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Stress Therapy: Feel Good Factors

  By Junaid Tahir Feel Good Factors (FGF) is a mental therapy which you can use in order to overcome your stress levels up to some exten...

By Junaid Tahir

Feel Good Factors (FGF) is a mental therapy which you can use in order to overcome your stress levels up to some extent. This is a technique in which you talk to yourself about the positive things which have happened in your past or currently happening. You trigger the sense of "feeling good" about these blessings and achievements and train your brain to divert your focus towards the positive aspects of life instead of only thinking about crisis. You remind yourself that the more you do this self talk, the higher are the chances of reducing your stress levels because FGF and peace of mind are directly proportional to each other.

When you are in stress, you might think that you don't have anything nice to feel good about. Wrong! In fact, you can use your positive mindset and easily find good things around you to feel good about regardless of your circumstances. Remember the fact that blessings in your life fall in several categories (Social, Professional, Financial, Mental, Physical, relational, educational, technical, vocal, recreational, possession of home/car/bike and so on). So, in case you lack in one category, does not mean you are in deep crisis. There are billions of people on earth living on a lower scale than you.

While you analyze your current problems and thinking about the possibilities to resolve them, you must spare some dedicated time for FGF therapy on daily basis. Remember the fact that when you are in stress, your thought process gets impacted and does not produce the best results hence the germs of negativity need to be killed by FGF technique. The more you practice FGF, higher degree of gratitude starts developing in your brain which will result in immediate positive impact on your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Check out the below beautiful stanza which you can start practicing starting today:

When your head is on the pillow
and the day is almost done
Count God's blessings
Count them one by one.

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Junaid Tahir, a Telecom Engineer, a Program Manager and a Blogger, writes articles on professionalism, wisdom, happiness and stress management at his personal blog. Subscribe to His Google Group here. Contac hi Contact him at for all kinds of constructive feedback.

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  1. Thanks Junaid for sharing this. I enjoyed.

    Swamy Narayana P.Eng
    Florida, USA