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I Am A Great Man !!!

Quite often you have thought that: There is nothing wrong in what I do to others; My  thoughts  about myself and others are pe...

Quite often you have thought that:
There is nothing wrong in what I do to others;
My thoughts about myself and others are perfectly logical;
The way I communicate is very sound and reasonable;
So overall I am close to an ideal human being !!!

Right? Wrong. You can be wrong some times. Everyone can be wrong sometimes and if you don't mind, let me say, you can be wrong quite often; several times a day even. It's my polite way of telling you that there is nothing wrong in being wrong as long as you understand your fault and strive to eradicate it. Actually, the sooner you confess this fact, the sooner you will open the doors of self-improvement and pave the way to reach your destination to achieve your life-time goals.

Remember this reality that successful people are those who consistently audit themselves on what they think, what and when they speak and how they act. Such people keep improving their mental horizons and their personality traits and consequently become the 'men of honor' in the eyes of the world. On the contrary, unsuccessful people are those who keep finding faults in others and keep considering themselves as a concrete ideal personality and leave no cushion for improvement.

So in conclusion it's a matter of choice on whether you would like to be a victorious person or a complete disaster. A wise man said that I have learnt the wisdom from fools because I don't do what they do. So the advice here is to keep your mind open all the times; observe others not to find their faults but to improve yourself. One day you will become what you consistently think and what you repeatedly do.

PS: For Muslims there is a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him which says that you are in loss if your today is not better than yesterday. So take the dosage of wisdom every day by learning something new to keep polishing yourself in order to fulfill your dreams.

M Junaid Tahir 

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