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Do You Treat People Fairly ?

By Junaid Tahir A friend of mine is CEO of a medium size company, he says that in order to have deep understanding of the work at...

By Junaid Tahir
A friend of mine is CEO of a medium size company, he says that in order to have deep understanding of the work at all levels of the company he tries to work in all domains in the company. This gives him insight of the tasks being done, associated complications, challenges and wisdom to resolve issues and optimize processes. He was telling that the job of their receptionist is tough as it involves a lot of patience. Some weeks back he sat at the reception and received the calls from their clients. Assuming that their call is being attended by the receptionist the customers talked as if they were talking to their servant. They were using harsh, rude or indecent words because of the faults related to the company products. However as soon as he introduced that he is the CEO of the company, the tone of the caller changed immediately.

While I listened to this story, I pondered that we all do the same thing in life. Our speaking tone is based on the social, professional or economical status of the person we are talking to. Which simply means that we don't treat people fairly and equally. We have a different way of communication for different people. 
This reminds me of another story: Once a protocol officer asked a lady on how she would greet the Queen of Holland when the Queen visits their city; she said that she has only one set of manner and she uses it all the time and does not want to learn a special protocol to meet and greet the Queen.  

So the bottom line is that we should have one set of ethical manners for all. We should be kind, humble and loving equally regardless of the social and educational background, regardless of the current economical and professional post. Humanity deserves equality and all of us should endeavor for the same.  

I wrote a similar article earlier about judging people fairly. I believe that if we avoid being judgmental, we will start behaving fairly with all people. Remember, Judging people is the theoretical thing and won't make an external effect until you start showing this to others by treating them unfairly. That means Judging is more of an observatory and thought process stuff whereas treating people is the behavioral and practical thing. Judging wrongly pollutes your brain and treating wrongly pollutes the society hence both should be avoided.

So treat the rich and the poor, the attractive and the unattractive, educated, non-educated and less educated all the same, because each one is the creation of God Himself. Each soul requires fairness. How you treat them, is a reflection of what kind of a person you are !

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Junaid Tahir, Project Manager and a blogger, writes articles on wisdom, happiness and stress management at his personal blog. His personal Google Group can be joined here. He is reachable at mjunaidtahir @ -gmail -. com for any kind of suggestions and comments.


  1. well done and thanks a lot...very useful
    M Tufail

  2. Good article . We should all practice it in our daily lives

    Murtaza Ali Natalwalla
    Southlake TX

  3. Dear Mr. Tahir,

    When I talk to a child, I have to talk at his level of understanding. I cannot talk to a professor in the same way. The talk I make to an illiterate person can't be used with a highly learned person. So how I can talk to all of them in the same way and manner.

    Perhaps what you mean is that the tone I use with every body should be the same. In that case also, the level of politeness will be different. In other words, the address is always according to the receptionist's level and understanding. Naturally, it cant be the same. Will you please reconsider and clarify.

    With kind regards and without any offence,

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Thanks for your candid comment.
    Please note that here treating is not limited to talking only and it is not the tone or accent or style of speaking, as I fully agree to your comment the the tone might be different while talking to different age of people. Here treating means that a person needs to treat others with positive heart, without any bad intentions for someone, by using nice words, by being modest in the loudness of voice etc regardless to whom he is conversing with.
    Basically the message is to treat everyone with love, affection and care. Although the demonstration of love and care will be different for a child and for adults in the outlook but the foundation of this approach is based on the fact the no one to be insulted or humiliated or dishearten by any mean.
    Thanks again