frozen pond throughout the night, with...

Story: Mr Singhania's Wealth

A small WhatsApp video made me think and write this article. It is about Mr and Mrs. Singhania (ex Raymond Chairman).  It is said th...

Health - Foot Massage Benefits

It's Amazing What a Reflexology Foot Massage Can Do! Many people, including myself, become slightly obsessive in their quest for good...

How To Ask Your Boss for a Raise

By Eileen Ambrose, The Baltimore Sun It has got to be one of the most awkward conversations in the workplace - asking the boss for a ra...