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Ask Yourself "Why?" - Get Rid of Baseless Paradigms

By Junaid Tahir A Colleague of mine commutes from her home to office daily through a bus service which is shared by several other professi...

By Junaid Tahir

A Colleague of mine commutes from her home to office daily through a bus service which is shared by several other professionals of multiple offices in vicinity. The bus drops her to the office one hour earlier than her official timings. In the evening, it picks her up from office around 50 minutes after she packs up her work so overall two additional hours on daily basis are wasted causing additional tiredness. Also she has to wake up early morning in order to catch the bus which is earlier than her required schedule so she is sacrificing her sleep too.

"Why don't you use metro (train) service as it is luxurious, punctual, cheap and convenient"
" I have never used Metro in my life"
" but metro is cheap compared to monthly 500 dirhams you are paying for the bus"
"No I don't use taxis and metro as this is my life rule"
"Change the rule and start using it; a lot of professionals including senior executives are using metro"
"No, I never used Metro"
"Your life will be more easy, what's the point in not using it"
" No, I blah, blah, blah... I won't use it"
"Come on, try this tomorrow for one day only. I won't ask you after that"
"Ok, if you insist, I will"

After some days…

"Mr Junaid, that was a wonderful suggestion you gave me. My life is much more relaxed now. I am very thankful to you as it saved my time, efforts and money"

"You are welcome"

Do you have such kind of baseless paradigms and principles in your life? Do you have a stubborn approach when it comes changing your habits? Are you afraid of trying new things? Do you like the status quo? If yes, unfortunately you don't deserve a better life style then! However, If you believing in making things happen and believe in continuous improvement think otherwise, below is what i recommend:

Whatever you do in life, ask yourself on why are you doing this? What benefit I am getting out of it? What alternates can I consider in order to improve what I do? Who can I seek support from? Is there another best way to do this? Should I completely stop doing this altogether? Do you apply 5 Whys Formula for your routine tasks/projects?

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About Author: Junaid Tahir is a passionate blogger. He writes articles on Leadership, Stress Management and Life Enhancement subjects at his personal blog