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Making A Positive Impact: Why First Impressions Count

Most people will tell you that the first 30 seconds of meeting someone is incredibly crucial to what you want to achieve. We hear about t...

Most people will tell you that the first 30 seconds of meeting someone is incredibly crucial to what you want to achieve. We hear about the importance of a good first impression in just about every aspect of everyday life, from creating the best first impression when trying to sell your real estate or nailing that job interview to even amping up the presentation of your food. With so much emphasis placed on projecting the right image, one must wonder: why are first impressions so essential in real estate, in relationships and in life?

It Gets Your Foot In The Door

The right first impression determines the kind of attention you will be receiving. It is a known fact that people make an initial judgment upon meeting you for the first time. Studies indicate that there are 11 different decisions people make upon meeting you for the first few seconds. Princeton University’s research revealed that people determine whether you are trustworthy within one-tenth of a second and in 2011, a Canadian study showed that your earnings potential and job performance is judged using first impressions.

Meanwhile, when it comes to real estate, 76 percent of purchasers agreed that a good first impression is paramount when viewing a property, according to a recent report by Strutt and Parker. Not only are good impressions vital in the initial open house but even having the right lighting and photography to showcase its best features can reduce the time your home is on the market. This is why you will notice homeowners taking the time to consider the right door colors, lighting fixtures or making sure their decor or home casements are tidy and well presented. Even in the kitchen, the right plate presentation will affect whether you are inclined to try new foods and go back for more.

It Is An Opportunity For A Continuing Conversation

A good first impression also creates the perfect opportunity for a continuation. It influences a counterpart’s interest in continuing a conversation, an employer’s inclination in inviting you for a follow-up interview and even determines whether potential home buyers will be interested in attending a home viewing after seeing the sale advert. This is because a good initial judgment makes people more perceptive to learning more, and more interested to know what lies beyond that great first presentation.

Use The Right Impression To Project Your Value

Finally, the right presentation can boost your worth both professionally and in real estate. Exhibiting the right qualities first-hand puts you in a better position to negotiate your value and increases your worth in the eyes of the other party. In fact, publications such as Forbes and multiple studies support the theory that dressing well can boost your job earnings and in an interview, it can make employers more willing to negotiate a rise. On the home front, it bumps up the starting price you can ask in a sale and correspondingly the offers you will receive. On the whole, your chances of achieving your asking price or surpassing it are better, if the first impression is right.

Nailing The Perfect First Impression

As a person, one of the first things you can do to boost your first impression is to be aware of your body language. It is said that communication is 93 percent non-verbal and only 7 percent verbal. Of that non-verbal portion, 55 percent of it lies in our body language. Start with your posture and stand straight and tall, excluding confidence while remembering to make eye contact. A relaxed facial impression and smiling can make you seem more approachable, and by some more trustworthy.

Next, pay attention to your language skills including your tone of voice. The right tone of voice helps to transmit the message you are trying to get to the other person. Speaking too loudly can come across as domineering or overconfident while speaking too quietly or quickly can leave the other party struggling to hear what you are saying. Finally, try to dress for the impression you are trying to make. Considering people form an opinion of each other within seconds of meeting, you want to present a good image from the time you are seen.

It is clear; first impressions do matter. Now that you know a few of the reasons why and just what goes into creating a good one, it is time to put it into practice. Remember, you get 30 seconds. Make them count.

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