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Pedestrian Bridge in China

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Clever Typography Designs
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Being with Unhappy People

"When you have to start compromising yourself and your morals for the people around you, it's probably time to change the people around you."
You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time around. If your friends are constant sources of negativity in your life, it may be time to find more positive people. One of the best friends is book. Buy books on wisdom, happiness, quotes, professionalism, cooking and make your time useful.

Source: Lifehack


Junaid Tahir

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Being Too Much Concerned About Others

"Too many people buy things they don't need, with money they don't have, to impress people they don't know."

Once people finally accept the reality that you can't please everyone, life gets so much easier. In fact, having a goal to try to please everyone will simply drive you crazy. There is no reason to exist with other people's motives and thoughts whispering in your ear. Break free of the people-pleasing cycle and learn to live your own life.

Source: Lifehack

Being Angry

"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured." – Mark Twain
Holding a grudge has about the same logic as drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. You are harming yourself by carrying all of that negative energy. Let the bitterness go… for your own benefit. The person who criticized you is probably having a great time without giving you a second thought, while you waste your life sending them death rays with your mind

Source: LifeHack


Junaid Tahir

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Joke: Visit to the Barber

A man and a little boy entered a barbershop together. After the man received the full treatment
- shave, shampoo, manicure, haircut, etc. -
 he placed the boy in the chair.

"I'm goin' to buy a green tie to wear for the parade," he said. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

When the boy's haircut was completed and the man still hadn't returned,
the barber said, "Looks like your daddy's forgotten all about you."
 "That wasn't my daddy," said the boy. "He just walked up, took me by the hand and said,
'Come on, son, we're gonna get a free haircut!'"

Sweeping Statements - Annoying, Irritating and Insulting

by Junaid.Tahir

Sweeping statement is the term used when you give conclusive or decisive comment about  something or someone. You may not know but you give sweeping statements several times a day and if you don't mind let me say that most of the time you are wrong J 

You might have said to your colleagues that this manager has no sense of management whereas if someone asks you to give a ten minutes non-stop lecture on management, you may not be able to deliver it because you too may not have real in depth knowledge of the domain. So, instead of saying "no sense of management" you could more precisely say that you don't agree to "this particular aspect of management" of that person and then elaborate your observations. The later approach in this example is not a sweeping statement instead it is a specific focal point of your point of view. 

If you are in habit of giving sweeping statements, you may, at some point in time spoil your relationship with someone permanently especially when you give sweeping statement to the person face to face by annoying and irritating severely. Because when you give sweeping statement you are missing a whole lot of detailed aspects of the subject and may emotionally kill the person.

Also when you give sweeping statement it's not about them only, it's about you as well because it indicates the fact that you are not careful in your thinking. Which means you have a zoom-out attitude when it comes to observing people whereas zoom-in (high level) and zoom-out (detailed micro level) approaches are required to be used according to the situation.

Some other examples of sweeping (sometimes insulting) statements:
1- A man argues with his house wife "what exactly you do at home all day long?"  (in Urdu, tum sara din kerti kia ho aakhir?)
2- This whole nation or country is arrogant/corrupt. 
3- Mom to her child "you never do good work" (Urdu: Tum nay to kabhi koee acha kaam kia hi nahi")
4- when you say to your colleague, "you have no idea about it, so leave it to me"

So the bottom line is that instead of being judgmental and passing the remarks instantly one must strive to understand things fairly prior to giving remarks and then use appropriate words and an effective way of communication to describe ones stance in order to improve the situation, not in order to harm it by any mean.

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13 Ways to Overcome Interview Nervousness

