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Change the world - Ralph S. Marston


Every day you change the world in some way. You cannot avoid doing it. After this day is over, the world will be a little bit different place because of what you have done. Will it be a better place, or worse, or just different? That depends on what you do. 

Why should you care? Because you are a part of the world. The positive things you do, come back to you, as do the negative things. You cannot escape the consequences of your own thoughts and actions. So make them the best that you can. 

You can change the world. You will change the world. You do change the world. You have the power and the ability to change it for the better, right this moment and every moment. As long as you're going to change the world, you might as well change it in a positive way. 

You're changing the world. It's a big responsibility and a tremendous opportunity. Make the best of it, today and every day. 

Copyright Ralph S. Marston, Jr.

104-Year Old Japanese Doctor Recommends These 14 Healthy Pieces of Advice

1. *Take the stairs and always carry your own stuff*
This represents firm proponent of doctor Hinohara, he still takes two steps at a time climbing the stairs.

2. *Do not believe everything your doctor recommends or says*
Explore, read and educated yourself. You do not have to believe in everything your doctor says.

3. *Share what you know*
Dr. Hinohara gives 150 lectures on an annual basis in schools, business communities etc. He often shares lessons on war and peace. Do not forget that most of the lessons (90 min) are done standing up.

4. *You do not have to retire*
If you love the work you do, you do not have to retire.

5. *Plan ahead*
If you want to enjoy your life better, you have to have busy schedule fill with different appointments, lectures, work, etc. Dr. Hinohara is planning to attend the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

6. *Don’t be overweight*
Dr. Hinohara consumes a table spoon of olive oil, orange juice and coffee for breakfast. Cookies and milk for lunch and rice, fish and veggies for dinner. He consumes 100g of lean meat two times a week.

7. *Energy does not come from sleeping a lot or eating well, it comes from feeling good*
You will be more happy and energetic if you eliminate strict time-regulated rules, be like children – have a lots of fun until you feel sleepy or hungry.

8. *It is wonderful to live long*
He continues serving society, he volunteers, works 18h per day, 7 days a week and he also enjoy every single moment of his life.

9. *Find a role model*
The doctor usually asks himself what his father would do when he faces with some issue.

10. *Do not worry too much, life is unpredictable and full of incidents*
The doctor was hijacked by the communist Red Army when he has 59 years old. He spent 4 days under 40 degree heat and handcuffed to his seat. He is also amazed how his body slowed down to adapt to deprivation.

11. *Science alone can not help or cure people*
The doctor believes that every illness can be cured with liberal and visual arts. He also believes in the uniqueness of every single individual.

12. *Do not be crazy for money*
The doctor is more than aware that he can not take anything when he goes!

13. *Pain is mysterious*
You have to do something fun if you want to forget about pain. The doctor found that music and animals can really help you to get rid of and mange your pain.

14. *Be inspired*
You must find inspiration in the World in order to motivate yourself. For ex: he finds motivation in the poem “Abt Vogler” by Robert Browning.

Work Place Rules for ​Happy Life

World's Mental health day theme by WHO.
Mental Health at work place:
1. Trust no one, but respect  everyone.
2. What happens in office, remain in office.
Never take office gossips to home and vice versa.
3. Enter office on time, leave on time.
Your desktop is not helping to improve your health.
4. Never make Relationships in the work place.
It will always backfire.
5. Expect nothing. If somebody helps, feel thankful.
If not, you will learn to know things on your own.
6. Never rush for a position.
If you get promoted, congrats.

If not, it doesn't matter. You will always be remembered  for your knowledge and politeness, not for your designation.
7. Never run behind office stuff.
You have better things to do in life.
8. Avoid taking everything on your ego.
Your salary matters.You are being paid.  Use your assets to get happiness.
9. It doesn't matter how people treat you.
Be humble. You are not everyone's cup of tea.
10. In the end nothing matters except family,  friends, home, and Inner peace.

Flax Seeds are Awesome For Your Healh

If you want to reduce your weight or get rid of the accumulated fat in your body, you'll inevitably hear Besihh seeds hacks such as quinoa and shea and linen.
Flax seeds are many health benefits including the prevention of heart disease, cholesterol and cancer, but its benefits on fitness is a treasure in itself.
Once you join this magical and delicious seeds to your diet , you'll be able to slimming your body without effort, through the following means:
feeling of fullness:
Rich in fiber and contain a low percentage of carbohydrates or sugars, these seeds also contain a resin help you in the stomach feeling of fullness. Eat two tablespoons or 3 tablespoons of boiling water with these seeds half an hour before eating food meal, and you will feel fuller and therefore will not Taatmkny from excessive eating.
Lose weight:
Flax seeds contain a low - calorie, paid higher food and health where fat ratio. It is also rich in amino acids and omega - 3 as well as vitamins E and C, selenium, zinc and copper, which makes them fight fat accumulated in the lower abdomen, upper thighs, under the rear area and in the inner knee area.
Fight against cellulite:
Oil extracted from these seeds can resist cellulite and limit its spread so Odreign within your diet. You can add flaxseed flour and meal to your breakfast with milk or juice, because it helps your skin to produce collagen and thus fights the appearance of cellulite.

What is maturity?

