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Whether you are working with world class Taxi services such as Uber or Careem, working as a private home/office driver, have your own transportation business or doing a part time taxi job; maintaining below golden rules will help improve customer experience, increase sales, improve relationships, and enhance your personal and professional reputation. 

Driver Specific

  • Maintain neat outlook. Keep a hair brush and cream in the car.
  • Put on Clean clothes preferably uniform instead of casual dressing. Tuck in your shirt properly.
  • Put on proper shoes instead of casual washroom slipper etc. 
  • Keep the seat belt fasten, keep the mobile away and follow traffic rules religiously. 

Car Specific

  • Keep the car interior clean and dust free. Keep the car free from shopping bags, toffee covers, biscuits wrappers in the car.
  • There should be no visible denting painting work.
  • Keep the Petrol tank full in a way that you don’t have to stop at petrol pump while customer is with you.
  • Check Engine Oil, Cooling liquid, Tire pressure and Petrol level prior to leaving home.
  • Air conditioning system should effectively be functional.


Customer Specific

  • Maintain clear communication about where to go. If customer wants to go to an office, ask him if the office will be open by the time you reach?
  • Provide clarity on how much time will it take to reach the destination. Use navigation or be mindful about traffic in early morning or afternoons.
  • Route finalization before you start. Some passengers prefer specific routes. Respect that.
  • If time to reach at customer location was already agreed, reach 5-10 minutes prior to the committed time.
  • Turn on Radio according to customer preference, not your own choice.
  • If kids or old people traveling, offer water and be considerate about driving speed.
  • Don’t over speed, if even passenger asks you so. Maintain rule of law because safety is important than speed.
  • Don’t be over frank and don't ask personal question.
  • Ask for feedback at the end of trip
  • Preferably do not start any conversation unless passenger initiates.
  • Avoid sensitive and conflicting subjects about politics and religion.
  • If you plan to stop the car for prayer or any other reason, seek approval from passenger in advance
  • Offer Wifi tethering to your customers. The more they enjoy their time, the better is your chance of getting higher tip. However don’t do any good acts with the intention of tips. The purity of your work can easily be judged by the customer. Be genuine in your offerings.
  • Keep some change with you. Many customers offer large currency note when paying the bill.  



Regardless of your work type or industry, the products or services you are offering should be customer-centric. In the age of business competence, only the best will survive. Work on your outlook, polices, communication, billing and everything from customer perspective. 


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Who Is a Task Rabbit:

A Task Rabbit is a person who performs home related jobs in the community such as grocery pick up from store, packing and assembling, tire replacement, garden cleaning, mounting and installation, takings kids to nearest garden and many others.


What Skills Do I Need to Possess:

From "No skills" to "Fully Skilled" depending upon your service offering. For example if you are offering furniture movement, you don’t need any skills. However if you are offering plumbing assistance then you do need the required skill set. Generally speaking, you are not expected to be highly expert in your domain yet you must have clear understanding and experience of the work you are offering.


What Services Can I Offer to My Community:

ü Need on basis Driver
ü Gardener
ü Home Teaching for kids
ü Grocery Pick Up
ü Car Wash at home
ü Packing and Assembling
ü Car Battery Replacement
ü Petrol Pick Up
ü Light or deep Cleaning of home or at construction site
ü Home Repairing
ü General Activities
ü Heavy Lifting
ü Watchman
ü Adhoc services to restaurants
ü Adhoc services to garages
ü Adhoc services to event (Wedding, funeral, Sports activity etc.)
ü Plumbing Assistance
ü Lunch delivery to schools
ü Furniture shifting for white wash
ü Carpets Washing
ü Pet Sitting
ü Scout or Guide Job at Railway Station, Airport etc.
ü Adhoc helper at factory, large store
ü Becoming Delivery boy for grocery store
ü Medicine Purchasing
ü Flat Tire replacement

Where to Start From

ü Learn basic skills such as gardening, fitting, drilling, tire replacement etc. If you have a motor bike or a cycle, it will be added advantage.
ü Learn basic manners of communication.
ü Start a WhatsApp Group or Facebook Page whichever convenient for you.
ü Place some paper prints on the community notice boards or markets and let the world know that you are available for such tasks.
ü Become a known person in your community by visiting public areas (parks, mosques, markets) and introduce yourself to different people
ü Develop trust in your neighborhood.

