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Empowering Through Prayer

​ ​ ​​ One of the best ways to assist your evolution into higher consciousness and stabilize your sixth sense so that you be...


One of the best ways to assist your evolution into higher consciousness and
stabilize your sixth sense so that you become an evolved being is to pray.
Prayer immediately raises your personal vibration and ushers more light into
your body, opens your heart, which in turn activates your sixth sense


and connects you with your Higher Self. Prayer isn't complicated or difficult. It is simply the practice of communicating on an intimate

heart-to-heart level with your Creator.

When you pray you ask your personal ego to step aside and you surrender
your personal energy over to a Higher Power

​ The God​
, asking it to work through you,to bring about balance and healing. Prayer allows Divine power to do for you what your own personal power and resources operating on a five sensory
level can't. Just in case you don't already know this, in blind study after blind study,
 research shows that prayer works, so
even science confirms that prayer is probably a good idea.

Prayer heals. Prayer calms. Prayer strengthens. Prayer balances and
restores order. Prayer attracts solutions that we could never imagine possible,
 which is what we call miracles


Prayer is such a personal and intimate connection with Divine Source
​ The God​
 that the right way to pray is in whatever way you personally intuitively feel
moved to pray. After all, prayer, like everything else soulful, is an art, and
 your prayer is your art.

The other day I went to my computer to log onto the Internet for something and
 much to my dismay there was something wrong with my computer and I couldn't
 establish the connection I had wanted to. I felt frustrated and really disappointed that I
was unable to gain access to this vast and free resource when I really needed it.

Praying is very similar to logging on to the Internet, only better. It is spiritually
logging on to Divine Wisdom, the ultimate resource for needed support and guidance.

Like everything else that connects us to our sixth sense, prayer is most effective when
 practiced. That means we should pray all the time, until it becomes automatic.

 Pray when you first wake up in the morning.
 Pray when you
​ plan to​
take a shower. Pray before your drink your morning coffee and when you drive to work.
 Pray for direction, for the easiest and best way to get through your day.
 Pray for inspiration, and for your health.
 Pray for success in your projects and for patience when those around you get on your nerves.
 Pray for forgiveness and an open heart.
 Pray for the answer to your problems and where to find your car keys.
 Pray for creative inspiration and for better health.
 Pray to release the past and to open your mind and heart to a better future.
 Pray for the willingness to let go of the old and outdated and reach out for something new.
 Pray for understanding.
 Pray for faith.
 Pray for peace.
 Pray for a happy heart in spite of everything. That's just for starters.
 Pray for your family, your job, and your co-workers.
 Pray for your enemies and your competition.
 And most of all, pray for the world and world peace.
 In fact, pray for everything you can think of.

When you pray you instantly raise your personal vibration to a higher and
more harmonious energy pattern. This higher vibration has a healing effect on
your physical and emotional body. It calms your anxiety, soothes your nerves, and
 eases your tension. It has helped relieve high blood pressure, lift depression, and cure
sickness, although the scientists aren't sure how.

Prayer is basic training for anyone who wants to become a six-sensory being.
It not only opens you up to receiving assistance from a higher power, it also relieves
 you of the stress of "figuring things out" for yourself. Prayer simply turns things
 over to Divine Source
​ The God,​
for solution and takes the pressure off of you. One of the hallmarks of a six sensory being is the absence of worry over how things will work out.
There are no instructions when it comes to prayer. Pray whenever you feel like it,
 about anything you feel like, and in whatever way you feel like.

Don't worry if you are doing it right. God knows better than you, what you mean and need.
 The point of prayer is not so much what you pray for, or how, because we are
 often confused when we pray, but that in praying we are allow for Divine Spirit to
 enter into our hearts and into our lives to straighten things out. The beauty of prayer is
 that with it God does straighten things out and always better than
we could have asked for or imagined.
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