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What do People Know about Skin Cancer/Melanoma and its Treatment?

Melanoma is a skin cancer that originates from Melanocytes- a type of cell that produces melanin to color skin, hair and other parts of ...

Melanoma is a skin cancer that originates from Melanocytes- a type of cell that produces melanin to color skin, hair and other parts of the body. It can also be developed in moles. Abnormal growth of moles can be a symptom of melanoma or skin cancer.

However, melanoma can spread to other parts of the body, just like other types of cancer. If not treated properly, it doesn’t need a huge time to spread around the body. So, proper treatment of melanoma is important. The thing is, many people don’t have a clear idea about the treatment of melanoma.

Melanoma is such cancer that can be detected easily. As the symptoms appear on the skin, the victim or people around him can easily detect the symptoms of melanoma. Still, people are not giving importance to it. The reason might be the ignorance or arrogance.

What do People Know about Melanoma and its Treatment?
The prime reason behind not treating melanoma is the failure in identifying the disease. People somehow know a little about melanoma, but they don’t have proper knowledge about melanoma. That’s why they don’t know the symptoms. As a result, when the primary symptoms show up, they can’t identify and consult a doctor timely.

A perception about melanoma is this type of cancer is not scary like other cancers like breast cancer or lung cancer. Because of this perception, most of the people don’t pay attention to the treatment of melanoma. The result is obvious; a bad situation waits ahead for them.

Overall, people don’t know a lot about melanoma or skin cancer. The reasons, symptoms, and treatment of breast cancer, lung cancer, etc. are taught to people through much awareness creating campaign. But in case of skin cancer, this is not discussed as widely as other types of cancers. As a result, there are ignorance and confusion about skin cancer in the minds of people. As a result, unlike other types of cancers, people are not willing or quick to deal with melanoma.

Focusing on the knowledge of treatment, you’ll find the same thing. As people don’t have enough knowledge about the melanoma and the impact of it, they don’t think it is important to treat melanoma like other cancers. Though some people become interested in treating melanoma, they don’t get enough information to proceed. As they don’t gain enough information about the treatment, they face problems.

Because of the lack of knowledge about melanoma, when people see the symptoms of melanoma, they take those as normal skin disease. Thinking about this, they take medicines which are normally used in skin diseases. Sometimes, this can make the growth slower, but can’t stop this. As a result, it becomes tough to identify the melanoma before spreading to other areas and organs of the body. 

So, it is seen that there is lack of knowledge about melanoma. As a result, proper prevention techniques are not taken. Besides, if melanoma attacks someone, the lack of knowledge doesn’t let him understand that it is a cancer. Again, many people willingly avoid treating melanoma cancer as they don’t know how dangerous the disease it.

What to Do?
Awareness has no alternative to eradicate the ignorance about melanoma. Proper steps should be taken to let people know the causes, symptoms, effects and curing policies of melanoma. As long as they won’t understand that this is a dangerous disease, they won’t be careful in treating melanoma. So, through some channels, people should know widely about melanoma. Just like the campaigns about other dangerous cancers, a melanoma-related campaign should be started. The aim of the campaign will be to make people aware of melanoma cancer.

Melanoma cancer can be treated in different ways. The Ella Lemelbaum Institute for Immuno-Oncology works for treating melanoma cancer. It also conducts researches on this disease to find out more efficient treatment and the ways to minimizing the effects of melanoma cancer. People should be made aware of the treatment too.

Final Verdict
Just like other cancers, melanoma or skin cancer is dangerous too. To get rid of it, or to minimize the effects, proper treatment should be taken. Only awareness can help people to fight against this cancer. Otherwise, the result will not be good for all.

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