When the auditors are coming, everyone is on their toes. It is time to give account of what has gone on. All the details we regarded as unimportant before now are most vital. It is easy to perform action but when it is time to give an account for those actions, unless we have done our best at all times, there is not a good feeling.
To do our duty to ourselves, our country and to God is a good thing. To do our best at all times brings a blessing of peace of mind. Useless expenditure and wastage prevents us from doing our best. Even if we do not value materials, energy and time, the fact remains that they are valuable and sooner o later an account has to be given one way or the other.
We may feel that no one is aware of our wastage. Accounts are kept not only in books but in the Laws of the Universe. Keep a check on yourself daily and you will find ways to eliminate wastage.

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