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5 Simple Health Tests!

If taking a trip to the hospital isn’t your favorite activity but you still care about your health, then the following five tests are just...

If taking a trip to the hospital isn’t your favorite activity but you still care about your health, then the following five tests are just for you. These simple tests will enable you to keep track of what shape your body is in.


To carry out this test, sit on the floor, stretch your legs out in front of you, and try to touch your toes with the tips of your fingers. If you can do this easily, then your body is in fantastic shape. If you had difficulty, then it would be a very good idea to take up yoga, pilates, or swimming in order to improve your body’s flexibility and prevent your joints from becoming weak.

The Heart

Sit calmly for 5 minutes, and then place four fingers on the inner side of your wrist. Find your pulse, measure it for one minute and count the number of beats. For adults and children over the age of ten, 60-100 beats per minute is considered to be normal. More or less may indicate problems with your blood pressure. However, don’t take and make a diagnosis for yourself – go and see a doctor.


Pour some very cold water into a glass, and dip your fingers in it for around half a minute. If the tips of your fingers turn blue or white, then you have a problem with your blood circulation. A significant drop in temperature (or stress) can cause the blood vessels that supply blood to your toes, nose, ears, and fingers to contract. As a result, these parts of the body will be lacking in blood and will go numb. Therefore, you should try to avoid sudden changes in temperature.

The Respiratory System

Light a match and hold it out in front of you. Try to blow the flame out by breathing in deeply through your nose and then out through your mouth. How many attempts does it take you to blow out the flame? If it’s several, then there’s a good possibility that you may have a weakened respiratory system. This could have been caused by a lack of exercise, smoking, or a chronic illness of the airways.

Fluid Retention

Press down on the upper or underside of your foot with your thumb. If there is an indentation on your foot that's still visible several seconds after you have removed your thumb, then there’s a possibility that your body has an issue with fluid retention. It’s recommended that you decrease your salt consumption, and avoid consuming processed foods.

The Thyroid

Close your eyes, stretch your hands out in front of you, cup them, and ask somebody to place a thin sheet of paper in your hands. If the piece of paper starts to tremble along with your hands, it’s a good idea to visit an endocrinologist.

Note: These tests cannot be used to make a specific diagnosis as they can be indicative of other illnesses. However, if you did notice any of the above symptoms, you shouldn’t ignore them. Go see a doctor for a detailed examination.

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