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How Can Hydrogels Transform Your Skin?

The world of cosmetics is one in which trends are embraced and discarded, buzzwords change from season to season, and there always...

The world of cosmetics is one in which trends are embraced and discarded, buzzwords change from season to season, and there always seems to be a hot new ingredient guaranteed to solve all of your woes. Now and then, however, something pops up which makes its mark and decides to stay, with the fantastic results speaking for themselves. Time to turn the spotlight on the hydrogel mask: your secret to incredible looking skin.

What is Hydrogel?

Hydrogel is a so-called ‘smart’ material, which can hold up to 500 times its weight in liquid. It has recently grown in popularity in the medical field, proving invaluable in aspects such as wound care, infection control, and cooling the affected area. This wonder material also pops up in areas from baby's diapers to contact lenses, and the cosmetic industry is the latest spot to benefit. So how can a hydrogel mask help you? We have all the information you need!

How Does It Help?

Many of the issues we face with our skin, such as fine lines and wrinkles, breakouts and dry patches, come from our skin being dehydrated. Human beings are 60% water, and we lose a great deal of moisture every day from our environment, pollution, applying creams and makeup, and general day to day living. By regularly hydrating and moisturizing, we can bring the life back to our skin, boosting elasticity and improving appearance. This improvement is caused by skin cells, which can maintain their cellular function when they are adequately hydrated.

Many hydrogel masks are soaked in a serum solution, and when worn, this is transferred deep into the skin. Because hydrogels can hold so much liquid, this offers a deep, intense nourishing experience as the liquid content is transferred out of the mask, into the cells of the skin.

One of the many advantages of hydrogel masks - in addition to a super soft finish - is that they don’t leave you with a sticky, uncomfortable residue like so many other face masks. Because the product is absorbed into the skin, you are left with a smooth and pleasant finish.

The Best Results

To get the best results from a mask, beauty gurus recommend that you use a hydrating toner first. This preparation will allow the skin to absorb the mask entirely. Once you have removed the mask, tap the surface of the skin to make sure all the serum is fully incorporated, before locking in the hydration with a good moisturizer.

For an added benefit, don’t throw the mask away. Instead, you can give your hands and feet a treat by dissolving the serum from the mask in warm water to leave them feeling super soft and silky.

Making sure your skin is adequately hydrated is a crucial element of skincare. Drinking water alone is often not enough, so taking the time to indulge with your favorite face mask containing Hydrogel by RD Medical Products is a brilliant way to keep your face soft and smooth.