How Much Earning

ü Earning is dependent on the type of area and community. Each community has different affordability limits. A mediocre or low-income area does not need tasks rabbits because people would rather prefer to do the tasks at their own instead of hiring someone, whereas modern areas, where people are rich and busy enjoying their life, may heavily dependent on task rabbits and service providers.
ü Initially you should expect minimum hourly wages for your services. Once you develop your clientage and gain experience, you can consider increasing your charges.

Give me Some Tips Please:

ü Make sure you clearly understand the requirements of the task before you commit to. Think about the damage you may cause due to your non-familiarity of the offered tasks. Say no if you are unsure. This way you will win the confidence of the community for being honest. 
ü Think whole community as your customers. Treat every person nicely using gentle words to get popular. Learn some tips from internet on how to speak to and manage your customers.
ü Send follow up message on WhatsApp / email and seek feedback for your work.


Pros and Cons:

ü Low income but better than staying unemployed.
ü keeps you busy while searching for a better job.

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A pregnant woman to her husband : what do you want,a boy or a girl?

Husband: If we have a boy I will teach him maths and sports and so on.

Wife: haha.. what if its a girl?

Husband: I don't have to teach her anything, because she will be the one who will teach me again. Like how to dress, how to eat, what to say, what not to say. In short  she will be​​ my second mom, and will consider me as her hero even if I do not do anything special, she will always understand me when I will refuse her for something. She will always compare her husband to be me. No matter how old she will be, she will always want that i should treat her like my baby. She will fight with the world for me and if someone will hurt me, she will never forgive that person.

Wife: So you mean to say your daughter will do all those thing but your son will not ?

Husband: No..No ! May be he will do the same but he will learn to do them. But daughters are born with it. Being the father of a daughter is the pride of any man.

Wife: But she will not be with us forever!

Husband: But we will be with her, in her heart forever. So it really doesn't make any difference where she goes.

Daughters are like Angels who are born with unconditional Love and Care..Forever!
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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process in which you earn a commission for promoting a product or service that belongs to another person or company.
In other words, you find a product or service that interests you, promote it to other people and earn a fraction of the profit whenever someone buys the product.
The cost of buying a service or product through an affiliate is similar to that of buying it directly from the owner of the product.
Product owners must pay affiliates a percentage of the sales as a commission, which means they probably make less money per sale.
However, product owners gain more because an affiliate helps them to reach more potential customers (and make more sales) than they’d have done on their own.
So, it’s a win-win.
Affiliate Marketing Model
As an affiliate, you can earn a commission on a one-off purchase or earn recurring income by promoting membership or subscription-based programs.
When it comes to the actual marketing, the affiliate equation has two main parties:
  • The product creator or owner
  • The seller or the affiliate marketer
However, successful affiliate marketing has about three parties:

First: Merchant

What is a Merchant?
The merchant is also referred to as the advertiser, seller, brand, vendor, retailer, or creator.
It’s the party that creates the product. It can be a single person or a big, Fortune 500 company. Anyone can be the vendor behind an affiliate marketing program.
Merchants don’t necessarily have to be actively involved. All they need is a product to sell.

Second: Affiliate

What is an Affiliate
Also known as the publisher, associate or partner, an affiliate can also be a single person or an entire company. Affiliates can generate a few hundreds of dollars per month or tens of millions in commission.
An affiliate plays the marketing role by promoting one or several affiliate products. The party attracts and convinces potential buyers of the product’s value so they can end up purchasing it.

