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How Are The Leggings Worn?

Leggings are undoubtedly one of the most important pieces in a female wardrobe. With a history not at all short, this piece has be...

Leggings are undoubtedly one of the most important pieces in a female wardrobe. With a history not at all short, this piece has been evolving, becoming more and more versatile. Some people decide to use them only in the gym, and others see their virtues to create great casual outfits. Leggings go with everything and there is their greatness. However, they must be used with care so as not to make catastrophic mistakes (yes, there are and quite a few).
A pair of legging is characterized by being elastic, and this is due to the incorporation of spandex to the base fabric of the garment, which is usually cotton. This varies in the sports pieces, since the cotton does not work very well with everything that allows the perspiration. In these cases, spandex is combined with other materials, such as polyester and nylon.
No matter what their use will be, there are a few basic recommendations that will help you when you choose them. Let's see:
·         Verify if they are thick (preferably with a cotton base) and opaque. This will prevent what is under the fabric from being seen.
·         Make a good choice of your underwear. The most ideal are those without sewing and of discrete colors, similar to the color of the leggings.
·         If your hips are wide you should try to enlarge your shoulders proportionally. In these cases, the upper garment should frame the shoulders to emphasize them.
·         If, on the contrary, you have wider shoulders than hips, then it is preferable to use light leggings (white, no, please) that frame the hip area.
·         If your problem is that you do not have a marked waist then you should always opt for these traditional high-waist pieces.
·         If you are a plus size woman, do not worry. You can wear leggings, as long as you opt for dark, very thick, full-waist and full-length models. If you have all these characteristics and -especially if you wear the right size- leggings will become one of your great allies in the closet, both for casual outfits and for sports.
·         Be very careful with prints, and especially with horizontal stripes. These do not favor the small or chubby women, since they make their legs look a little shorter. In the case of big sizes women, it is preferable to opt for dark prints and not very flashy. Look in good sites like tuffwomen and you will have plenty of options to choose from.
With What Pieces Should The Leggings Go?
Remember that all types of leggings, in essence, are similar. What will make them more or less suitable for one or another activity is the fabric with which they are made, the cuts and colors, but especially the first one. Depending on the type of outfit, you can determine the perfect partner. Let's see:
·         Do not forget that leggings are not a substitute for a pair of pants. It does not matter if you use it as a casual garment or as part of your sports outfit to go jogging around. The only way in which it is recommended to wear with a short garment is in a sports outfit. They go perfect combined with a sport bra, although in these cases leggings that reach the waist are more recommended in order to achieve better fit and show less. 
·         If you will use them as a daily garment, then it is best to combine them with long, loose flannels that cover the upper edge. Body-hugging blouses do not usually work very well with this kind of garment.
·         Remember that leggings are ideal when you want to highlight more what to wear in your upper part than in your legs. A dress, a cardigan, a long sweater, some scarves, all are good ideas to combine and take advantage of.
Do not forget that sport leggings do not work or have the same appearance as casual leggings. The fabric is very different because it has a very different purpose as well. While it is true that these are ideal to stylize the figure and make it look more attractive, these do not go well with casual outfits such as those described.
If you want to wear them and not just for the gym, then make a sporty look but with some flannel or top cover. This, plus a pair of tennis shoes and a sports bra under the shirt, can be used on a daily basis to get out there. Of course, try to leave the neon so popular in these garments only for the gym.

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