The first step to combating stress is to identify what is causing it. This sounds a lot easier than it is, causes of stress in your life can be easily overlooked or denied. Something that could be stressing you out could all in all be some one or something you hold dear and you deny the fact because you do not wish to risk the relationship or said object because you hold it so dear. Other reasons could be stress inducing thoughts, or habits and you can not pull yourself together to confront yourself and break these habits.Ways to find stress inducing objects is when ever asked about them you merely shrug them off and say it is temporary. The excuse "I have hundreds of things going on right now." Is a prime example especially when you ALWAYS have a 100 things going on. Moving on from that is when you relate stress to everyday life you say that "things are always like this..." this is a stress inducing habit and you are just treating it as it is normal. And the last one is when you blame stress upon other people and events, in the end it is your responsibility to combat stress not some one else's.

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