Our recruiters will tell you that controlling your nervousness during an interview is one of the most important things that one can to increase your performance.  Though, this is something easier said than done.  To ensure that you are more confident and produce better results, here are 13 ways to overcome nervousness during an interview:
1. Controlling Your Actions and Not Worrying About the People Around You – If you're sitting in a room with other candidates, don't pay a bit of attention to them. Focus on reading a book on your iPhone, focus on anything else but the other people.
Sometimes, our recruiters have seen that younger job applicants get very competitive and will try to intimidate you, but rise above it. That's their issue and they are probably more nervous than you are trying to compensate for their insecurities by attempting to throw you off your game.
2. Don't worry about anything else, but the interview. Leave everything that doesn't have to do with the interview outside of the room and do nothing other than focus 100%.
3. Instead worrying about not getting the job, be happy thinking about how it will feel once you do get the job offer. Have faith in yourself. Your greatest weakness is lack of self-confidence.
4. In your head, start reinforcing all the good traits you have. This may take repetition after repetition, but don't let your mind focus on what you perceive to be shortcomings. Focusing on what you don't have is highly counterproductive, it wastes energy and, usually your thought process is not based in reality.
5. Have faith that the interviewer will make an intelligent decision by hiring you. Just because an interviewer rejects you doesn't mean that he made a smart move. There are plenty of unintelligent people out there and you just have to have faith that this person is going to make the right decision.
6. Focus on your chief aim in life. If we focus on outside goals rather than internal shortcomings we are going to be more energized and engaged in the interview. Our headhunters suggest that you ask yourself as to what is your goal? Is it to get a PR job at a major firm? Focus on that.
7. Don't base your self-worth on whether you get this job. Your value as a person and your job are entirely mutually exclusive and if you spend your life letting money and your job title dictate your happiness and confidence, you're going to be perpetually unhappy.
8. Take a deep breath and relax your muscles. You're not going into a life and death situation. Do your best to relax. Take a few minutes to clear your mind while waiting.
9. Be 100% focused on what the interviewer has to say. When we are 100% engaged in a conversation, psychologically we can't be nervous. So, if you find yourself getting nervous just focus more.
10. Realize that your competition is not as strong as you fear and they are just as scared of you as you are of them.
11. Don't phrase your answers based on what you think the interviewer wants to hear. Mind-reading is often misleading and people who do it come across as not authentic. Tell the truth. When you speak from a place of honesty, you are taking the right chance and, thus should not be nervous by telling it the way it is.
12. Don't worry if other applicants have a better education than you. Thomas Edison had only 3 months of schooling in his entire life, Henry Ford had less than a 6th grade education.
13. Don't think about the times you didn't get a job offer. Those times have absolutely nothing to do with this interview. You'll get it right, eventually. Thomas Edison "failed" ten thousand times before he perfected the incandescent light bulb.


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4 Basic Qualities of Effective Managers

You do not lead by hitting people over the head – that's assault, not leadership. How apt these words by Dwight D Eisenhower are, leadership is not about bullying people, it is about getting people to respect you with your leadership skills and qualities. People should want to be lead by the project manager. So what are the leadership qualities that a project manager should have? Should he be skilled or compassionate? Or maybe he needs to be a good communicator or a visionary? There is not right answer and there is no wrong answer. Even as I make this statement, here is a list of some leadership qualities for a project manager.

Every project manager should have a vision, a vision of what he wants the project to be like, a vision of how to get things done and a vision of the near future of the project. And he needs to be able to convey this vision to his team members. Only when there is vision is there going to be real involvement on the part of the project manager and thus involvement on part of the team members. This is when the team members and project manager start feeling like a part of the organization and not just the project.
Communication skill
Most would say communication is the most important skill of a project manager and some would beg to differ. But communication is an integral part of the leadership qualities. Without communication the project manager cannot lead. Communication not only allows for great leadership but also for openness and relativity. Persuasion and negotiation are all a part of communication and the project manager's qualities.
Call it honesty, integrity or loyalty, the project manager needs to have it all. The actions of the project manager set an example for the rest of the team members. The project manager is ultimately responsible for setting standards, ethically and otherwise for the rest of the team. The project manager needs to practice before preaching and to lead by example.
A project manager without passion is one that is simple put, lacking dedication. The project manager has to be passionate about the project; he should have enthusiasm and the right attitude. Only then will people follow him and respect his decisions, because they need to feel he is doing it for the project. There needs to be commitment and optimism involved.



Junaid Tahir

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Frustration and Annoyance

There is nothing that makes you frustrated. 

Any frustration you experience is the result of 

your own choice to react with frustration. 


There is nothing that makes you annoyed. 

Any annoyance you experience comes about because 

you have decided to be annoyed. 


You can choose to be annoyed, 

frustrated, angry, and spiteful. 

You can also choose not to be. 


Imagine how effective you could be if there was nothing that annoyed you. 

That level of effectiveness is yours to choose, right here, right now. 


All sorts of things will happen in your world today. 

You can let them get to you, and annoy and frustrate you, 

or you can choose to follow your own path. 


You have the power to be free of frustration, free of annoyance, 

free to accomplish and enjoy life. Choose that freedom today.

~Ralph Marston~


Junaid Tahir

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