Third: Consumer

Who Are Customers
This party makes the entire affiliate system to go round. Without sales in sight, there won’t be revenue to share or commissions to give out.
The affiliate will make efforts to market to customers using any suitable channel whether it’s a digital billboard, social network or content marketing on blogs.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

First off, you should find the product or company you’d like to promote.
Start by finding a service or product you know is relevant to your blog’s niche and one that your audience will find useful.
My quick 1-minute video will be of great help. Watch it below!
Next, you should partner with the merchant by signing up for their affiliate program. This will make you an affiliate.
After joining their affiliate program, you’ll be given a unique affiliate ID to be included in all the affiliate links you post on your site to promote the service or product.
You can promote the product in several ways including recommending it in articles, writing product reviews, sending email newsletters or displaying banner ads. Your merchant will use the unique affiliate ID to track all the traffic you direct to their website.
Affiliate Marketing Process
When a user buys a product, you earn a commission. The merchant issues your payment when the earnings reach a set threshold, and this can be anywhere between 45 and 60 days.
Google Trends shows an increased interest of 15% in the term ‘affiliate marketing’ between April 2018 and March 2019 (see the diagram below).
According to Awin, 81% of brands in the United States use this strategy, and if trends are anything to go by, this figure will increase. Everyone is responding to it!
Affiliate Marketing on Google Trends 

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Credit: The article was published in collaboration with author  Master Blogging
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As of 2018, over 2.1 million people were able to sell their products through Etsy. This figure has increased dramatically over the past few years (from just 830,000 sellers in 2012). Aside from this single platform, many more sellers have started to offer their artwork and design services on their own Shopify stores, through Fiverr, and through their own eCommerce websites. Since the number of creative businesses has skyrocketed both online and in local communities, it may seem impossible to become a successful entrepreneur in this industry. However, while some niches are more saturated than others, there are specific artistic skills that are always in demand. Learn more about three top ideas for building a successful and creative business venture.

Unique clothing and apparel design
Although there have been thousands of private label and dropshipping clothing sites launched over the last decade, unique clothing options are still in high demand. When you have the technology to create printed t-shirts, for example, you can make exciting designs that do not yet exist. From vintage video game images, to funny and original phrases, you can make t-shirts customized to your niche audience(s). Some artists have been so successful in creating amazing shirts and apparel items that larger companies have started using similar designs. One instance of this happening in recent years is with Disney World apparel. As the popularity of fan-created Disney World apparel began to rise, the company began to take note. Now, you can find apparel items throughout the Disney parks that mimic the phrases and designs of fan produced products.

Graphic design
An estimated 627,000 new businesses are started each year. Additionally, as reported by, between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books are published in the U.S. each year. How are these two figures related? They are just two examples where graphic designers are needed. From creating business logos, to designing book covers and interiors, these creative individuals are needed every day across industries. Because many graphic designers work on a freelance basis (as reported by Shutterstock), it is relatively easy to open your own business if you possess this type of talent.

Creatively repurposing used items
Although some people flip items without putting in any additional effort, artists are giving used items new life with their talents. From redesigning lamps, to refurbishing vintage toys, you can definitely make a successful business from flipping used items. Oftentimes, artists who go into this kind of business choose a niche area on which to focus. They will work on creatively flipping things such as furniture, decorative items, and clothing/jewelry. What is particularly exciting about this type of business is that you can sell items both online and in person.

Turning your artistic abilities into a profitable business is a doable goal. Despite the millions of others who are now selling their creative products and services, there is always room for those who are talented, driven, and ready to put their full effort behind starting a business.

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Weddings are special, milestone events, and parts of the planning process can be enjoyable. Brides and grooms get to make choices about the decoration colors, the dinner menu and the perfect venue. However, managing all the minute details can become stressful. Scenic venues like country clubs have long been known for weekend golf escapes, but you can now take advantage of them as full-service wedding venues that simplify the planning process. If an easy-to-plan wedding in a beautiful location like the Florida Panhandle sounds like a dream, check out these three reasons why a Pensacola country club wedding might be the right choice for your event.

