A person may not say anything, or may even say the opposite of what he
or she is feeling, but we are able to understand this contradiction,
either through facial expressions, or body language, or by picking up
the thoughts.

The doctor uses the stethoscope to 'hear' the body of the patient and
to examine and understand the pulse and rhythm of the body in
order to judge the health of the person; so it is like a third ear!

If the intellect wishes to understand the mental pulse of another
person, in order to truly cooperate and help properly, then it has to
have the capacity of a third ear, which means developing the art of
really listening and catching the needs of the situation and person.
When the intellect is used like a stethoscope, it needs to be very
introspective (thoughtful), very concentrated and very open. In this
way, the intellect is used like a third eye and a third ear; seeing
and listening become the same thing.
To be intuitive (instinctive) often means that the third eye
is able to tune in to the hidden silent vibrations of other people and
situations. Vibrations are energies, which are constantly being
transmitted by all things, particularly living things and people.
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