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12 Most Expensive Luxury Drug Rehabilitation Centers

While you don’t have to be filthy rich to choose to better yourself by going to a rehabilitation center (there are plenty low-budget and e...

While you don’t have to be filthy rich to choose to better yourself by going to a rehabilitation center (there are plenty low-budget and even funded alternatives, but that’s not what this article is about), you can definitely live it up in style and enjoy your stay at numerous facilities in the U.S., predominantly in Malibu, but also available in other big states too. Most of these drug rehabs cost more than the average year of college tuition (and that’s just for a monthly program!) Many of theAse facilities also take insurance, though not everyone has it. Here are a few amazing luxury drug treatment facilities.

1- The Dunes in East Hampton  

Price: $65,000 for first 30 days, then 90-day Outpatient treatment = $2,000/mo.
Payment for the Dunes is due at entry.
With many fine amenities, the Dunes is a wonderful resort like treatment facility, and everyone on their team are in veteran stages of recovery as well, so they know what they are doing, and are there to help.

2-The Aid To Navigation Center in San Diego  

Price: $45,000/30 days + $15,000 private room fee and $200/day of detoxification.
Avg total/30 days: $60,600
This is a private facility which only occupies two houses on an amazing landscape.

3-Promises, a Malibu Facility  

Price: OVER $55,000
With a very small facility, this private 12-step associated rehab center has plenty of amenities to help you learn through a group leader/group setting.

4-The Betty Ford Center  

Price: $33,000-67,750 per month
One of the oldest clinics that has been known about and even televised since the 80’s, this clinic has helped numerous musicians and actors.

5-Caron in Wernersville, PA  

Price: $32,875/28 days, or 84-day care for $52,560
The Caron facility is actually a non-profit facility. They have a sliding scale program that patients can do, and they have individual programs for all age groups.

6-The Meadows  

Price: 1-week = $2,925. 45-days inpatient = $54,300
The Meadows is a secret location that treats numerous addictions and mental health illnesses.


Price: $55,000/30 days
This is your home away from home with a treatment twist. They also have holistic methods when it comes to their treatment.

8-Prive Swiss  

Price: $20,000/week
Focuses as much on every patients needs in mental health, along with their addiction treatment.

9-Cottonwood in Tucson, AZ  

Price: $39,000/30 days, 90-days teen women program = $65,000
This is a very strong spiritual approach along with a 12-step program common at other facilities.

10-Lucida in FL 

Price: 30-90 day program = $33,000, women’s mood disorder $38,000
This is a very low budget program, but still offer a comfortable feel so you feel like you’re at home getting help (though you’re not).

11-Passages in Malibu, FL 

Price: $64,500/30 days
Passages is an alternative to typical rehabilitation facilities as they don’t believe your addiction as a disease like other places do. They do NOT accept state or federally funded insurance, but do accept some forms of insurance.

12-Serenity in Malibu, FL  

Price: $47,000/30 days shared room, $56,000/30 days private room
This is a very acting-oriented recovery facility with a beach view and numerous activities.