One-Stop Shop

Venues such as country clubs frequently offer comprehensive, on-site services so that those getting married don’t need to coordinate multiple vendors. On-site catering, bartending and entertainment services take the stress out of planning and, for services that aren’t included, most country clubs have preferred vendor lists. These lists allow you to choose previously-vetted business owners such as florists or photographers without having to worry whether you’ll have a good experience. The manager of the club will likely have photos and reviews for the vendors they use, and can help you pick vendors that mesh with your idea of the perfect wedding.

Built-In Backup Plan

There’s not much that’s more stressful than planning a beautiful outdoor wedding, only to be rained or blown out. Country clubs often have both indoor banquet rooms and outdoor spaces to provide the perfect setting for your wedding, whether you’d like it to be inside or outside. By having both types of reception facilities, you can relax knowing there will be a suitable backup plan in case of inclement weather.

Beyond the Reception

A country club wedding can seamlessly provide services for much more than just the reception. Would you like to hold the ceremony on-site? Are you looking for golf activities for your bridal party or in-laws either the day before or after the wedding? Do you need to plan the perfect next-day brunch for those guests staying in town overnight or a rehearsal dinner for the night before the wedding? A country club is perfectly positioned to create a magical weekend with these additional services.
While planning a wedding can often become stressful, utilizing the services of a country club can help you relax and enjoy the process. It's low-risk, one-stop shopping for a multitude of services and activities in and around your big day.
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As "I am an emerging Entrepreneur" is in trend these days, hundreds of individuals are entering the market to live the startup experience. These include students, fresh graduates, working professionals, stay-at-home parents, or people being without (good) corporate jobs for long.

The factors behind this tendency may include the need for additional sources of income, ambition to address social issues, exploring one's own creative skills, desire to leave 'corporate slavery', or simply to follow the trend, because everyone else is doing so.
Some of the startups clicked really well and are now doing sustainable business after months or years of struggle. Some startups failed. While many others are still exploring the journey.

With this, comes an important matter: "Depression, and loss of mental peace for the entrepreneurs"

Having met with a lot of startup owners in last few months, I realized how so many of them are actually going into depression while trying to stay strong. Reasons vary from an absolute failure of the idea, loss of money spent, partners who ditched midway, or discouraging remarks by the mentors or motivational speakers they met etc to not being able to make the business self-sustainable, unexpected failure of executed plans and so on.
Here are a few points that may be of help to such entreprenuers who find themselves stuck:

It is important to have an "exit plan" right from DAY 1. Analyze whether and how you will be able to sustain a monetary loss arising from an absolute failure. Have a maximum amount in mind and in your plan documents that you think you can afford to lose if your business idea does not click.

So just in case your 'awesome' idea fails, you will not be dejected or depressed if the amount and time you spend does not result in desired outcomes.

Have a month-by-month revenue v/s expenses projection for atleast 12-18 months.

Ask yourself what you will do in case of ZERO revenue but continous expenses. If you think you will not be able to afford zero revenues, STOP right there and again ask yourself if you would like to take that risk.

Do NOT rush into hiring people at fancy positions, unless you have a confirmation that you can afford to pay them without having any stable revenues.

If you have to hire, hire the best suited people, and not just your best friends or jobless acquaintances or family members.

Choose your advisors and mentors carefully. Not everyone with a title of "CEO", "DIRECTOR", "TECHPRENEUR", "MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER", "SERIALPRENEUR" or "Manager at XYZ Incubation Center" can be a good supporting force to you and your business.

Some of them might actually be draining your energy and motivation.

If your motivational speaker or mentor keeps quoting the examples of Zuckerbergs, Mian Manshas and Chauhdrys etc, while telling you that you will FAIL if you do not do what (s)he is telling you to do, take a deep breathe and ask yourself if you want to continue with the mentor.

