When you are in the business of selling products and/or services you have two possible options to consider while approaching your customers.

1-     What à  How à Why  
2-    Why à Howà What

These two are completely different. How? Let me elaborate it by assuming that Apple® might have used this methodology to become the giant in computer business.

What à  How à Why  
You approach a customer and say, I have a Laptop for you, which is nicely designed and you will have good experience if you buy it. Would you like to buy it?
In this example "Laptop" is WHAT, "Nicely Deigned" is HOW and "Good experience in using if you buy" is WHY

Why à Howà What
You approach a customer and say, Since you are having a lot of quality and performance issues related to battery, keyboard and other hardware and stability problems with the existing laptops in the market, so in order to assure you an unstoppable performance for thousands of hours we have designed this laptop for you. Would you like to buy it?
In this example, "quality and performance issues" is WHY, "Assuring you the unstoppable performance we guarantee high Quality of products production" is How, and Laptop is WHAT, "

In second approach the approach is based on empathic skills, which means to understand the market demand from end customer's perspective instead of having the intention of making money. The intention here is to ease out the customer not to gain the profit. Profit should not be the intention, that's an end result. Focusing on customer's requirements and producing products is the right way of running business, no matter small or big.

Courtesy: Idea inspired by Simon Sinek TED

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