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The Surprising Benefits of Running in Water Every Student Should Experience

The Surprising Benefits of Running in Water Every Student Should Experience Water exercise is one of the best methods of keeping f...

The Surprising Benefits of Running in Water Every Student Should Experience

Water exercise is one of the best methods of keeping fit and enjoying your workouts. It has multiple benefits for your health, such as increased flexibility, better blood circulation, and improved fitness.
A JOSPT study (May 2012) has actually proved that stationary running can release pressure, both at the physical and emotional level.

There are two ways of water running:
· Shallow water running –water goes up to your hips, puts more pressure on legs
· Deep water running – water goes up to your chest, puts more pressure on arms and abs

Over the years, there have been multiple injured athletes who have chosen this method of exercise in order to keep fit or even establish a new personal record. Water running releases tension in your body, and gives you the opportunity to move even when you are sore, hurt, or injured. Here are some surprising benefits of water running and why you should try it.

1. Hypothesis Proved – Less injuries
Compared to land running, water running decreases injure predisposition by 45%.The natural setting will reduce the pain in local muscles or joints by at least 90%. There is no need to stop working out if you are injured anymore.

The JOSPT experiment is one of the most important studies conducted on this field. With the help of
AssignmentHolic writing service, the experimental team chose two groups to make tests on: injured athletes and completely healthy individuals. They selected 11 women and 11 men, and measured the forces that apply to their bodies while they exercise in the water. They had them run at different speeds, so that there was a significant time difference at the end of the experiment. Results have showed that water running decreased potential chest injuries by 50% and potential leg injuries by 40%.

Just like in sport, the real life will bring you experiences which can potentially injure you. Use metaphor of running with fewer injuries right now, while being a student and you’ll know how to take care of yourself properly.

2. Conditioning with No Forces Applied to Your Body
As I was mentioning before, water running does not apply any type of pressure onto your muscles. The water’s buoyancy will reduce the tension in your body, and soon, you will feel like new. Of course, water running should be accompanied by healthy eating and mental strength. But here is the good thing: if you start working on your physical health, the rest will easily come.

You are going to feel healthier and stronger, and therefore, change your eating habits and diet. You’ll feel the need to give up fast-food and enjoy some well-cooked vegetables. Eating healthy and exercising will have an impact on your mind too. A healthy mind can only be part of a healthy body. You’ll solve problems quicker, develop emotionally, and increase your productivity. And then, at the end of the day, you’ll reflect on how water running has indeed had a powerful impact in your life. Good benefits for students, right?

3. Deep Water Running – Really Cool
Running in deep water is another form of releasing tension within your body.
Studies show that chest water running decreases forces applied to your body by almost 50%. When your muscles are not tensioned anymore, your blood circulation starts functioning better. That means an improved blood flow within our bodies. Since everything is connected to the brain, an improved blood circulation also means expanded mind focus, since your brain receives more oxygen.

All this activity will liberate hormones’ activity and endorphins to the brain. That makes us feel euphoric and powerful after a workout. Stretching after water running is also recommended by specialists, since cardio exercises are considered heavy training. When we work out and stretch, we feel good, release pressure and tension, become euphoric, smile, and conquer the world! Water running is great method of exercising even when we are not feeling it.

4. How Does It Help
Water running is beneficial for a good number of reasons: 

· Sharpens our hearing. When we run, we improve circulation throughout our entire body, including our ears. Imagine running in water! 
· Softens our skin.
Research shows that people who run are less exposed to skin cancer; running softens your skin by developing more cells within your body.Besides that, the water in which you run in will expand your habit of staying hydrated (because who doesn’t drink a lot of water after such an intense workout?)
· Beats migraines. No more medication needed, just run in that water!
· Eases anxiety. If you ever feel panicked about something, run – water running will make you feel 100 times stronger, and give you time to think.
· Prevents disease.
Water running is one of the best methods to exercise without injuring yourself. If you are an athlete, a runner, or simply a student who enjoys working out, try this effective method, and see it for yourself. You’ll not only feel better physically, but improve your mental and emotional condition as well.