Choose mentors that can really help you keep going by actually assisting in shaping your strategy, day-to-day operations, challenges and FAILURES.

Carefully choose titles for yourself and your core team members.

You do not always have to be the "Chairperson", "CEO" or "Director" of your own business if that does not suit your personality or the target audience and external stakeholders you are interacting with.
It is OK to choose a low-key title for initial few months or even years.

Many successful business owners, call themselves "Manager - xxxxx" keeping in view their strengths and weaknesses and they do just fine in their ventures.

Do not drain yourself in attempts to remain visible, and 'on top' on social media, while not having anything tangible in terms of revenue and sustainable clientele.

It is absolutely ok even if you are not earning well. If you think you tried well but the idea did not earn you what you wanted in your desired timelines, do not hesitate in evaluating if you still want to continue the business and for how long.

It is ok to come out of a fancy business and close it down rather than continung it for the sake of your "entrepreneurial image" on social media and among your friends and acquaintances.

If you are on the brink of failure, and feel that you are going in depression, TALK to the people you trust most. Look around and speak to the most trusted family member, cousin, or a friend.

You will love how embracing the failure with timely realization, will relieve you from a lot of mental stress and depressing thoughts.

Most business decisions are taken over lunches rather than in meeting rooms.

See what type of "business meetings" suits your busines and act accordingly.

Peace of mind is better than running after ever increasing list of "dreams".

Look around and try spending more time with people who actually love and care for you without considering how much you earn, and even when you are at your worst.

These may include your parents, siblings or a person you may have been ignoring in pursuit of your dreams.

It is OK, to take a break, leave your energy-draining hectic schedule behind for a few weeks, cut yourself off from your failed business and go invisible on social media for the time being.

Energize yourself and do what keeps you healthy and happy. It could be an ordinary "corporate slavery" job, or simply selling french fries or home-grown tomatoes.

Innovate, be creative and unqiue... but do not lose YOURSELF and people who love you unconditionally, for the sake of innovation which will become a thing of the past soon.

P.S: Feel free to contact if you find yourself stuck and are looking for support in terms of advice, strategy, addressing challenges related to working space, and other operational expenses.

This article was posted with the permission of Taqi Abbas
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One of the pleasures of small-town living in days gone by was the local drug store. Hometown service and those little extra touches like the soda fountain made your drug store a place where you felt at home. In the last few decades, many of them seem to have been replaced by corporate chain stores. We gave up the personal touch for what we thought would be lower costs and greater consistency. But has that really worked out for us?

Local Drug Stores Are Just As Convenient

Thanks to modern software solutions that any drug store can get, you can have the same options as you do at the other places. Your doctor can electronically submit your prescriptions. IVR systems for pharmacies allow you to email, text or use touch tones to request refills. But when you get there, you'll see a pharmacist you know, rather than a different one all the time.

Local Drug Stores Are Here to Stay

Remember when they were building a new big-box drug store on every corner? Sometimes they even built more than one. They haven't all stayed open, so if you left your hometown drug store because you assumed they were the "coming thing," you might be surprised to find that your local drug store has outlasted the competition. Maybe it's the salt water taffy, or maybe it's because it's not such a long walk back to the pharmacy counter.

Local Pharmacists Care About You

You wouldn't want to see a different doctor every time you visited their office, so why would you want a different pharmacist every time you go to the drug store? Local drug stores are often owned by the pharmacist, rather than the pharmacist being just another employee. They get to know you and are in a better position to understand all the possible interactions of your medications. If you see multiple healthcare providers, often your pharmacist is the only one who really totally understands all the medications you're taking.
Local pharmacists are also members of your community and support your local chamber of commerce, churches, little league baseball teams and other local institutions. If you're looking for a donation for your civic club raffle, don't bother checking with a big chain.
They may not have a soda fountain and ice cream anymore, but your home town drug store and pharmacy is still the best place to take your prescription and buy those little odds and ends.