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Business Ideas Series is an initiative of to spread awareness about latest business ventures, cultivate the culture of micro business setup, empowering individuals for economic stability and enhancing the quality of life through financial freedom

The mission includes providing an easy-to-understand strategy for choosing, establishing and running a successful business. To start with, 60+ online/offline business ideas have been selected so that wide audience including students, employees, middle class,  jobless, fresh graduates, businessmen, housewives or existing entrepreneurs may get benefit out of it.

The vision is to create a massive workforce of micro entrepreneurs specially in East Asian countries where respective governments have failed to create employment opportunities in recent years.
The Business Ideas Series will provide insightful guidance for each of the business domains, such as:

- Business Know-How (Introduction)
- How to Start this Business
- Latest Trends
- What Skillset required
- Initial Investments requirements, if any
- Tips and Tricks
- Marketing and Sales Techniques
- Cost Control Techniques
- Success Stories for Inspiration
- Online Learning Sources
- Industry Standards and Compliances
- Facebook pages and WhatsApp Groups for socializing and connecting with like-minded people
- Warnings!

Following is the list of business ideas which DTM team will work on:
1- Silent Investments / Passive Income
2- Online Retail Store Setup
3- Expert Blogging Service
4- Making Money by Graphics Designing from Home

5- Professional Free Lancing
6- Android/Apple - Apps and games development
7- Digital marketing
8- Website/Blog Monetization
9- Agency for Online Services
10- Earning via Affiliate Marketing - Step By Step
11- Earning via Facebook
12- Writing eBooks
13- Buying Selling Domains
14- Creating WordPress themes
15- Publishing Paid /Promotional Articles / Campaigns for your website
16- Online teaching
17- Conducting Webinars
18- Online Bakery Setup
19- Import Export Business
20- Logo Designing
21- Business Cards Designing
22- Making community website and integrating businesses
23- Online Auctions Setup
24- YouTube channel and Monetization
25- Earning from Surveys
26- Business Consultant
27- Virtual Reality Designing
28- SEO Consultation Service
29- Resume Writing
30- Solving a Community Problem
31- Making a chat bot
32- Tester or Reviewer
33- Internet Security Consultant
34- Desktop publisher
35- Establishing Transport Business
36- Establishing Human Resource Business
37- Video Production / Whiteboard Videos
38- Gadgets Business
39- Content Writing
40- Smart Watches and GPS watches for kids
41- Google Translator Contributor
42- College students Assignment Support
43- AdWords marketing agent
44- Telemarketing Services
45- Setup blog for someone
46- Google Ad Specialist (Paid Service)
47- Landing Page Specialist
48- Fiverr Gigs
49- WordPress Website Consultant
50- Drive for Uber or Lyft
51- Rent Your Car on Turo
52- Freelance Proofreading and Editing
53- Data Analysts / Big Data
54- Airbnb Host
55- Setting Up Laundry Business
56- Ghostwriter
57- Online Subcontracting.
58- Become a Community Tasker (Task Rabbit)
Buying and Selling Property
60- Private Labeling and Selling Products on Amazon.
61- Selling on TeeSpring
62- Buying and Selling Cars
63- Importing pre-owned (second hand cars from Japan/USA)
64- Building Chrome Extensions
65- Data Entry Service
66- Tourism Agency Setup
67- Trading of Metals (Gold, Silver etc.)
68- Composting
69- Establishing Farming Business – Connecting farmers with businesses

70- New Innovations - Sync-up with rest of the world
71- Becoming Amazon Author and selling eBook
72- Development of free simple ERP for small companies
73- Candles Making Business From Home
74- Paper Cups - Small Scale Production
75- Rope Making Business
76- Computer Hardware and Accessories
77- Chemical Business
78- Automobiles Spare Parts Distributor Business
79- Construction Material Supplies Business
80- Solar Power Business
81- Fishery Business
82- Leather Products Business
83- Sports Material Business
84- Office Products Supplies 
85- Plastic Products
86- Papers and Stationary
87- Telecom Products 
88- Rent a Car Business
89- Become a Freelance Driving Instructor
90- Fast Food Shop
91- Resume Writing
92- Business Plan Writing and Consultation
93- Solar Panel Installation Business
94- Become Freelance Writer
95- How To Start Logistics Or Transportation Business 

Apart from this, dailytenminutes will sharpen your skills by providing Marketing and Campaign Tips, Cost Control Techniques, Crowd Funding, Payment Gateway Setup, YouTube videos, Books Reviews, Documentation Management System, Excel Dashboard Setup, Online Tools and General Business Insights. Not only this, DTM team intends to make Business Ideas App for readers’ convenience and online collaboration.

Having said that, DTM would love to have your feedback on what else would you expect from us? What business articles you want us to prioritize (from above list)? What other business ideas you want us to investigate for you?

About Author:
Junaid Tahir is a telecom engineer, program manager,  an analyst and author. His work has been published in several countries in magazines and websites. Junaid believes in peace and prosperity for all and striving to spread awareness, happiness and harmony through his write-ups.

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  1. Highly appreciated your efforts.
    Dr Mohammad

  2. Great job Tahir,
    Eid Mubarak!
    Prioritize item no. 69 i-e Establishing Farming Business – Connecting farmers with businesses

    and add 1 item development of simple free ERP for small business.

    Best Regards,
    Ghulam RASUL

    1. Dear Rasul Brother,
      I really appreciate your feedback and i am heavily relying on people like you who strive to have an strong impact in society. Please keep giving me your valuable suggestions, new ideas and recommendations. If you come across any other business idea, please do let me know and I shall try to research and produce a detailed article.

      On top of this, please if you can share the URL of my article on your facebook, twitter, whatsApp and help me spreading awareness and bringing more entrepreneurs on this platform.

      Once again, thanks!

  3. Great Junaid.. Thanks

  4. Dear Mr.Junaid,
    I would like to know about..
    No.4- Graphics Designing from Home


    1. Hi Norita,
      Graphic Designing article is live now:

  5. Masha Allah
    A good step towards prosperity.
    May Allah bless you.
    Kindly include some mini projects that engineers can design, implement and install in society.

  6. Thanks a lot.

  7. Mohammed Imtiazul HaqueJune 24, 2018 at 8:09 AM

    Happy to know that you doing a good job on business ideas series. keep me updated on this subject. Already subscribed your website and hope I will receive your articles on a daily basis. Actually i was receiving your emails through one group but I am unable to receive your articles recently.