If you want success you have to follow following tips.

1. Begin your day the night before Use a personal motivation notebook to plan and write down what you need to do the next workday. Just before you sleep, pick up motivation book and spend a few minutes reading it. Also write what positive three things has happened to you today.

2. Get to bed earlyRemember that one-hour of sleep just before midnight is more valuable than one hour of sleep after midnight. Adjust your schedule so you can get to bed earlier. As you fall asleep, convince yourself that you will receive new insights to solve the problems.

3. Read your plan before getting out of bedAfter you wake, lie down on your bed for a few minutes and think your today plan. And imagine how great it will be when things turn out exactly as you have previously imagined. As you get out of bed, you will notice that you feel self-motivated.

4. A good breakfast can make the difference between a good day and a bad one.

So take a breakfast that has adequate protein. This helps you maintain a high energy level.

5. Commend yourself for achievementsthroughout the day; make sure you keep yourself motivated by commending yourself. Tick down the tasks that you complete. And when you face any unexpected challenges, motivate yourself to face them.

6. Repeat steps 1 and 2 againJust before going to bed at night, go over the day's tasks in your personal motivation book. Show appreciation for what you accomplished during the day. congratulate yourself : "I'm the most endowed and qualified person who accomplished these things." Then plan for the next day.

Remember that before you can plan your day successfully, you need to get rid of clutter and become more organized. So cut down on the time spent in front of the TV and take some time to clean up and reorganize your desk. And organize your office as well. you will notice a remarkable change in your personal motivation and achievement.

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