Prayers Tracker in Excel for Muslims

Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters,

Ideally speaking, we, the Muslims, should not maintain such trackers as 5 times prayers is compulsory on us and we should be performing each prayer on time without any reminder. However, being too weak in our Imaan (Faith) we miss a lot of prayers on daily basis. 

Hence, I created this "Prayers Tracker"  and I personally experienced it helping me remind myself again and again to pray on time, perform the missing prayers (Qaza) and improve my stats (as shown in the automatic Summary Sheets). This is why I want to share this excel file with you as well.
The only thing you have to do is to enter your prayer in the first sheet. Rest of the graphs are created automatically.

Sheet-1: Enter Your Prayers:

Summary-1 Sheet: This automatic sheet will show total numbers of prayers (performed and remaining) for each day and each month

Summary-2 Sheet: This sheet shows Performed and remaining prayers for different months. Chose the month and graph will be displayed automatically.

Summary-3 Sheet: This sheet shows percentage of prayers performed and remaining. This sheet is also automatic.

Summary-4 Sheet: This sheet shows Prayer-specific statistics for each month. Chose the prayer and the graph will be displayed automatically.

Summary-4 Sheet: This sheet shows high-level numbers/stats. (Automatic)

If you want to get a copy of this excel file, please drop me an email at and I shall respond back within 48 hours insha-Allah.

Note: please let me know if you want me to send you an A4 printing pdf file which you can print and distribute to your family members, friends and colleagues. Please help spread this message as it will act as Sadqa-e-Jaria for you, insha-Allah.


Waseem Waqar mod

جزاك الله خيرا

سليمان حميد‎ mod

Thanks alot.

Showkat Ahmad mod

Thank you

Tasawar Mukhtar mod

great work. thanks sir

Naveed Habib Khan mod

Jazak Allah

Furqan Ullah mod

Assalamu alaikum. junaid tahir bhai i truly appreciate your this effort.
I have shared your prayer excel spreadsheet with all my students in college but this time again I request you to send me A4 printing pdf file so that I may use it and share with my students and family members. Thanks bhai, you will be always in my prayers. Allah bless you.

Shihas Ashraf mod

thank u very much brother..

Muzafferuddin ahmed mod

Nice effort. May Allah reward you.

Bhagaspati Sukma Bk mod

Thanks :) May Allah bless you with Happintess and Grace your home with Warmth and Peace


Dear Tahir,

Jazak-Allah for sharing tracker sheet, its helping a lot.




Muhammad Rizwan mod

Dear Mr. Junaid,

I am pleased to see your excel sheet about prayer. its useful to make sure our prayer are continue in good manner. if missing prayer shows status poor it feel us by heart. same as our school result show low marks in the sheet. Appreciated Your nice efforts to put in practical manner.

Best Regards,

Fahad Bin Zia mod

Assalamo Alikum,
Kindly send me the Prayers Tracker excel sheet for properly know how much namaz I lost.

Abdul Khaliq Chaudari mod

Appreciate your accomplishment. Please forward a copy of the Excel file. Jazako mullaho khaira.
Best regards,

Fahad Bin Zia mod

Dear Mr. Junaid,
It is excellent and awesome. I start using it from today. Thanks a lot and I appreciate you for this effort.

Best Regards,
Fahad Bin Zia
Team Lead - Development Unit

Sus Hossam Mustafa mod

my name is Mustafa and I am from Egypt
I am very glad to see this excel .. thank you very much .. and please send me the A4 printing pdf file .. may Allah bless you and all of these Hasanat will be in your Mizan insha'Allah ..

thanks a lot my friend


Thank you dear , may Almighty Allah reward you , and accept all our good deeds,, JazakkAllah


Assala mu Alaikum Dear Junaid Tahir Brother,

I am really impressed by your efforts of making such a nice tool that I have no such words to express my feelings but I pray five times a day for you and your family to have the best of both the worlds. Actually, i am a lecturer in Higher Education Department and really share your this tool with my students positively as you send me new versions. Thanks to ALLAH that I got such tool from you and May Allah bestow his mercy upon you and your family...


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