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Are You An Explosive Personality Or The Implosive One?

 By Junaid Tahir:  Muhammad Amjad is a good friend of mine and I always spend quality time with him. Today, while we were disc...

 By Junaid Tahir: 

Muhammad Amjad is a good friend of mine and I always spend quality time with him. Today, while we were discussing different personality traits from Anger Management perspective, he introduced me to the concept of Explosive and Implosive Personalities. So here is the summary of what we discussed:

If you belong to the "Explosive Group of Angry People" then you tend to react on the spot when you don't like things, talks or an event whenever it happens. You don't hide your feelings and say whatever you feel about it. For example, at a ticket counter when someone breaks the queue, you speak loud about the violation that has happened. On the contrary, you belong to "Implosive Group of Angry People '' when you keep your feelings within you. You feel that you can absorb the situation and keep the situation peaceful. 

Well, based on the above paragraph it will not be appropriate to conclude if Explosive Anger Reaction is better or Implosive Anger Reaction as both have their pros and cons. Below is the summary:

Explosive Anger Management: 


Since you don't keep things in heart instead you speak up so you are not building any stress inside you. So you are an open heart personality. Disadvantage is that if you have misjudged the situation and reacted all of a sudden, there is a chance that you will regret your statements and acts. Remember, words once spoken cannot be reverted. Because of your reactive personality, people prefer not to mingle with you as their respect is on stake while near you as they never know what will happen if you don't like anything at any point in time.

Implosive Anger Management: 


The advantage is that you are creating a peaceful environment and avoiding any kind of brawl in your surroundings consequently people feel comfortable when you are around and they are easy to get along with. The disadvantage is that by not speaking and reacting to the situations you are building stress inside you and impacting your peace of mind. Also, you are not playing your role in improving the situation and you are not adding any positive impact in your surroundings, society or family whichever applicable.

Overall, both approaches can be adopted at different types of situations. The optimum approach would be to keep yourself cool in all kinds of circumstances. Whenever a situation triggers your anger, be logical, analytical and ethical in your response in such a way that you are contributing to improve the situation for yourself and for others. 

If you have different opinions about Explosive and Implosive Anger Management, please do share.


  1. Dear Sir,

    Nice Article and nice advice on one of the most important factor of life.

    May I ask you few things for the clarity of my thoughts and vision?

    Is it possible that a person takes one decision in his life on any good or bad event, and this decision will bring the major change in his life? What do you think that how much possibility is there that this decision can be right or wrong?

    Do such events come in the life of the man where he has to take such decision?

    Waiting for your Intellectual remarks.


    M. Akhtar

    Project Manager


  2. Dear Akhtar,
    yes, there are specific times in life when you have to make high impact decisions. For such times i suggest analyzing the situation from Personal, financial, professional, familial and religious angles (whichever applicable). By analyzing i mean considering the positive and negative aspects of the situation. If things seem to be on the positive side then you can go ahead and opt the choice. In case you drop the option and then do not regret it for what-so-ever outcomes. Remember that mistakes are valuable as long as you learn from them. Life is full of opportunities. If one door is closed then several other doors will open soon... Not sure if i answered the concern the way you were expecting. Do let me know in case you would like to discuss from different perspective.
    By the way you may want to read the article about developing analytical skills:

  3. Sir,

    I have one major problem which is a'quick hot temper'...i get provoked really easily and then later i tend to regret what i may have said. And i also end up behaving badly to my parents sometimes. It's become a habit which i'v been trying so hard to overcome but it isn't working.
    The thing is i know it is wrong and that i'm sinning each time i misbehave.. but i just don't know how to implement bringing about that change.

    Any practical suggestions?
    Jazakallahu khairan

    1. Dear, Below are the suggestions:
      1- Analyze yourself on what are the triggers which cause your mood swings? is this an event, or comment or act or presence of a person? This will narrow down your problem to a specific person or event. In case your frequent mood swing is regardless of a person or an event then you have a generic problem :(
      2- Respect the fact that every single soul is a unique in terms of thinking and acting. You cannot order people to follow your way of thinking and living. Relax. Give respect to earn respect. It takes two hands to clap. This is the most important think to control your thoughts and your reactions...
      3- If your issues are person specific, discuss your issue with the person and find out a solution. Be flexible. You may not be right in your demands or you may be completely wrong in your demands. Be honest, analytical and logical while you share your comments and desires.
      4- Observe others on how they react in different kind of circumstances. Find out a mentor in your life you can follow. Or even you can observe everyone because everyone has something to teach you. Closely observe.
      5- Avoid taking stress. The more you take stress the more you lose control on your emotions and become unpredictable. Read articles on stress management on this blog under a dedicated tab "Stress Management"
      6- Develop Trust in your relations so that people feel easy to get along with you.
      7- Last and most important, remember God several times a day. It relaxes your mind, spirit and soul.

      hope these suggestions will help you to some extent in resolving your concerns :)

  4. Yes! This is perfect analysis! Wonderfully done! This person is an asset to humanity! Let's hear more from him/her and less inconclusive analyses from the news media!

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