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Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring A Lawyer When Filing For Veterans Disability Compensation

Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring A Lawyer When Filing For Veterans Disability Compensation A lawyer is the best ch...

Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring A Lawyer When Filing For Veterans Disability Compensation

A lawyer is the best choice for handling all the stages of the VA process when a veterans disability claim is filed for disability compensation.

During the first step of the process, a VA Form 526EZ must be completed and submitted at the VA office in your region.

When you are dissatisfied with the results or are not receiving the benefits that you think you deserve, then it is the perfect time to consult with a veterans disability lawyer that can assist you with the complexed process of submitting an appeal.

Ideally, you must be seeking the aid of a highly-acclaimed attorney that can effectively navigate the disability process and achieve the desired outcome for your application.

What To Do When You’ve Filed For VA Disability Compensation Before And Were Denied?

        You need to complete a VA Form 526b needs and submit it to the VA when:

        You are looking to increase your rating.

        You claim that was filed over a year ago was denied, and you have not yet filed a notice of disagreement or appeal.

        You have a disability as a result of another service-related disability. (Also called a secondary service connection claim).

        You are requesting aid and attendance benefits through the VA.

        You are seeking a special monthly compensation (SMC).

Avoid Attempting The Claims Process On Your Own

So many veterans try to file for veterans disability compensation on their own and often make errors that may lead to a reduction of full benefits or denial of their application.

A lawyer for Vets can eliminate an undesired outcome, as these professionals have extensive experience gained through years of working with the VA.

They can assist you in determining whether you meet eligibility requirements for the claim.

Several factors can either augment or diminish your case.

Disabilities that sprout from active service or were aggravated by circumstances of military service entitles you to VA disability compensation.

Examples Of Disabilities That Make You Eligible To Claim

        Physical injuries sustained

        Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

        Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and any other relevant psychiatric disabilities

        Hazard material exposure (Agent orange and Camp Lejeune)

What Can A Veterans Benefits Lawyer Do For Me?

1. Free Case Evaluation

Even if you’ve not proceeded with filing your claim, legal advice at the first stage can help you with developing your case and a complete adjudication for all possible claims.

2. No Upfront Legal Fees

Contingency-based fees of twenty percent are payable after the successful outcome of your claim. No legal charges will be for your account with unsuccessful recoveries.

3. Experience In Submitting Claims For Veterans Disability Cases

They have the necessary expertise to handle Veterans disability compensation claims. 

4. Assisting with survivor benefits, dependency & indemnity compensation and death pension for the deceased's family

A deceased veteran’s family members may be eligible to claim for a variety of VA benefits. A lawyer can assist family members of the deceased veteran in pursuing appeals or claims for dependency & indemnity compensation, accrued benefits and death pension.