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12 Steps to be Hired in UAE (Dubai)

​ Traveling internationally was an experience of life as I grounded Sharjah airport, I was amazed to see bulk of immigrants (Jordanian...

Traveling internationally was an experience of life as I grounded Sharjah airport, I was amazed to see bulk of immigrants (Jordanian, Indians, Egyptians, Philippines, Chinese & Pakistani etc) from all over the world waiting to enter the city after completing all the verification done. All going through my mind was to take care of my luggage and as my mom said not to talk to stranger. Holding my ticket and passport firmly I was being an owl trying to rotate my head 360 degree left to right and right to left with my "Observation Mode" on. As I came out, my friend was there to pick me and we drove home. First thing I did was to change my cellular network Sim card, already purchased by my friend for me week ago.
The steps I device may help a lot of others who will experience to visit UAE for Job expedition, each step and heading is time bound to be trailed as mentioned with headings. The day you reach is very imperative to be used wisely.

Internet Job Portals (One-two weeks before actually landing UAE)

Couple of week before your flight to UAE, all you got to do is to sign up on all the following job portals to build a strong profile as Job seeker with contact number bought by your friend as these are the most promptly well-run portals. Once done start applying on the positions posted on daily bases so that by the time you reach, the recruiter may take their time to screen out, if you meet up the criteria of jobs you applied. If you get shortlisted they will start calling you for interview.


Social Media Usage (Two weeks before actually landing UAE)

 At least week before you leave your native country start liking the groups and pages on social media(Facebook), which can be easily filtered out by some key words as "UAE Recruitment", "Dubai Jobs", "UAE Jobs" and a lot more will be there in suggestions. After liking these pages you can stock that at what time on daily bases these groups are updates so that you can apply on the jobs posts accordingly.

Personal Contacts (two weeks before actually landing UAE)

Get in touch with all the friends, relatives, Colleagues, Teachers or anybody you know is in UAE via Whatsapp, Viber, and Skype or by Facebook take their contact details and even address. As anyone of them can be a match turner for you because of their social circle and activeness. Let them know that you are about to visit and take them in confidence to help you by all means if possible for them.

LinkedIn Profile (On first days you land UAE)

Your need to have a strong LinkedIn profile with people of all areas, especially from UAE or working in UAE. There is an option of filtering connection in reverence of their work place or locality. What you have to do is to type a generic letter and explain your expertise in brief, get the UAE filtered connections and start sending the message one by one. Don't forget to attach your resume in the message so majority can consider your application right away if they want to.

Read instead of Asking/Stay foolish (Every Day)

From the time you land in start reading guidelines, road marks, billboards, building's Addresses, areas and location. Be your guide yourself try to act like a tourist on holiday, so you can travel independently where ever you have to go for the application or Job interview. Stay open, flexible and foolish to experiment to explore newness. If you get any interview call, ask them about the area and any land mark nearby to that place. Do not think as in you will be lost, easiest way is to get a cab to the Nearest Metro station or call your friend to take guidance on the go.

Word of Mouth/Interaction (Every Day)

Try to make a lot of friends Interact and exchange ideas with a lot of people, talk with the people in the train, Bus or while waiting on stop this boast up our communication with all type accents. Moreover you will find some of the Myth about so many different nations to be clarified. You never know who can be your lucky charm roaming around, with a job in his or her Surrounding.

Print Media Usage (In first few days you land UAE)

There are newspapers where candidates looking for job can post there specification and if organization which is looking for respective candidate may call up for the interview. You have to Google the addresses of those newspapers as "Guflnews" or "Khalij Time" visit their office, ask them to post your add, they charge around 60-80 AED but at times worth paying it.

Recruitment companies (In first few days you land UAE)

Like local businesses, companies hire recruitment agencies to their recruitment or at time on third party contract they hire employee for their client. These agencies charge some of the amount for the position as per there offered deals. At time they offer that they get you hired but the first salary will be given to the agency that can be a good offer only if the commitment is full filed. One of the agency is namely "Innovative" working in Dubai.

Living on your own

As a Job seeker that is very important to have a practical and affordable place to stay, if you don't have any relative in the city to stay with you have to find a room or Bed space on rent. Bed space means you will be living with some 3-5 other people in the same room and sharing the same washroom :P. Where bed space may cost you 500-800 AED and Room will be costing 1500 AED minimum per Month, Deira is one of the cheap and easy approachable area in the city on DUBAI. The Bed space/Room's advertisements can be seen in Newspapers or Office Notice boards or at time by the shop keepers as well.

Tips for the Interview 

  • Be formal every day from day 1 so if anybody call you for interview you can visit them immediately, buckle up (carry a Bag to keep coat, tie, camera or Stuff in it)
  • Best time to visit UAE will be from Mid January to April
  • Keep in mind the expected salary (what you want Minimum for you to live in)
  • You may Know the terminology of "Free Zone Area" and "Free Zone Visa"
  • Keep a Note pad to note key words asked in the Interview(so you can Google it later on)
  • Practice your formal introduction while walking towards home or bus stop
  • Before every interview think that this is the last option and you have to perform the best
  • After every interview think that this was not the last interview

If you get Offer for Job(Ask your employer)

  • Who will be paying the employment Visa fee?
  • You should know the salary break down in details
  • Performance appraisal process, how and when they evaluate to revise salary
  • Ask about the Leaves and Annual leaves, included the leave encashment
  • Some of the Companies also offer you the Airfare Annually
  • What if you have to travel back to your native country in emergency?

Key Points to keep in mind 

  • Contact No. ( if possible, ask your friend to buy a sim in UAE by the time you are in native country which no. can be written on resume and all the job portals)
  • Mosque, Temples, Churches and All your religious places can be a good source of Job Information as well (Notice boards) 
  • Always maintain Cellphone credit as a lifeline.
  • If you will be hired under 5000 AED you will be bound to work with the Company for 2 years at least, only if you are working in a free zone company there no such obligations
  • Carry copy of your visa anywhere you go
  • Keep you expectation really low, so that unless you achieve something you will be flying really low
  • Smart phone smartness, Get 3G enabled use data and Battery intelligently so it may last till day end.
  • Configure your email ID on the phones(Gmail, yahoo or Hotmail account so you can email your CV any point of time if required)
  • Have a tight Breakfast every day
  • Plan and memories locations(while going somewhere you need to plan what will be the way back home)
  • Keep a note book every time you travel(to note the important points and Ideas)
  • Google maps should be used for searching the addresses
  • Spend 1-2 hours in the night on job applications, visit those portal regularly
  • Metro Card/Means of Transportation/Bus stop Map(Get the Metro train card in first few days)
  • De-Hydration recovery(Keep water bottle with you all the time, try to refill ASAP)
  • Be Optimistic/feel lucky(things work accordingly as you trust yourself and All Mighty)
  • Never underestimate any one(try to flip every coin you got)
  • Enjoy every opportunity(try to visit famous place nearby along with your visit for Interview)
  • Take at least 10 passport size pictures in the bag

Note: All these step are human experience, but your actual success will be depending on luck :D