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5 Basic SEO tips for ecommerce sites

 5 Basic SEO tips for ecommerce sites Imagine you started an online store with all your heart & soul and one fine day you ...

 5 Basic SEO tips for ecommerce sites

Imagine you started an online store with all your heart & soul and one fine day you search for a product on a search engine and your website does not appear in the results, now that's a big problem!

This is where SEO comes which is short for Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, SEO is a continues process of improving visibility and maintaining position in the search results. It is a crucial element for ecommerce websites because the higher you rank - it will drive more traffic and potential customers to your website. SEO takes time and it does not change the game over night so patience is the key. There is no one size fits all strategy for SEO and online shopping in pakistan should be careful while developing a strategy and executing plans.

We searched for an e-commerce website practicing all these basic 5 tips and we came across - they are making a dent in the world of SEO, so here are 5  tips you must practice to achieve a higher PageRank:

1. Optimize Images

Searching images is very common. Therefore, e-commerce websites must add related keywords into the alt tags which will help them in increasing visibility of the website and most probably increase traffic. Keyword used in the alt tags should be relevant to the product because bots cannot read images so it assists them to understand what the image is about.

Here is an example of how to make an alt tag relevant:


2. Avoid Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V in Product Description

Creating and managing product database can be a hassle sometimes but believe me, it's worth it!
Many online stores just copy and paste the product description - that a big NO!  Invest some time and try to re-write the product description for every individual product this will help your customers to get a clear idea of the product and increase your chances to appear in the search results when someone searches for the same product.

Here is an example of writing a good product description:

 3. Linking Product and Home Page

A very common and repeated mistake by ecommerce sites is poor link structure. This not only irritates your customers but also confuses the search engine bots while crawling on your website which leads to lower rank in the search results and ultimately a lower PageRank score.

Here is an example of a well structured link between product and home page.

4. Content Management

Managing your website content and organizing it's structure is very important to increase engagement & traffic, it also decrease bounce rate. It's obvious that unstructured website looks messy and hurts the brand image as well. For an ecommerce website it is important that right products are displayed on the right time and place which will increase the chances of conversion.

Here is an example of well organized website:


 5. Mobile Friendly

According to Google about 60% of the searches are from mobile devices and with the increasing number of smart phone users across the globe it is very important that ecommerce websites should be optimized and compatible for mobile users. It should be a hassle-free shopping experience for mobile users of any operating system i.e Android or iOS. A good mobile friendly website is compatible with every mobile screen and have the least loading time.

Here are some images of a mobile friendly website:



There are various ways to do SEO depending on the website but these 5 tips are usually practiced by every SEO expert.
Good Luck!