While coming to office today my car got hit with another car due to which the bumper of my car got damaged. Early morning accident made me disturbed. After resolving the matter with the other person I drove towards the office with an irritated mind however within some minutes I used the methodology of gratitude to divert my focus from being in the state of stress into thankfulness. Here is what I thought:

1- Thanks God, only car was damaged; I was fully safe and sound.

2- Thanks God, the accident was with a small car. In case of a truck it could have caused much more damaged.

3- Thanks God, my car was on slow speed as I was not on the highway. At high speed the risk of loss was very high.

4- Thanks God, my kids were not with me at the time of accident otherwise they could have frightened due to the shocks of accident

5- Thanks God, the accident was of small magnitude and I was able to drive to office right after the accident otherwise I would have been in trouble because today I had highly important meeting with me CEO which went perfectly fine due to my swift control on my mood swing.

So I believe that the strengthening the sense of gratitude is a strong tool to tackle your worries. Also, in principle, I believe that controlling your thoughts is extremely important for the peace of mind. Positive thoughts result in positive outcomes and vice versa.

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