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Why True Personal Stories are Powerful

Storytelling is a part of our childhood that prepares us for growing up. Listening to stories, analyzing them and understanding the challen...

Storytelling is a part of our childhood that prepares us for growing up. Listening to stories, analyzing them and understanding the challenges that the characters go through can help us learn important lessons that craft our consciousness.

Stories also make up a significant portion of our cultural heritage. Listening to inspirational stories with characters of famous men and women make us proud by highlighting our sense of belonging. It also helps us feel more connected to our past.

Some of these stories are real while others are purely fictional. There is a big difference between them although a lot of people enjoy listening to both of them. These oral narratives have been used to pass down history and teach cultural values before the invention of a writing system. By the same token, when you are telling your personal story, you allow people to feel more connected to you by finding resemblance in the story you tell.

What Does Listening to Stories Do to Your Brain? 

Whether you are listening to real short stories or long fictional legends, your brain becomes more active. It starts to be more engaged while focusing on the details that make the story interesting. Certain areas that are responsible for the language process get activated in our brains. Also, other areas that are responsible for imagination and analytical skills get simulated too.

Metaphors trigger various areas of the brain that help draw a complete picture. Personal experience stories help people think more calmly about their problems. People usually feel more comfortable when they see that someone else is going through something that they are experiencing.

Stories are very different from the academic essays that we write at school. Sometimes people that write great academic papers ask professional writers "write my case study" and cannot form their experience into words In the storytelling. Hard to establish what is easier, especially when people can lead their essays to perfection using special services, like With storytelling, you should rely only on your imagination. If you want to understand the reason why your brain gets stimulated while listening to tales, you might need to do a little bit of research.

Why do True Stories Make So Much Sense?

Think about the story of the invention of the telephone. Graham Bell invented it while trying to overcome the problem of communicating with his mute and deaf wife. Such a real story teaches you that everything can be valuable even if it seems like a mistake.

Real and fictional narratives always make a point. Whether you are reading or listening to one, there is usually a clear and significant message delivered to the audience. If you choose to tell a story, you need to make sure that it is suitable for the audience and can actually help you deliver your message.

We tend to remember narratives that touch us on a personal level. One genuine story can actually change your life in an eye-opening moment that shows you the other side that you always miss. The best part is that everyone will interpret the story differently. The change in perception is related to the past experiences that make our personalities and characters.

They help us reveal our emotions, even the ones that we try to bury deep within ourselves. If you found yourself smiling or crying while reading or listening to story, then it has hit that secret spot that you’ve always tried to hide.

The Sense of Belonging

Ancient cultures used tales to enhance the sense of belonging among the group members. By telling younger people about the incredible history of their ancestors, they managed to keep them motivated to excel and exceed their achievements.

Today, people still feel the same when they read or listen to a story that tells them one important message: “You are not alone.” You might be asking yourself “Is my depression story similar to what others go through?” or “Did anyone go through the same struggle that I went through when my relationship ended?” Finding a person who has gone through the same journey can help you find answers. It also gives the needed strength to deal with your personal challenges.

You are not Alone

Losing a loved one, going through a breakup or experiencing a severe health problem makes life difficult. I remember that when I went through my divorce, I thought that life was about to end. I found comfort in listening to stories of other strong women and single mothers who managed to go through this kind of pain. I felt lost and frustrated. But I learned, and I grew. My pain and frustration helped me realize things that I couldn’t see on my own. I learned that every ending is a new beginning.

I read real stories told by real women who experienced the same pain and managed to get their lives back together. I found comfort in feeling that I wasn’t alone and if they went through it, then I can do it too.

If you are trying to write or tell a story, then you should let the words flow. Too much thinking can hinder your creativity. Remember that there is no right and wrong, just make sure that every word that comes from the heart can reach other hearts.

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