1. Maturity is when you
* stop trying to change others, ...instead focus on changing yourself.*

2. Maturity is when you
*accept people as they are.*

3. Maturity is when you
*understand everyone is right in their own perspective.*

4. Maturity is when you
*learn to "let go".*

5. Maturity is when you
are able to *drop "expectations" from a relationship and give for the sake of giving.*

6. Maturity is when you
*understand whatever you do, you do for your own peace.*

7. Maturity is when you
*stop proving to the world, how intelligent you are.*

8. Maturity is when you
*don't seek approval from others.*

9. Maturity is when you
*stop comparing with others.*

10. Maturity is when you
*are at peace with yourself.*

11. Maturity is when you
*are able to differentiate between "need" and "want" and are able to let go of your wants.*

* last but most meaningful !*

12. You gain Maturity when you
*stop attaching "happiness" to material things !!*

Explain Math Using LEGO

9 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Small changes can make a big difference
And the good news is that these are changes that can be easily incorporated into your life.
They may make a huge difference too. 

1. Walk tall

A study has found that by actively trying to walk tall with your head held high and shoulders back, you’re more likely to experience good moods. If you walk with your shoulders slouched, you’re more likely to focus on negatives rather than positives, Time reports. 

2. Stop taking pictures of everything

You may think photographing moments makes you more likely to remember them, but a study published in Psychological Science suggests otherwise. If you do still want to snap your lunch or view (for the ‘gram, obvs), make sure you focus on your subjects. 

3. Exercise

Exercising three times a week decreases your risk of being depressed by 19 per cent, according to a study by University College London. Researchers found that active people are less likely to be depressed and depressed people are less likely to be active. 

4. Stop procrastinating

The longer you put off a task because you’re afraid or anxious about doing it, the more nerve-wracking - and potentially debilitating - it can be. Ease your stress by listening to music or exercising, then tackle the task head-on. 

5. Get out of a toxic relationship

Being in a relationship with someone who constantly puts you down can knock away at someone’s self-esteem without their realising, ultimately making them anxious and potentially depressed. Listen to your friends’ and family’s concerns about your partner if they have any and read up on the signs of an abusive relationship.

6. Sleep more

Your body can’t function properly if you don’t get enough sleep. If you’re struggling to sleep, try and workout why and seek help if you can’t.

7. Make time for yourself

Between friends, family and work, keeping everyone happy can mean you neglect yourself and never have any me-time. Make time to be alone and do things for yourself, as this helps keep anxiety and depression at bay. 

8. Take time out from your digital devices

Smartphones, tablets and laptops can overstimulate our brains, and if you never take any time out from them, you won’t be doing your mental health any favours. Take a mini digital detox every week, even for just half a day or a couple of hours.

9. Stop multitasking

Eating your lunch while sending emails may not seem too dangerous, but multitasking has actually been shown to make us more stressed. Instead, focus on the one thing you’re doing and what’s going on around you.
Source: Independent

6 Ways to Become a Wiser Person

Intelligence is something, say some, we are born with.

On the other hand, wisdom, far more useful, is definitely something one can accumulate over a lifetime. Many search for ways to become wise, but few feel they have really achieved it. The Berlin Wisdom Project of the late 80s defined wisdom as:
- Spiritual knowledge
- Factual knowledge
- Excellent judgment 
- Excellent problem solving skills
- Ability to learn from past experience
- Humility, emotional strength or ability to recover from defeat
- Openness and maturity - allowing another to see you as you really are
- A deeper understanding of human nature, including empathy for others and other cultures

However, if you don't think you embody all these qualities, there are SIX other ways to become wiser in the human experience:

1. Being Social
Research has shown that people who keep more contact with other people display higher levels of wisdom than those who remain more secluded. Some think this may be due to new people constantly giving us new ideas to think about, new information, new experiences, and this enriches the mind and gives us more wisdom. So make an effort, if not for others than for yourself. Stay in touch with old friends, go take a course, and stay in contact with those around you, it's the wise thing to do.
open minded

2. Open mindedness 
Wisdom is the ability to understand all aspects of a problem, without surrendering to personal feelings. The meaning of an open mind is to find true empathy and to understand that everyone has a life story that affects them in some way, and it is not our place to judge. A good habit is to write down, every day, what ails you. At the end of the day, take a look at that list and try to get a new perspective on each problem, you'll be surprised what things will come to mind.

3. "I could be mistaken"
A smart person understands that it is impossible to know everything, and that life always throws you a curve when you least expect it. Acknowledging our mistakes may, and often does, lead to greater wisdom. Remember, your ability to be wrong shouldn't damage your reputation as a wise man, but should increase it, because wise people know how to take responsibility for their mistakes. Nietzsche is quoted to have said: "Wisdom sets limits on knowledge, too.". Acknowledge the limits of your knowledge and admit when you are wrong.
4.  Experiencing new things
While we each have our own personal tastes in books, music, art or just what is good cinema, it is important to note that getting familiar with styles unknown will broaden your horizons and introduce new world views, new ideas and new outlooks on life. So put down the novel you're reading and try a science fiction story, a history book or just a great romance. Whatever it is you almost never read, now is the time to add some real experience in things you haven't really touched on. So try something new, or learn a new skill -  it won't just make you wiser, it'll also keep you young!
5. Self awareness
Many will say they have rich life experience, but when was the last time you really stopped to think of all you've learned throughout life?
Try this exercise: Write down your three biggest failures and your three biggest successes. Next to each of them write some of the events that lead to it and the lessons you learned. Look for patterns, without pride or regret, simple patterns to teach you about how you used each experience to drive you forward. After all, knowing yourself is the biggest challenge of all.
6. Know what goes on around you
Yes, the news is often dramatic, misrepresented or just depressing. But it's hard to make balanced decisions for yourself and others if you don't learn from the mistakes that happen to others and to on larger scales, to your city, country and world. Keep updated, read a newspaper, watch the news or just read a news site online from time to time. Read the articles, not just headlines, and understand how you fit into this bigger world, and where you stand. This is crucial for true wisdom.
Article Source; Ba-Bamail

15 Tactics Restaurants Use to Get You to Spend More

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