Vicky set off the next day morning…

First, he visited all the fitness blogs and signed up for their newsletters.

He then bookmarked all the weight loss videos he could find on YouTube, Vimeo and God knows where else.

A week later, he gloated - "God! I am making some serious progress here. It's just a matter of time before I look as thin as a weed" 

After that, I couldn't get to see him much. Months rolled by.

Occasionally, I'd hear him lament on phone –

"Those guys must be all juiced up. There's no way you can be that fit just by working at the gym."

Or… "That's all Photoshop. No one looks that chiseled in real life"

And by chance last week, I bumped into him.

He's put on a few extra inches around his waist.

He still reads fitness blogs and watches weight loss videos…

…while munching a bag of potato chips - of course.

John on the other hand was different.

He did two things as soon as he decided to slim down.

He started his daily morning walks. He joined a Yoga class in the evenings.

Rain or shine – he kept his routine.

Unlike Vicky he wasn't just 'looking to' lose weight. He committed to losing weight.

I meet him regularly.

He definitely looks slimmer now than a year ago. He may not be 'chiseled'. But, he is healthy and active.

You know what…

I see 'Vicky's and 'John's among my subscribers all the time.

'Vicky's read my blog posts. Watch my YouTube tutorials. Buy my products.

But, their presentations haven't changed one bit.

I don't know why…

…they just hoard my templates to use 'someday'. And the day never comes.

At the same time, there are 'John's that have truly transformed their presentations ever since they signed up with us.

They go through the same blog posts and watch the same videos that 'Vicky's do. But the results are starkly different.

Here's what I've observed…

When 'John's read a creative idea – they apply it in their next presentation.

When they buy our templates, they use them in their presentations with creativity and zest.
I routinely receive presentation slides created by 'John's - using our templates.

I feel so pumped up on seeing those slides.

I feel grateful and blessed for getting a chance to make a difference in their lives.

You see…

I can't really choose who joins my list.

But, I can definitely choose to get this message across to you…

Don't just 'look to' improve your presentations. Commit to improving them.

Don't just bookmark my blog posts and YouTube videos to watch some day. Don't just archive my emails to read some day.

Take action !!!

You need to take action.
As they say, "The road to hell is paved with 'good intentions'".

Help me help you.
Can I have your word on that?

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