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Story: The Costly Mobile

An incident once took place when a student of Knowledge was taking a walk with his teachers in one of the gardens of their school. Du...

An incident once took place when a student of Knowledge was taking a walk with his teachers in one of the gardens of their school. During this walk, the student decided to address a problem he was facing and seek its remedy from his teacher. He began to tell his teacher, ‘I have a spiritual ailment; I am habitual of talking ill of others and mentioning matters about them behind their backs.’
The teacher carried on walking for a moment and then asked him, ‘do you have a mobile phone?’ The student answered affirmatively and took out his phone to show his teacher. The phone was one of the latest models on the market and he had just purchased it recently.
Upon seeing the phone and the student’s attachment to it, he asked the student to throw the phone in a nearby mud patch and trample upon it. Whilst astonished by the teacher’s request, the student questioned, ‘how can I throw this phone on the floor? It has cost me a lot of money and is worth a lot to me.’
The teacher replied to him with the following words of wisdom, ‘So too is the respect and honour of your brother/friend as sanctified and valuable as this in the eyes of God. How can it be easy for you to trample upon this honour and respect with such ease?’
The student realised how he had never understood nor appreciated the true value of a human being; and from that day onwards he never failed to compare the respect of his brothers to all those items which were the most valuable to him.
Source: Zain


  1. Devinder singh GulatiJuly 29, 2014 at 11:05 AM

    Connection; Do not be attached to any scripture, or deprecate other scriptures.

  2. Dear sirs

    It truly reminds me of Amitabh bacchan's statement in Amar Akbar Anthony about juxtaposition of the hallucination with intoxication and then giving justification to the entire population of what this commotion is all about.

    Thanks for giving mental illumination
    Admiringly yours.

    Vishnu Govil

  3. Devinder singh GulatiJuly 29, 2014 at 11:07 AM

    And your response reminds me of a college mate of mine who became a professor of politics. Unable to effectively deal with the points put forth at a seminar by an academic and activist of international repute, while reporting his own response to me in an informal chat, embellished it with a report of how Vandana Shiva 'with the big bindi on her forehead' acted on stage while replying to his objections. 'she twirled her plait of hair and threw it across her shoulder' as if the unbecoming action in his view somehow by transference helped to downgrade the quality of her verbal response in the mind of the listener.

  4. Dear sir
    Your fresh response reminds me of grand obfuscation, dehumanisation and politicisation of pure and simple morals and messages and strategic fossilisation of beautiful living organic soft stories regularly spread by Junaid Tahir. What pleasure you get Mr Gulati in brutal calcification of soul lifting, lilting, flowing life streams full of lovely inspiring vibrations and subject them to unending mortification and uninspiring philosophical extensions. Which organisation you belong to Sir ! My head bows in infinite admiration to the brilliant philosophical colonisation of Junaid's poor soulful creations. We fully understand and have complete appreciation to his ideations. But pray Leave him alone for the sake of us poor simple population. Instead of glorification of Tahir's labour of love, your trailing mails work like parasitic vegetation. Spread you grand philosophy through your independent communication. Why hang on Junaid's moral picturization. Or are you both in some kind of literary relation?

    Tons of regards and lots of affection. Do not mind my light hearted clarifications. I hope you understand my explanations.


  5. Devinder singh GulatiJuly 29, 2014 at 11:08 AM

    Junaid is quite evidently on the growth path. His is the road to aesthetics and beauty. And since your need is to know and understand why I do what I do, well take this; Understanding comes from relating all our little silos of knowledge. View what you know already from all other facets as you can and then your understanding carries you closer to reality. You prefer to remain in your silo apparently, That is what I gather from your mail.

    Edifying life streams as we know can carry us away from the reality surrounding us, corralling us off, and thereby hindering further understanding of life itself by refusing to engage with what is not very pleasant, and moreover, by isolating the receiver of the vivifying stream by stupefying him to his surrounding.

    My 'brutality' is aimed at bringing about the larger understanding that constitutes knowing.
    Pure and simple moral messages do not equip us to deal with life, you will agree. We have to steel our self to know and understand further. That knowing has to be first within us.

  6. So we continue to get "buy one local shirt and get hundred Van Husein free" . Wow ! Thank you sir.

    Is nasamajh aur kamakl ki nashukriyana himakat par apni mehrbaaniyon ki daulat ataa farmayen. Amen !


  7. Devinder singh GulatiJuly 29, 2014 at 11:09 AM

    Maslow may carry a western tag, but his teaching is desi, Vishnu.
    He borrowed purely Indian stuff without acknowledging it.

  8. Dear Sir Govil and Gulati,
    Appreciate your kind support towards my on-going wisdom journey as I am just at the beginning steps...
    Noticed that you already have taken deep dive in the world of knowledge and awareness and fathom the wisdom behind life's events.
    Requested to stay in touch by sharing good knowledge with me which may add value in my life in any way, in turn your knowledge/articles will be posted on my blog so that my readers can get benefit as well. Our small acts of kindness by sharing good things will add great value in our societies and make this world a beautiful place to live in.
    Once again, i feel great of getting connected with the people like you.
    Junaid :)